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  1. They are out again and have ben for about a week. The do have some in transit and who knows when they will get that in. They don't say whether it is uncirculated or circulated an denominations aren't given.
  2. Will our great nation be defeated without a bullet fired? You think no bullet has been fired in this so-called revolution by BLM and Antifa? Tell that to the dead cops who have been ambushed, tell that to the 1-year old child shot in her stroller, tell that to the 8-year old who was shot as his mom tried to turn around. Tell that to the teens in Seattle who were gunned down in their SUV. Tell that to the countless other people who have died because Antifa and BLM shot them. Yeah no shots have been fired. How many more have to die before we recognize the reality of what is truly going on?
  3. This is like Eric Holder calling for reforming the DOJ. His words carries little weight now that he is removed from his position.
  4. I wanted to note here that there are those who wonder where the 1.16 USD rate came from that Shabibi never said in his public statement way back when. This actually comes from doing the math of if they removed the zeros from the exchange rate. If they removed the 3 zeroes this would then mean that 1 USD equals 0.86 dinars. And when you divide 1 USD by 0.86 (1/0.86) you would get 1.16 USD. So no Shabibi did not have to state an exchange rate of 1.16 but he did state the removal of the zeros and through math it was simple division to come up with this rate. In that same vain,, if t
  5. The program rate is 1190, not 1166. This yields a current exchange rate today of ..... 0.00084... it hasn't been 0.00086 since the program rate was 1166. Delete the zeros and you have .... 0.84 not 0.86 This equates to a 20,000 USD difference per million IQD. Add 0.15 USD and you get 0.99 USD. Par value (based off the USD Index spot) is 95.9420 trending up. If you disagree with the current exchange rate then you can check out XE: Convert USD/IQD which gives the mid-market rate. But a simple 1/1190 will also
  6. Removing the zeros and then adding 15 cents would still put the rate above 2 to 1. It would put the rate now at 1.34 to one. But now you have the current "road map" stating they will once again be studying the removal of the zeros and in the next breath state an exchange rate of 2 to 1. First this goes against what Shabibi stated way back when. Second, there is no talk in the current road map of doing just that. There is no talk of what will happen after the rate is changed. No talk of a float. No talk of a managed float. No talk of a small bump then an addition of an some unknown amount (i.e.
  7. Until the CBI is specific in where the zeros are removed, I will remain skeptical as to where they will be removing the zeros. But let's assume they do as you say and remove the zeros from the exchange rate. This does not equate to 2 to 1 as previously stated. This ratio is off as removing the zeros would make it a .84 dinar to 1 USD or 1.19 USD per dinar. So either they remove the zeros or fix the rate. They cannot do both. They would have to multiply the current program rate by 0.00168 to equate a 2 to 1 exchange which is not removing the zeros but rather a fixing of the rate by
  8. Once again, they do not specify where they will delete the three zeroes from. If they delete the three zeroes but end up with 2 IQD to 1 USD, then it is only the currency. As it stands right now 1 IQD is worth .00084 USD, at the program rate, not the market rate. This would make the IQD worth 1.19 USD per IQD if they deleted the zeroes off the exchange rate. If they are talking a 2 to 1 fixed, then this means only the zeroes from the currency and that means ushering in new physical denominations. Not good for Iraqis and not good for investors if they chose to implement this road ma
  9. The Accounts that Didn’t Bark: Iraq’s Hidden State Balances by Ahmed Tabaqchali A 50,000-dinar banknote, Iraq’s highest denomination (worth around £33). Source: Rudaw Iraq’s new prime minister, soon after being elected, wrote in an article to Iraqis that ‘when I assumed my duties, I found nothing but an almost empty treasury and an unenviable situation after 17 years of change.’ The PM was referring to the accounts he would have been introduced to upon taking office – the Ministry of Fin
  10. The IMF have stated that they will not accept a country into Article 8 that employs a MCP practice (Multiple Currency Practice). Second, as long as the dollar is worth more than the Iraqi Dinar, the dollar will still be king inside of Iraq. Therefore, no Iraqi in their right mind is going to accept the value of the dinar that is worth half as much as the dollar while the USD can still be used within the borders of Iraq. They need to do away with the USD altogether (dedollarize) as the official trade mechanism if they want to RV at any amount, even if that amount is 1800 dinar to 1 USD or 2 din
  11. The only one of these that can possibly even claim the Confederate Battle flag is a demonrat from Arkansas. Only one of the above falls into that category. All others are doing what the kkkommie leftists claim others of doing "cultural appropriation". No, Hitlary is not from Arkansas she grew up in Chicago. Can we start a Hypocrisy News Channel?
