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  1. One obvious benefit of investing in dividend ETFs instead of individual stocks is the saving of time and effort. While there is plenty of information online that teaches investors how to build a dividend portfolio that suits their needs, not every investor has the time to do it. Security analysis takes a long time to master. For some investors, buying dividend ETFs could be a much faster way to get started on dividend investing But ETFs have a fees, and a more substantial cost of putting your money in dividend ETFs is that you don’t get much control. Each individual is different; you may have a very different set of investment objectives and risk tolerance compared to the next investor. A dividend ETF can provide great yields, but it’s unlikely to be tailored to your own investment goals and risk profile. Which one is better?
  2. Warren Buffett has a very good way of investing in the best dividend paying stocks. A good portion of his stock portfolio contains stocks that pay dividend. His stock portfolio contains stocks like WFC, GM, VZ, IBM, etc. All these stocks have a dividend yield of well above 3%. Source: Warren Buffett dividend paying stocks
  3. Is this the information you were looking for
  4. Trump becoming President is going to severely damage the real estate market I think. Trump's victory raises more questions than answers. Where does the president-elect really want to see interest rates go? What does he think about a push to dismantle Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac? Will this country become so unbearable for immigrants and minorities that many of those who aren't deported choose to leave, taking their money with them and leaving empty homes behind? His promises seem scary to me.
  5. Warren Buffett is no wonder the investing guru everyone follows, I am looking forward to know more about his investing style in 2017. He has given up on his Suncor and Wamart stocks, what is in for the coming year from him.
  6. Is technology stock a good idea, looking at trump is going to be the president soon.
  7. Benjamin Graham Peter Lynch Carl Icahn These are some of the self made investor giants.
  8. Well i think if looking for a big investment you must forget security, the monthly dividend paying stocks will give you an assurance of having good income.
  9. Benjamin Graham Peter Lynch Carl Icahn These are some of the self made investor giants.
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