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  1. 😁😁I just don't get how these guys can live with themselves. How embarassing.
  2. MarkZ says it was supposed to go this morning but because of a "security issue" at one particular center, the entire planet-wide project was stopped dead in it's tracks. LOL. Im amazed at how many small "security issues" come up just in time to completely halt the entire process. How stupid do you have to be to keep buying this childish BS? You just can't make this stuff up. How do these gurus live with themselves? LOLOLOL
  3. Everybody has their opinion. One says its a no go the other says its a done deal. As I've come to realize, no one knows what they are talking about. It's all a hope and a prayer. Same with Dinar, Dong, Rial etc.
  4. OOOOOO I'd be seriously pissed and looking for reimbursement.
  5. Plus the visa exchange is also showing values for the dinar and dong. Maybe it's just me but it looks like they are quietly setting the system up, putting out the values in prep for an announcement soon.
  6. Plus the visa exchange is also showing values for the dinar and dong.
  7. It appears that the new Zim which will run concurrent with the bonds will be worth $.25 per $5 dollars/Zim. Which equates to $.05 on a dollar US. If I understand it correctly. Add to that the fact that echange rates are at ZWL Zimbabwe dollar today 0.0622 -0.0001 0.0658 -0.0001
  8. Ok heres the article.
  9. No kidding, their info is so freakin juvenile too. There was a problem in a european bank but they got it fixed.....puhlease. Or there were some guys with the Treasury messin it up but they were arrested. Amazing how delicate this process appears to be eh?!
  10. It has been announced (according to the Patriot Intel Report) that Zimbabwe has stated that they will introduce new money in 2 weeks. The $5 bill will = $0.25 cents US if I understand it correctly. Any opinions or thoughts on how this effects our bonds?
  11. Who is this possum and whats he drinking?
  12. Its really not panic so much as being sick and tired of the absurd, watching people truly suffer while the criminals of the world play games enriching themselves grossly with no consequence.
  13. Thank you for your OPINION. Nice to be able to do that without being blasted by threatened children and trolls eh what?
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