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  1. My guess is its all about whether they are a country that exports enough to keep a low exchange rate or whether it is more profitable  with all the goods they import in to have an exchange rate that has more purchasing power.  China and Vietnam have opted for the lower exchange rate because most of their income comes from exporting goods.

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  2. I thought it was interesting the People that were going to be on the committee for studying the changing of the exchange rate. Ministers from housing, construction, public works, etc...These are all areas that have been adversely affected by the exchange rate going higher because all their supplies have dramatically increased in price.  Maybe the committee was formed to show them How advantageous it would be to delete the zeros from the exchange rate.  And how much more they could use for redevelopment if building supplies were much more affordable.

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  3. There used to be a man in here who had invested in Kuwait Dinar (him and His father)  Ronin56 (or something like that).

    He said they had no way of watching what was going on like we do with this site.  They had to rely on a contact they had over there.  When it revalued it was low. They watched it for several weeks before they cashed out.   The rate bounced around quite a bit and at one point reached over $7, but they cashed out before that point.  It really is not a fair assumption to compare the Kuwait Dinar to the Iraqi Dinar.  It is not the same procedure.  People  thought because all that happened with Kuwait it would be the same for Iraq and that is why so many people invested in Iraqi dinar at that point in time.  We have learned a lot over the last 10 years and understand that this is a whole different animal in Iraq.  Just praying we receive a similar outcome.

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  4. That pretty much has rate change written all over it...  Help me understand, Jeff, why this is so?  Every time any mention is made of Iraq's finances you assume rate change is why they are doing it.  I would like to know where the facts for this statement are.  I want it to be all about revaluing too,  but I prefer facts to daydreams.  Thanks Ron for bringing these opinions to us..

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  5. Stanleypower  Come on guys. Let’s hear the comments. Doesn’t this seem big news? Especially after the news the past couple days that the Kurds walked out???


    I'm excited they are making progress.  The Kurds seem to know how anxious Baghdad is to get this settled and have been holding out for top numbers, but in the end they are all losers if they can't reach an agreement.

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