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Found 2 results

  1. Jaafari speaks of gains visit Washington Il Giornale March 24, 2017 45 visit March 24, 2017 BAGHDAD - The Journal News Revealed Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari, on Friday, all the gains that Kharja by the Iraqi administration, through the Zeya delegation to the United States, and meeting President Trump, where it was stressed the necessity of activating the strategic framework signed between Iraq and the United States of America convention management. And the transfer of Jaafari's office said in a statement received "Jeronal News", it reaffirmed "the need to fulfill some promises made by the US administration," noting that "President Trump stressed the continuation of support for Iraq, and praised the achievements of the Iraqi armed forces, and its position, and its steadfastness, and the performance of the government." He added, "It was a task for the Foreign Ministry in this visit is to participate in the foreign coalition ministers conference, and we talked about that Iraq is in the midst of a battle against Daesh on behalf of all the countries of the world, and between the first meeting of the countries of the alliance in September 2014 to now been thirty months, which has achieved impressive victories was broken by the sacrifices of not a few. " He explained, "The victim, a provincial Anbar, Mosul, Salahuddin, and other provinces, a sacrifice provinces presented their children are Basra, Nasiriyah, Samawah, Kut, Amarah, and the rest of Iraq's provinces have contributed, but have achieved this victory." He noted Jaafari, that "this victory achieved arbitrarily, but more importantly, the victory is to preserve the victory, and continue to do; and this comes through continued support for Iraq reconstruction on an ongoing basis, monitor Daesh, and the establishment of case Daesh equation based on the diagnosis, and to condemn the side level intellectual, cultural, and hit the system properly, and praised the words delivered by the international Alliance of foreign ministers of the Gulf ", he returned to say to you that you will be proud Sahemtem in this work." He pointed out, that it "conducted a number of meetings with his counterparts, including Foreign Affairs of Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and the Minister, and urged them to need to communicate, and support, especially that Iraq is going through an exceptional circumstance", stressing said, "We are working to restore relations naturally, and upgrading to a higher level The Iraqi delegation, headed by Dr. Haider al-Abadi Prime Minister, who visited Washington, which included Ibrahim al-Jaafari, Foreign Minister, Irfan Hayali defense minister, and other ministers and a member of Parliament, and consultants, where they met with the American administration, and participated in the international coalition meeting against al Daesh terrorist.
  2. CNN. Broadcasting While CountryGal Looks At Her Butt In The Mirror ! Dare 2 Dream: Council General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers will discuss the draft rules of procedure 11/05/2014 14:42 Council decided the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers begin to discuss the draft rules of procedure of the General Secretariat, starting from next week, after the completion of pre-strategic expert contracted with the General Secretariat for this purpose. {{Full Article Below & Link}} COUNTRYGAL: WOW THIS IS FRIGGIN HUGE!!!! JugDawg1 No compression senorita. Is this saying that they are actually going to finalize the SFA for certain in the next few days? If so.................It is huge. I hope so because, if not, that's all I got. ~~~ COUNTRYGAL: THIS ARTICLE IS THE MOTHER LOAD..THIS IS FINALLY GOING TO BE THE RULES OF PROCEDURES FOR THE COUNCIL OF MINISTERS.. AS POSE HAS SAID WE HAVE THEM FOR THE HOUSE OF REPS BUT NOT FOR THE COUNCIL OF MINISTERS AND THIS IS ALSO A HUGE REASON WHY MALIKI WAS ABLE TO GET AWAY WITH ALOT... HE INTERPRETED THE CONSTITUTION HOW HE SAW FIT BECAUSE THE RULES WERE NEVER ESTABLISHED.. THIS WAS A HUGE REASON WHY SADR HAD PULLED HIS MINISTERS OUT OF THE COUNCIL OF MINISTERS BECAUSE THERE WERE NOT RULES TO CONTROL THE COM'S AND THEIR LEGAL PROCEDURES OF LAWS AND HOW THE VOTING WAS TO TAKE PLACE IN THE COM'S. .FOR INSTANCE WHEN THEY DID THE 2014 BUDGET AND MADE A COMPLETE MESS OF IT, WITHOUT THE RULES OF PROCEDURES SAYING HOW MANY VOTES THEY WERE TO HAVE AND THAT IT HAD BE A CONSENSUS VOTE,(MEANING AT LEAST ONE FROM EACH SECT HAD TO VOTE FOR IT , WELL HE JUST HAD HIS OWN GOONS VOTE FOR IT AND PASS IT UP TO THE HOUSE OF REPS.. IF THESE RULES WERE IN PLACE LIKE THEY WERE SUPPOSE TO BE YEARS AND YEARS AGO THEN WE WOULD NOT HAVE HAD THE LEGAL MESS THAT WE HAVE NOW.. SO THIS ARTICLE IS HUGE IN FINISHING THE CONSTITUTION AND ALSO THE GOVERNMENT BY LAWS THAT EACH DIVISION OF THE GOVERNMENT IS TO HAVE.. I CANNOT TELL YOU HOW LONG POSE AND I HAVE WAITED TO SEE THIS.. THEY ARE THINKING AND MOVING LIKE ITS POST MALIKI AND WE ARE WATCHING IT RIGHT IN FRONT OF US.. NOW WHEN THIS NEW GOVT IS SEATED THEY WILL HAVE ALL THE RULES OF PROCEDURES THAT MAKE THEM FUNCTION LEGALLY AND CORRECTLY.. THAT IS WHY THEY DID THE FEDERATION COUNCIL MUCH LIKE THE HOUSE OF REPS AS FAR AS RULES AND REGS..WOW WOW, I JUST CANNOT GET OVER THIS ARTICLE.. THANKS D2D FOR YOUR RESEARCH..YOU MADE MY MOTHERS DAY..AND CHECK OUT THE FACT THAT THEY HAVE A STRATEGIC EXPERT THAT IS HELPING THEM WITH THIS.. I BELIEVE THAT IS USAID..WE ARE SEEING THE SFA BEGINNING TO TAKE SHAPE .. AND THEY ARE ALSO LOOKING AT THE NEXT 4 YEARS OF WHAT LAWS, ETC THAT THEY NEED TO BRING FORWARD TO THE HOUSE OF REPS. POSE: Thanks CGal, great explanation! Also, as CGal mentioned, without rules of procedure, Maliki used Judge Mahmoud to pick and choose which part of the Constitution to use and which part of the CPA Orders to use. The problem has been is that Mahmoud has been around since before the Constitution, and he doesn't necessarily agree with all of it, so he defers back to law from pre-constitution days, and uses it to benefit he and Maliki. Without the rules of procedure, Maliki could do whatever he wanted in the Council, and could likely get Mahmoud support. Getting this set of rules says alot about life after Maliki. Another awesome piece in this article is its reference to the rules of procedure within the framework of the SFA. FULL ARTICLE & LINK: Council General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers will discuss the draft rules of procedure 11/05/2014 14:42 Council decided the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers begin to discuss the draft rules of procedure of the General Secretariat, starting from next week, after the completion of pre-strategic expert contracted with the General Secretariat for this purpose. called on the Secretary General of the Council of Ministers Ali Mohsen Ismail council members to review the rules of procedure and record observations in order to start discuss it at a meeting next week, and make the necessary amendments to the draft system to accomplish finalized soon. presented expert strategic plan of action proposed for the quality team, included the development of mechanisms of action and administrative systems in the Secretariat, within the framework of the Strategic Plan of the General Secretariat for the next four years, stressing near the opening section overall quality of the Secretariat, in order to train staff on the quality system. finished as the review of the functions of the Council formations General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers, and discuss some of them
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