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  1. Thanks for the reassurance and resources Wiljor, Rmc10, and ChuckFinley. To answer your question Chuck about what makes me think there is a problem. Nothing. As I said I have been invested since 2010 and personally believe this ride may be coming to an end soon. I just had a thought that IF the dinar I purchased were counterfeit then the opportunity would be lost if I found out after the RV. So I thought to ask and see what the DV community had to say. It was just a questioning mind needing to be reassured. I have NO Indications that the notes that are in my possession
  2. I got on this rollercoaster ride back in 2010 by purchasing dinar through two different dealers. I was told at the time that both were very reputable and so I bought in. Now as this ride is looking like it may be coming to a close (Please God, I pray) I had the thought that what if I purchased counterfeit dinars through "dealers" that were just trying to take advantage. I have NO reason to suspect this but just have had the thought a few times in the last couple of months that I need to verify. I have been a lurker on this site for about 5 years and use it for all of my information
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