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  1. We need to see the auctions stop. We need to see the three zeros removed and we need to see the HCL approved. I know we've been hearing for years that these items are on the brink of approval and implementation, but everytime they move forward they take two steps back. It's so friggin frustrating isn't it?

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  2. WOW! People, wake up and smell, the coffee! We are not going to see anything on the 1st, or 2nd for that matter. I appreciate the positivity, but really? There are still steps that are needed prior to any RI happening. Please stop with the millionaire "opinions!" I so want to be wrong but to this point I haven't. Sorry...

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  3. Nope! I know this will sound negative, but, I'm thinking January 1st will come and go with no change. It will be pushed back due to some "disagreement" or it will be decided that a committee must be formed to look into the shutting down of the dollar. We all know that  the dollar will not be completely gone. We know that the rate will not change on that date. Sadly, Iraq is known as the king of deception. I hope I'm wrong but history is on my side. 

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