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Found 16 results

  1. Many of you do not know me. I have not been around for a long time. Life got a bit too busy. Anyway..... Those who do.... Will tell you I am a good and genuine individual. These are just my thoughts and nothing more. I have not been in this as long as many of you have but like us all.....i am entitled to my opinion. THE GURUS.......Take with as much beer as you can manage and laugh NEVER EVER TAKE THEM SERIOUSLY! MOSUL......Light at the end of the tunnel and will be done by the first week in June. Honestly think nothing will happen with their currency until MOSUL
  2. OMG!!! This woman is so long winded -- it just amazes me how she can go on & on -- I hope she is wrong about it maybe being another month !!!! UU1012 – “Re-positioning Iraq for Wealth” by Mnt Goat Hi Everyone, Today’s news letter is a long one. Sorry but there is so much confusion now and people are anxious and wondering where is the RV. So I have to take some time now to explain to you what is going on. I hope everyone also read my last news letter dated 01/28 and 01/30 since this is a continuation of this ongoing saga and this news letter will then make more sense to yo
  3. Good morning everyone! Welcome to another edition of "This Week In Dinar", which will hopefully be one of the last of it's kind. Why do I say that today? ========================================================== Well, take a minute to look at the most recent news. Progress in the HCL. A push to resolve the Budget. Iraq is fortifying their oil reserves, plan to increase the dinar, and the ISX is moving towards an international platform! Anyone that doesn't see value here is either a huge pessimist or just extremely sour about something in their life... that's not me, tho
  4. Hey everyone, Happy Wednesday! I’m sure you’ve all noticed, but there’s a LOT going on in the news regarding oil, Kurdistan, Erbil… this is ALL good for progress on the HCL, which I mentioned last week (and the week before I believe!). Example: With that said, most of what I want to say will be answered in the weekly dinar questions… so here we go! Hey eburt - that's been floating around for a while now on various news channels. The opposite has also been making the rounds... I don't see any reason to worry about it any more than any other
  5. Good morning and Happy New Year to you all! I hope you all had a safe and wonderful holiday season. As we head into 2014 with a long year behind us, I want to take a short moment to remind you to focus on the BIG picture. Sometimes it's easy to get distracted by the little brush fires that constantly pop up in any major event or undertaking… and that is Iraq's situation. They are progressing towards a monumental return to their former glory, and along the way things will happen. As long as they keep progressing, I'm still confident in their upcoming success. Speaking of "monumental" and
  6. I've seen a number of posts with people who want to sell off but having trouble finding dealers will to buy. I was just curious what the reasoning for was with DInar dealers only buying in from their customers? Say I bought a million off ebay and a million from Dinar Trade. I highly doubt Dinar Trade knows the serial numbers of bills. They wouldn't know if I sent in my ebay Dinars as long as I was a customer on their books. Why is this?
  7. Hey guys, I know there's been a lot of discussion about the Guru sites and pumper websites. I know Dinar Recaps has been catching a lot of flack lately on here. I've spoken to a couple of these site owners in the past and learned something very interesting. I know alot of dinar people put so much stock in the opinions of site owners but having spoken to a few most of these guys are just affiliate marketers and don't really have any special info or knowledge on currency or finance. Basically they did a search on google keyword tool found dinar is a high paying keyword with very little competiti
  8. Credit Suisse (a leading global financial services company headquartered in Zurich.) has upgraded Genel Energy as a result of what it described as "irreversible progress" towards achieving large scale oil exports via Turkey. Believing that the Iraqi Kurdistan oil play is now lower risk, analyst Thomas Adolff says that progress has been very impressive since 2011 and "we treat recent events - the signing of the energy agreement with Turkey last week - as irreversible progress ... We believe Genel could be the bright-spot again in the UK E&P space in 2014."
  9. Hey, was just stumbling around doing some google searching for Dinar looking for some new articles and came across a new Dinar dealer I'd never seen before. Looks like a newer website. I was kinda surprised a little late to the game, seems like very few people out there still buying and overall sentiment has turned kind of pessimistic. Website looks pretty nice and professional though. Just thoguht I'd point it out and was also wondering if anyone has ever bought from these guys? Called DinarLiquidator???
  10. Hey guys stumbled across this and thought it was pretty interesting. Dinar sellers on ebay claiming they won't ship if it revalues. Now I don't doubt that pretty much any seller in the case of an rv would say sorry not shipping it and give you a refund. I don't think there's that many honest people who would pass up a huge windfall for themselves to honor an ebay sale but none the less was kinda surprised someone woudl outright say this in their listing ******Admin Note****** Removed link to other site as it is a rule violation!
  11. I guess it was only a matter of time but looks like 2 dinar dealers are now accepting bitcoins currencytradeinternational and buyiraqidinarhere. figured it was only a matter of time with all the hype about them these days. i had posted the other day i was looking to liquidate some of my dinar to buy bitcoins. i wonder if these dealers will buy dinar and pay out in bitcoins but i doubt it. probably gonna check though.
  12. A topic I have asked a few times as well as a question I've seen others ask if whether people selling options can back them? I believe Sterling can back theirs aside from them I personally doubt anyone can be it ebay sellers or bigger dealers. I found this pretty interesting, found an ebay listing where the seller calls out another ebayer saying he's sold billions of dinar in options in the past month and there's no way he has millions if not billions of dollars sitting around to back all these options. Thought this was pretty interesting... Here's the listing.... http://www.e
  13. I know some are skeptical about buying on ebay others love ebay. I was just curious what ebay users youguys have had successful transactions with and if you have a regular seller you buy from? i've had some hit or miss experiences
  14. Okay so I thought this was interesting. I was looking at Dinar on ebay and this particular ebay in his listing states... ATTENTION: In the event of the RV (revaluation) of the Iraqi dinar and prior to the sale item concluding or prior to order being shipped, the seller retains the right to issue a FULL REFUND in lieu of shipping the product. I thought this was kind of interesting seeing as how in a different ebay thread someone was concerned about this very thing happening. Now this is really nothing unique to ebay as many dealer have in their terms and conditions or terms of ser
  15. Okay, so I recently signed up for Amazon Prime membership and I get to borrow Kindle books for free. There's a number of Iraqi Dinar related books on Amazon so I've been reading all of them or at least skimming all of them and reading bits and pieces. Aside from Adams book "Iraqi Dinar The Real RV Intel" which I've yet to fully read yet, every other book on there is very negative many actually refering to the Dinar as a scam. Online there's plenty of hype and gurus as we know but it doesn't take much research or facts to throw up a quick paragraph saying something like "bankers are flying her
  16. The Iraqi Dinar is going to revalue tomorrow June 2, 2013 at 4:00PM Iraqi time. Why? Because I think so. How did I confimr it? I just did. I would recommend everyone run out, clear out your 401k accounts, checking accounts, sell everything you own and buy more Dinar. No intel, no inside information, this is based on nothing. I just think so.
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