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  1. Romanowski affirmed her support system" rel="">support for the Iraqi judiciary, stressing "respect for the completion of constitutional entitlements and the peaceful right to demonstrate, express opinion, and protect public and private property."


    Ya right! Protect public and private property? What about here, where the "Woke" destroyed statues, buildings, etc...What a joke!

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  2. 1 hour ago, BETTYBOOP said:

    Some guru has claimed Kadhemi will be put in place this Saturday for 2 terms. I hope he is right cause he appears to be the best hope for the country and our investment. I find it interesting that he has just got on with the job and not entered the arguments that I know off.... maybe he knows something we dont

    I would like to see the proof of that but then again, it's coming from a guru, so take it for what its worth. Let me guess, it came from a prophet...

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