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  1. Excellent article. You should also look into an age-old remedy called "Master Tonic" that one can make at home and is effective against bacteria, viruses, fungus, yeasts, parasites etc. It must be made as very few places sell it. It's called Master Tonic for a reason. It has been proven to stop all the things mentioned above and much, much, much more. Google Master Tonic and you can find out about it and how to make it. It's surprising how potent it is. The recipe is easy AND it's very cheap to make. If a disaster happened and the medical system broke down, it would be great to have some of
  2. As a forex trader I can tell you that this movement has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with the IQD. IQD is not live or traded by any forex broker, market maker etc. Any change on the chart is strictly a result of a change in value of the USD which changes how many IQD one USD is worth. The number will rise or fall depending on the value of USD. I trade at a forex broker that offers not only the majors but also so-called "exotic" currencies like the Kuwaiti Dinar and other Dinar currencies. If something happened in the actual forex market and IQD was "live" it would be visible in trading
  3. Instead of saying it IS or IS NOT a scam all the banks have to say is that they don't deal with ANY non functional currencies or currencies that are not internationally traded. They could leave it at that and avoid all the other nonsense. They obviously have no idea of the trouble they can be setting themselves up for by calling the legal, lawful currency or another country a "scam". That is a VERY strong accusation against a sovereign nation and Ally of the United States of America. That itself could be seen as market manipulation and in some cases an act to sabotage. In some cases words have
  4. I am still waiting for even ONE "banker" to tell us exactly HOW and WHY the currency of Iraq is a "scam". None of them can answer that nor can they explain WHY the US Treasury allows companies to offer the "scam" or WHY several US Banks made the "scam" available setting themselves up for a potential class action law suit and even criminal charges. The IQD was issued by the Central Bank of Iraq. It is not some made up or unknown currency invented by scammers. It is a legitimate currency. Furthermore they can't say it is a bad "investment" because it is NOT an investment no matter how many t
  5. Good advice. Most big banks have what are called "foreign exchange investment specialists". They don't engage in forex trading but they can assist clients with various foreign currency transactions. They can also direct you to "managed forex accounts" and other foreign currency based investments. There are managed accounts that beat the best hedge funds and other investments out there. One thing to consider, contrary to popular opinion you did not "purchase" or "invest" in anything. Based upon speculation what we technically did was "exchange" or "swap" USD for IQD. We did not buy an investme
  6. TROUTMAN, N.C. -- Head down Rankin Hill Road in Troutman, and you will notice a very public display of anger and grief. The sign displayed on the Wiggins’ front yard names a Mooresville Police officer they say shot and killed their 2-year-old beloved German Shepherd, Drogo. “I've been married 26 years, never seem him cry like this,” said Sherri Wiggins of her husband. She says without her knowledge, he had put up the sign, which in part read “Dog Killer.” On Monday, the officer who resides two h
  7. I am glad to see that she believes in her faith enough to stay and do what she did. At one point the shooter was about to leave to start shooting kids but she got him to stay in the room with her. This was AFTER he had already had a shoot out with the police. He told her he had nothing to live for, planned to die that day and planned to take others with him. She humanized him, told him he was loved and that he had things to live for. She told him her story and how she bounced back and that helped.If you have not watched the video on that site you should. It is 16+ minutes. The Heroism this lad
  8. Twenty-year-old Michael Brandon Hill stormed an elementary school in Decatur, Georgia on Tuesday, armed with an assault rifle and various other weapons — but none of the 870 students were harmed thanks to the incredible bravery of school clerk Antoinette Tuff. Instead of running, she spoke plainly to Hill about her own life and prayed for them both. Tuff is downplaying her heroism to the media, via NPR: "I just started talking to him ... and let him know what was going on with me and that it would be OK. An
  9. Good point. He actually did not even mention color until he was asked by the dispatcher. Of course when the tape was "edited" it was done to make it seem as though he was being racist or profiling. I figure it would be hard to profile in that instance when it is dark, raining, the person's face (color) is concealed by a hoodie and you are behind them. The media and racists just wanted to use this as a reason to divide people. They must separate people because if we all get along and work together we could do great things like take our country back from unlawful and corrupt governments. If we s
  10. Forex "sites" and converters, YES. The actual Forex "market" and trading platforms, NO. Two completely different things. If you want to know the difference check out some of my older posts.
  11. Exactly. They did not say this even when it was a Democratic president. But because Obama is a different color than past presidents they can use the race issue to stir up racial tensions. People did things like this with George Bush and even with black members of his cabinet Rice and Powell and no one had any issues. I guess since those blacks were Republicans and lot of black Democrats are racist against black republicans. No one had any problems when people put an image of Bush's head on a pike:
  12. Thanks Keep. I totally agree. It is good to see both sides. I wish he wouldn't show people's private information and things that did not relate to current times. I am sure there are not many people who are exactly the same way there were a decade earlier. Also, if one looks they can even find an arrest record and mug shot of Bill Gates. We all know he is not the same person he was as a youngster. I don't know if this suggestion will work but see if it will: Contact Admin and see if they will either give you my email address or perhaps they can relay the message to me. Perha
  13. Yesterday someone sent me to a website ************** which is hosted at blogspot. The blog has pictures and real names and other information on pumpers like Okie and the like. While I don't believe all the info released on that site I am hoping that there is some truth there. It would be nice to know the true identities of these liars. Has anyone here visited that site? I would like members takes on if the information is real.
  14. 90% of the politicians don't even know there is no such thing as the so-called separation of Church and State. When asked they can never point to any law, regulation or anything that says there is a separation of church and state. The 1st amendment is not that. See if you can prove these facts wrong: The Myth of the Separation of Church and State - Also, things might one day get that bad here in the US. Just look at stories like this to see the direction this country is headed: Washington State Sues Florist for Refusing *** Couple's Wedding htt
  15. There was an episode of Law and Order: SVU based on this very judge. The episode was called "crush". The only difference was they used a female instead of a male judge. According to the wikipedia page for the "kids for cash" scandal there were actually three TV shows that used this. I had no idea this was a real event until I saw this thread on DV.
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