  12. One time at band camp... No seriously, My mom went to the school that Madonna went to in Detroit. Sadly neither of them are any better for it. ( I am playing around here.)
  13. Our past has a bearing on where we are today. To say it has zero bearing is false. That is like trying to steer a ship towards France with no bearings. Navigation by sun or stars is taking a bearing. I would never say Slavery has no bearing on America today because it has shaped us and made us all better for the end of it. (I did not say slavery was good)
  14. Its one of the funniest Gordon Ramsey videos I have seen. Although all of it is good, it really starts warming up starting around the 7:40 mark. He does give his recipe for a great burger and talks about his critiques. The examples are quite brutal. AT mark 17:11 he takes on the Hot Sauce which is called Da'Bomb with a Scoville level of 135,600. You have to watch until the end where he tries a wing with a Scoville level of 2 million plus. Notice what he uses to counter the hotness.
  15. Please do show me where this word appears in either document. And "...their Creator..." is not in the Constitution only the Declaration of Independence. Because On a side note: I am surprised you missed the significance of the Lunar Eclipse on July 4th called a Buck Moon. A Lunar eclipse hasn't happened on July 4th in about 100 years and has Biblical prophecy associated with it.
  16. LGD the problem with States' Rights leading up to the Civil War was the Southern states wanted to use States' rights to abolish all laws pertaining to slavery they did not support. The Southern states wanted to assert their authority over the Federal government to do so. While not in all cases is States' rights is wrong when the Federal Government is wrong. Had the South able to successfully assert States' Rights, this would have delayed the Civil War until the next time the Republicans gained power in the WH and Congress. There would be no telling how long that delay could have been had Linco
  17. First off, no where in the United States Constitution does the word "God" appear, this also includes the Bill of Rights. The Constitution was designed as a playbook for how the government should be run. The Preamble to the Constitution even states that it is "We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America."
  18. XChange of America is out of IQD at this time. They also raised the price per million 25K notes by 80 dollars. 1,000,000 IQD 25K uncirculated notes can now be bought for $1,160 USD. To sell them back to XchangeofAmerica is $862 per million.
  19. Should be 1861 not 1961. C'mon everyone writes last year's year as this year. It's a common mistake when you write 19-- this and that all the time.....
  20. LGD President Lincoln giving the Emancipation Proclamation speech and thus freeing all slaves does not show that slavery was never the main reason for the war. Actually it is one of the very major tenets of the Civil War. I am going to take you back to a different war where the United States fought to be free of the British Crown. People only associate the Civil War as relating to slavery. When from the very beginning of this country, slavery was a major issue. It was such a major issue that it almost prevented the Untied States, as we know it up until the time of the Civil War, f
  21. A float would bring extreme volatile swings in the beginning as with everything else does when first put up for sale or on the market. After several months to a couple of years the price point should find a relative leveling off. It would be like approaching the purple mountain majesties of the Rocky Mountains from California traversing them then slowly reaching the rolling hills and crossing the Continental Divide before coming to the Great Plains, where the Buffalo roam, then occasionally coming to the Smoky Mountains every so often before circling around to the Great Plains of the Midwest..
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