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  1. TRERUMPH- size 16 1/2 shirt, 3 hat....
  2. As long as you are a doing a Dinar-to-wire transfer transaction, you will NOT be required to fill out a FinCEN form104. If a FinCEN 104 is required, we will fill it out for you and turn it in as necessary. You will ONLY be required to fill out a FinCEN 105 if your currency is coming into the US from outside the US. For the few customers that will be required to fill out this form, we can assist with completing and filing this form as necessary. Why is he not requiring a FinCEN 104 form for these type of transactions, and Dinar Trade requires one for all transactions? Curious...
  3. I also live here in AZ, and for the last ten years have seen a steady increase in the illegal population, and the resulting higher crime rates and govt. costs associated with tying to deal with all of this. After so much initial name calling by the drive by media to the supporters of this 1070 bill, it is truly heartening to see that there is now about 10 states considering similar legislation. Maybe then the Feds will threaten to think about doing something....
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