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Found 4 results

  1. With all the hype out these days, (when haven't we seen hype) about the current political situation and Parliaments session successfully fulfilling their constitutional obligations of a new PM an such. Has anyone considered the fact that; we may see nothing at that point? Especially if budget and HCL is not resolved and even if they did resolve those outstanding issues as well? That we may see no movement in the IQD yet still? If we come to that point, I believe the issuing of bonds would be the next hope-full event that could spur a RV (2015?). However, as much of a realist that I am. I still believe things can happen at any-time. Any movement would be great at this point and time. My point is that even though I personally believe we are within a few short months to-...dare I say it..years away from possibly one of the greatest windfalls of all time. That we have a couple of events that could end up bringing in the desired "change" we are all looking for. I will be completely honest that over the past years of being vested in IQD, I have never seen the type of "enthusiasm" and co-operation from parliament that I have seen in the last couple months. Which leads me to believe in the possibility of a imminent RV/RI. Does anyone have the latest article concerning the issuing of bonds, and the latest article concerning the HCL as well as the article concerning the budget that have all come out as of late from what I can remember?
  2. Good afternoon everyone! My weekly update definitely ran late today, sorry about that! I've been busting my hump finishing up a special VIP report... VIPs, I'm just about done with the audio and I'll be sending a VIP email later today once it's posted in the new VIP section. For those of you new to the site, our VIP section contains a wealth of information that you seriously won't get for less than $1000's of dollars elsewhere... but here it's had for only $17 per month as a VIP supporter. The most recent topic... dual citizenship, or what it takes to get a 2nd passport. Here's a sneak peak at what the VIPs are getting later today: Audio: Read more at: If you're not in VIP, you're missing out on that and a lot more! Sign up today at this link: On to the most recent Dinar news! Huge thanks to TBomb (one of our resident newshounds) for putting this together: To sum up Iraq in a nutshell... right now it looks like the 8th is still a solid day to see some news. There are signs that Maliki is doing exactly what I thought he might have to do, which is give in to the Sunnis a bit. One example is lending support to the Peshmerga (Kurdish soldiers) in resisting ISIS. Speaking of ISIS, they are still a problem and in my opinion we have two things that need to be taken care of before we will see Iraq move to the HCL (necessary to support an RV)" 1. They need to seat an official PM, be it Maliki or Ronald McDonald. It doesn't matter who, just put someone there officially and move on. 2. Handle the situation with ISIS. The IS is an evil entity, and must be vanquished or at least mostly expelled before any further progress can be made in Iraq. It does appear that Iran is stepping in to help Iraq, but they are doing so in order to influence the political process. Either way, controlling the situation is of dire importance, and I hope to see that happening in short order. The new President of Iraq had made some pretty strong comments about "stepping down" if he was forced to pick a PM (which he should do according to the Constitution), but that talk seems to have subsided and it will be interesting to see how this week progresses politically. I will wait until Thursday to make further comments. Here's the weekly Q's: Thanks John, I try to address everything important for the benefit of the members! Regarding the tanker, I haven't heard anything... but since it's now being handled by our pathetic excuse for a justice/court system, that doesn't surprise me. The current amount of dinar in circulation is a matter for the CBI, and they are VERY good at controlling their money. It is a factor, but I trust that the CBI will remove or replace whatever is necessary to make a stronger dinar possible. ISIS is a bigger issue right now than the money, unfortunately. Maliki has never been "out", except in the opinions of some people. Maliki is the current PM and continues to vie for further time in that seat. We should know for sure in the next two weeks if he will stay or not. I believe he will stay... and if I am wrong about that (I might be!), we are going to see some MAJOR boat rocking! Either way, I like it... let's go, Iraq! I wouldn't say it's changing "for the worst", but I agree that ISIS must be dealt with prior to anything else major. Hey yendor, thanks for the question. At 75, you probably don't need to worry about one for you... but if you have the means, both acquiring a 2nd Passport and also securing your assets with an offshore strategy could be of great value to your family, heirs, etc. (If you don't care about the kids, I say hang in there and spend it as fast as you can when you get it! ) 429 IS IT FOOTBALL SEASON YETTTTTT???!!!!! :party: I can't get serious about pre-season, it's just not the same... but Vegas has the odds at Packers +1, which means -2 taking homefield advantage into consideration. Apparently Vegas doesn't take pre-season seriously either, as there isn't a single game that's handicapped higher than 4 right now. Not yet. Good question! I'm comfortable holding at that rate right now - the situation will always ebb and flow, but since my hypothesis is based on "business sense", regardless of the political state of Iraq I still think it's a good plan. If I'm off by a couple cents... well, so be it. Yes, they absolutely can. My opinion is we will see the HCL before the RV, but that's not written in stone. ========================= That's it for this update - I'm going to get back to that special VIP report. See you in there!
