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  1. Thank you for the guidance
  2. Good Morning I am relatively new to the Dinar rooms and thank you for having a place that so many visit and I can ask a question. Much is made of Reno and the private placement as well as a revaluation of the Iraq Dinar. With the end of the war in Iraq and rebuilding of the infrastructure in Iraq, it is easy to see how the value of the currency in Iraq should increase. I have bought Dinar so I want everyone to know I want this as badly as everyone else. But, I also hear of a reset of all currencies based on assets which ultimately I believe to be a good thing but to happen overnight seems unrealistic. It also seems that almost nowhere besides the Dinar rooms is their anyone that believes this. If something that would be such a monumental change globally be reported by the major news groups. Something this big would leak out without question. Also, if there was going to be a soon to happen global reset, the currency markets would be going ballistic but trading is within norms (maybe not Indonesia, but that is different story). With the worldwide professionals in the currency market, it is hard to believe that word would not leak out of a global reset. I read so many numbers for a reset value of the Dinar, some inline with Kuwait and some that are purely preposterous that would value the Iraq Dinar to total more than all the currencies in the world combined. How can an overnight revaluation of the Iraqi Dinar 3000% be realistic? Would this type of valuation be honored by companies sending goods and services into Iraq? With the amount of counterfeit Dinar in the market, who would revalue the Dinar before first changing the currency and dropping the amounts of the Dinar notes? Could it be that the hoopla with the IMF, UST, and others at this point is only concerning the private placement and has nothing to do with a public revaluation? I hope my concerns are unfounded and the Dinar Revalues to 50 and all the problems with the global currencies are fixed. Readers, please point out why my concerns are unfounded. Thanks again for having a wonderful site and best wishes to all, Jim
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