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  1. I read the Bible the other day when I was praying about whether Trump was good or being fake and I went right to Nehemiah, then the next day I prayed and it went to talking about separating the wheat from the chaff, being a watchman from the gates of the watch tower, and getting the spirit of Babylon out of our country, then I opened up the Bible the next day and it was talking about Jeremiah the Prophet and how he was having to tell people what he sees even if it was doom and gloom but at the end it will be good for God's people,then the next day I went right to Solomon and it was talking ab
  2. The Great Reset is real. Trump is just like Nehemiah in the Bible and we have an internal globalist takeover of our country and you guys need to stock up on some food and water just in case our electricity goes out for a little while. Trump is good. I've been reading my Bible and today the whole country of Cuba blacked out and lost communications and Myanmar was our first notice of what's most likely going to happen here. Those Fema camps were meant for Christians and any and all dissenters but just be calm and get some food and water maybe even a generator and gas just in case.
  3. Guys this explains so much about what is going on. Kim Clements prophesies like 99% of them have come true already. This guy nails what's going on. Anyone who is willing to listen needs to hear.
  4. Never know but all that Q stuff is real. I've been following it for months so it's new to me but every hint that they have given lines up with current tweets, FB posts, and I've done tons of research. Trump is either God's David of this time to bring down the New World Order or he could be the Antichrist. Whoever makes the false peace treaty between Palestine and Israel most likely would be the Antichrist. So in 2011 the Washington Monument cracked during an earthquake and that was a warning to us from God. Then when Trump did his first debate in 2016 a bolt of lightning hit the Trump tower th
  5. You guys are really going to think I'm crazy now but I'm not. I delved into that Q anon stuff to see what it was all about and yes Trump will oust the Obama, Clinton,and Bush dynasties if you will call them that. He will usher in financial prosperity with NESARA/GESARA but even though Kim Clement has been accurate with his prophesies he is a free mason and a false prophet. I am a die hard conservative and was a HUGE maga fan but he is the little horn in Daniel that uproots the three little horns out of the 10 and is the anti christ. Eventually he will want everyone to worship him like he is Go
  6. I'm not afraid. There is going to be martial law and we are going to have to stay in our houses so we are supposed to have food, water, and necessities ready to go before tomorrow night. Pompeo tweeted this and it mentions "Noah". Lots of things are code.
  7. Many Republicans are compromised in the Government too. The p3do blackmailing is real. We are not against you Democrats. We are against world wide Communism which has killed millions of people. China has bought up our land, businesses, they've been buying up land in Africa, and around the world. They built an island in the Bahamas and said that they were not going to militarize it and they are. They have bought out many of our politicians and once they take our guns there is no stopping them. This is our D Day and covid was biological warfare and MSM lies are psychological warfare
  8. It was a small group that did that in the capital building dressed up as Trump supporters and yes they had pipe bombs and were trying to destroy the laptops and kill Trump supporters so they could blame us so they could take our guns. Their ultimate goal is to take our guns away because we are the last country on earth right now with guns. Then They have the Presidency, 50/50 house with compromised Republicans, and the senate plus Robert's is compromised so he will not stop it. Then it's world Communism. It's happening before your very eyes but you do not see it because they wipe out all the p
  9. That's how the dinar is going to revalue. Nesara will make all our debts go back to zero. The whole world will be reset.
  10. Nesara/Gesara is real and you guys need to get ready for a power outage for 2 weeks. Go to the FCC Twitter page and look for what to do during a power outage. Stock up on food, water, necessities, candles, flashlights, fuel for generators, full gas tank, ect.
  11. 1. Trump was not running for just another 4 year election in 2016 - Trump was approached by the military to run and his entire win has been and still is a military operation. 2. Trump’s first 4 years was to drain the lower swamp first. The swamp was/is deep and incorporated every industry in the world, banking, movie, pharmaceutical, food, you name it they controlled it; much has been handled. 3. Barack Obama before leaving office signed an executive order to pardon anyone prior of any crimes in the government. This is WHY no one was held accountable when the Trump took office.
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