  3. For anyone interested in reading the documents
  4. 1/7/2014 Al Iraqiya Nightly News Today’s evening news covers the efforts to remove Al Qaeda from Ramadi and Fallujah, both Russia and US expressed support for the efforts, more discussion and some protests on the implementation of tariffs – the Cabinet approved implementation in stages, several agriculture projects are going forward in cooperation with investors, Wasit Province is going to build two small cities to accommodate future visitors to the holy city of Karbala, and a member of the CBI said that accepting Iraq’s deposits in the BIS is a “win win” situation for Iraq. LOCAL NEWS : Anbar Province – Operations against Al Qaeda affiliate Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) resumed in the province’s two main cities Ramadi and Fallujah in addition to other parts of the desert and surrounding hills; ground forces and Iraqi air force helicopters were filmed conducting precision strikes against mechanized targets and terrorists bases; large explosions were seen due to explosive materials exploding in the cabs of trucks used by ISIL; ground forces aided by armed “Sahwa” militias launced attacks on portions of Ramadi and Fallujah under the control of ISIL; a tribal leader said that a high ranking commander of ISIL was killed by members of his tribe; Khaled Ali Nasser was shown lifeless in Ramadi; another ISIL leader was killed in Fallujah after he attacked a young woman – Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki spoke to US Vice President Joe Biden by phone; Biden reportedly expressed the US support of Iraq’s armed forces fighting ISIL and other terrorists in Anbar and other parts of Iraq – In Kirkuk an IED exploded near a police checkpoint killing 3 and injuring 37 others; the explosion resulted in heavy damage to surrounding buildings – an IED targeting an Iraqi army patrol injured a soldier and a civilian in Mosul in Nineveh Province; authorities said they arrested several foreign terrorists who led them to their base and arms caches – In Baghdad two IEDs were diffused by security forces; one of the IEDs was placed in a crowded market and would have caused significant damage if it exploded. The Russian Foreign Ministry expressed its support for the ongoing operations in Anbar to rid the area from Al Qaeda and its affliliates – Iraq is seeking explicit approval from UN Security Council of its military operations in western Iraq and described the terrorists as a global threat. The Oil Ministry thanked the army for protecting oil installations especially pipelines leading to export terminals; several attempts to blow up the pipelines were thwarted the statement added. The Department of Immigration said that 3,400 highly qualified scientists and academics returned to Iraq in 2013 to participate in its rebuilding efforts; among the estimated 12,350 families that returned to Iraq, over 3,000 persons are highly educated and trained people that will be of great benefit during this stage. The Cabinet approved the implementation of imposing import tariffs in stages; the tariffs exclude food staples, building materials, agricultural supplements, non luxury clothing items and other daily necessaries. Financial News : The Ministry of Agriculture announced the launch of several agricultural projects in cooperation with investors; the ministry also said it launched over 17 million local and imported fish “fingerlings” into water bodies such as marshes and floating cages in an effort to increase food sources and secure a continuous source of different kinds of fish – The ministry said that it expects at least four abundant seasons of crops and vegetables, irrigation system are being improved or being constructed. Baghdad Province said that it will raise the price government supplied electricity to 6000 dinars per ampere and to 7000 dinars for privately generated electricity; the move is designed to balance demand and supply in Iraq’s most popular province – The Ministry of Electricity said that 95% of its generating and distribution projects are on tract and Anbar province projects will resume as soon as violence subsides; the ministry will send teams to assess the damage done due to terror attacks as soon as security conditions permit; tens of billions of dinars will be needed in addition to what is already budgeted. Wasit Province announced that it will build two self sufficient “small cities” to accommodate future visitors to the holy city of Karbala; the project will cover an area spread over about 20 acres of acquired by the province; the province expects millions of visitors this year; foreign visitors are expected to increase by at least 30% this year and all security preparations will be implemented in time. The Construction and Housing Ministry said that 7,200 low cost housing units in three provinces have been completed and ready for the owners to move in; these units are surrounded by all necessary services, shopping centers and emergency medical services. Construction of outstanding projects continues in all provinces except for small pockets in Anbar province; these projects will resume soon the statement concluded. Thi Qar Province announced that it will spend over $500 million in 2014 on 200 infrastructure projects; the figureis a substantial increase from 2013. A British financial team of experts said that the standard living for common Iraqis is on the rise reflecting significant economic progress in Iraq; except for Anbar province the rest of the country is operating normally and major energy and infrastructure projects are being implemented unhindered’ they expect Anbar security situation to improve in short order. Privately a prominent member at the CBI said that the BIS accepting Iraq’s deposits is a win win situation; he called for investment to achieve government and private banks development; he added that the Iraqi Dinar is stable and the CBI continues to study restructuring the currency, the deletion of zeros project is alive and the timing of implementation is being debated he concluded. SCROLLING BANNER : Most of the world approves of Iraq’s efforts in combating terrorism according to citizens interviewed in the streets of Baghdad; everybody wishes security forces succeed in “cleaning” Anbar as soon as possible. I had to retype it... Tell me if the ducks are not lining up.. just like the Brits say "holy shat, fecking good news" LOL
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