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  1. 1 hour ago, GreedyDinar07 said:

    I just don't know how they can be so brained washed by Iran. I saw a special where one Minister said that Iran help them defeat ISIS after the withdrawl of the US forces (because Maliki wouldn't give the US soldiers immunity to Iraq Laws so we had to leave) and that is one reason they are tied to Iran. Hell, that was over ten years ago. Can't they see that every since they have been loyal to Iran they haven't gained anything? I think Iran was behind the last bombing because they have been awfully quite to denounce it. Iran wants to rule over Iraq and the two become one Country. (it's like they already are) They don't give a damn about the Iraqi people. What a waste. I just hope Al-khdemi is sincere and not on Iran's payroll too, if he is you can't forgot a RV because they will never convert to a market economy. They will continue to depend on the oil revenue and eventually go bankrupt. I just wish something would happen because I don't see an RV happening. the white paper is sitting on the shelf and the HCL is just a rumor. Maybe when everything fall apart then something will happen. In the meantime it is just the same ole news and broken promises!! 

    Unfortunately, I agree with you

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