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  1. I've bought a ton of dinar from safedinar and always have been pleased with them.
  2. Some friends of mine have been researching and we think it was a ship or a building that contained fertilizer (ammonium nitrate or sodium nitrate) that caught on fire and exploded after the fireworks explosion in another or same building.
  3. I won't wear a mask. It's been proven that it does more harm than good by many health professionals but those videos keep getting taken down on social media as soon as they go up so you have to watch them as soon as they come out. My sisters are nurses and even though they may not agree with me I used what they told me to affirm my own beliefs. They get fit tested with N 95 masks and have to put a box around their head with a spray mist put inside the box. If the spray stings their sinus cavity then the mask doesn't work and the virus can still get in. The mask has to be a certain size and fit to even work and if you have the virus and you are wearing the N 95 mask when you breathe out you are exhaling virus particles back into the environment and it gives you headaches because you are getting less oxygen. Surgical masks don't prevent anything other than bacteria from escaping but if you use it more than a short amount of time it gets moist from your breath and if you keep adjusting it then you are just contaminating your mask. Cloth masks do not even filter any virus particles and 2 people who wear cloth masks can still transmit the virus to eachother at 4 feet apart. It's all about government control over the people. I will never wear one.
  4. If it's a .10 RV I'm not going to have enough for anyone to want to take any from me lol. I will be happy with it but now if it goes 1 to 1 ya I won't have to ever work again.
  5. I believe he's the real deal and I am a major skeptic when it comes to everything Lol
  6. Ty!!! Ready and waiting, hopefully not for much longer. ๐Ÿ˜Š
  7. Thank you Adam! I have been away for a while. My hubby and I have had our first baby. I am back on here now. Have a great day everyone!
  8. It's no different than having digital money in a bank Flo. The banks can only cover a small portion of our money in our accounts with cash. That's why anything over $10,000 takes a while to get in cash and why the banks do not like to disburse that much cash to individuals even if we supposedly "own" it. If the banks fail we are only covered for a certain amount by the FDIC in each account. With cryptos as long as you keep your recovery passwords/keys/ect. you will always be able to recover it even if the internet temporarily goes down. Being brave and being first on a trend can yield great rewards. This is why the risk takers get rich and the rich stay rich and everyone else stays poor. I've been doing research on cryptos for over 2 years now and have been doing a lot of trading so I feel confident about my statements. Fidelity and the other financial big wigs would not be getting in right now like they are and like they have been if cryptos were not going to be the future of currency. Do what you will but don't knock it when someone tells you something that they know when they've asked the same questions to and have found the answers to. Biggest thing with crypto right now is do not forget, lose, or destroy the passwords or you lost all your coins forever. Once the investment firms work on custody issues and get insurance to protect them they will start buying/selling/trading cryptos for clients and this is when the institutional money will come in and there will be highs never seen before in crypto. The big wigs have been buying in this whole year while things are low and setting themselves up for success. This year has been the year to accumulate cryptos. Again this is all in my opinion but that's my beliefs on things.
  9. Look at the latest "Crypto for the people" video on YouTube. It's pretty good.
  10. You can't turn it all off... just like you can't turn off the internet. The codes that make up the cryptos are permanent.
  11. The dollar is only backed by faith in our governments ability to pay it's debts. It really isn't backed by anything. It keeps devaluing year after year and our government is just letting it happen slowly until it finds another solution because fiat currencies only usually last around 47 years until inflation gets too high. Our government can keep printing as many dollars as it wants to making our currency worth less and less over the years. Bitcoin is digital. The codes will always be in the system. It's value is also backed by the faith that people put into that system.... but there will only be a certain amount of Bitcoin ever made. Less than 1% of the population owns Bitcoin currently. Only a very small percentage of the world's population will ever be able to own the total amount of Bitcoin that will ever be made. Bitcoin is continually upgrading it's technology to be a relevant store of value and as the years go on and the more people that want Bitcoin will make the price rise. Eventually the rich supposedly will be clamoring to own 1 Bitcoin and there are many speculations saying in 10 years from now 1 Bitcoin may be worth from $10 million to $100 million. Not financial advice from me but I feel like taking a risk on it sounds good to me. Supposedly owning 28% of a Bitcoin will put you in the 1% someday but who really knows.
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