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  1. Such great news! Let's hope this ride is coming to an end. I have only been in a few years but so many have been in for so many more. Looking forward to the long vacation.
  2. Wow...I always knew this was a tough crowd. First. I have long since gotten over spending everyday on this site in hopes that it would make the RV happen any faster. Actually I decided I would go and continue to live my life while I was waiting for the RV to happen. Hooah_wife: I appreciate you trying to look into my story. I have to admit I was a little vague because I do enjoy the relationship I have with those at the Bank at Ft. Sill. I am sure that the last thing they want is a bunch of people from around the globe harassing them about this. I will say that if you are truly wanting to verify this information for the masses. Drive over and go inside and talk to them. They are really friendly. When you call you end up getting put through to the operator at a banking facility off post and talking to someone who probably has no clue what you are talking about. It was as late as yesterday when depositing my check in the bank that they were asking me if I had heard anything else about an RV. I truly wish that I had all of the answers that would make you all happy. The honest truth as I see it is that some of you will never be happy unless you are bashing and belittling people. I am not hurt....God know I did my share of fighting so that you can have the right to do that without anyone chastising you for having your opinion. I will say this: I only wanted to share a very exciting event in my life and I did. If you choose to not believe then that is your right. Go and have a great 4th of July and please take a moment to think about those who paid the ultimate sacrifice so that you can say whatever you choose to whomever you wish. God Bless us all! Go RV! Thanks for all of those that have thanked me for my service. As a soldier you have no idea how proud that makes you feel when people come up to you and tell you how much they appreciate what you do.
  3. Ok so it has been a long day with the Church and the kids getting ready for VBS. I appreciate everyone for their support of my military service. Please keep those still in harms way and those that have lost loved ones in your thoughts and prayers. I never thought about what the response to my post would be. I was just so excited to share with you all after a few years of watching this site. For those that are skeptical....I completely understand and respect your concerns. Maybe I have dinar colored glasses as well, but I am really ready to see us all end up on the positive end of this journey. We have lost many along this roller coaster of a journey and I would love to see a positive outcome for their families. I know that we cannot please everyone on this site but I appreciate each and everyone of you for allowing me to share my story. God bless us all and Go RV!
  4. OK lets first start of by saying I have am not a newbie here. I have been a member of Dinar vets since Jan 2011. I had to quit posting and watching because it was driving me nuts....LOL I also created a new SN (Old one was DeanO69) because I lost access to my old account and old email. I am now a retired Army Veteran! OK ... So this past Thursday I was in my bank (Fort Sill National Bank) on Fort Sill Army Post located in the PX. While processing my transaction, I began talking to my banker there about the lifting of CH. 7 and the possibilities of the IQD. Told him every that I don't really know about the IQD and he was interested about the information that I shared. I left the bank and never thought much about our conversation. Today: I go to pick my wife up from work at the PX and we are walking around shopping. As we pass the bank in the PX the banker shouts at me to come in and visit with him. He proceeds to tell me that everyone there was more interested in what I had told them so they went and researched it. He and the Manager there told me that yes their exchange site says the exchange rate is 1 USD:1 IQD and has a note beside the rate that says Pending Action. He asked again how much I had and I informed him and asked if I would be ale to exchange there and the manager said no that I would be allowed to exchange in another location on post. She said the only unsure thing at this time was the date and time the pending action would take place. They said that they gladly handle all of my future transactions after my exchange. All I can say is OMG! It really happened to me! GOOOOO RVVVVVV!!!!
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