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  1. If this at all true, there are two things here that are telling and where the country is headed for the foreseeable future, and it ain't good at all. 


    First: If its true that Al-Sadr quit on the country after he said many times that he was in it for the people and not himself, is shameful and shows what a bull-shitter he is. 


    Second: I believe that Iran still has a stronghold on the country and their leading man is Maliki. If Maliki gets back in power, which appears to be more and more attainable, the country is doomed and you can kiss the RI/RV goodbye. 


    What a shame, everytime they take a step forward, the corrupt government stops it and they take 3 steps back. How many times have we seen this over the years and no guru is going to change that! 

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  2. 2 hours ago, Laid Back said:

    Kurdistan region gives the Oil to the Federal Government and

    Federal Government gives 17% of the Budget to Kurdistan Region 


    Go HCL 

    Go profit sharing 

    Go purchasing power 

    All due respect Laid Back, but where did you see this and was it recent or what they were talking about over a year ago? 

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  3. Agreed! What a bunch of arrogant pukes! This government is not going to formed anytime soon. Don't hold your breath, and stop listening to the "know-it-alls" telling everyone that we are right there. All we need to know is as long as MALIKI is still breathing and the IRAN is in control, well, you know the rest...

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  4. "the government is ready to send the budget whenever the House of Representatives requests it," noting that "the recent Federal Court decision was clear that the budget cannot be sent from the current government ."


    You can clearly see the semantics games they are playing. We have the budget but will not form a government. They are pathetic!

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