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  1. I am still here.. and everyday, an alarm goes off at 12:14 eastern standard time reminding me to take a moment, close my eyes, and give thanks to the Universe, to the beautiful Creator, to God for all that I have, all that I am, and all that I will be. I give thanks for the abundance of happiness, love and life around me and give thanks for all that is coming. Now I want to say thank you to anyone that has joined me daily in setting your intentions, for sending out positive vibes in whatever way you choose, even if its crackin a cold beer dog!!! Bring it on... the news is amazing and I hold
  2. Inviting anyone so inclined to join with those of us who are sending out positive vibes, energies, meditations and prayers to see all of our hopes and dreams become reality.. either through this rv, or whichever way the Universe has chosen to bring it to us.. for whatever reasons we hold in our hearts.. for health, for happiness, to help others, to help our children, to help society or our planet.. WHATEVER.. I feel we are closer now than at anytime in the years I have been following.. live, laugh, love, DREAM....
  3. Thanks to all who felt motivated to join today and everyday from here on out.. it was a wonderful feeling knowing that we were "together" in thought and intention.. Peace Out! :bow:
  4. Respectfully accepted viewpoint.. but I wonder why one who believes so obviously in contradiction has bothered not only to monitor a post asking for those of faith, but also finds themselves posting.. Its all good makecents.. whether it happens or not, truly. I am a philanthropist now and support when and where I can with my meager dollars and there is nothing holding me back.. the woman I help today with conversation and tea to help get her through another day with her abusive husband has still been helped. Tomorrow, I may be able to afford her lawyer and a new place to live, while he com
  5. suf·fi·cien·cy[suh-fish-uhn-see] Show IPA noun 1. the state or fact of being sufficient; adequacy. 2. a sufficient number or amount; enough. 3. adequate provision or supply, especially of wealth. With that being said, I would believe that sufficiency would also be a matter of perspective and a personal one dependant on ones path and goals. If one wanted enough funds to provide for their family and start a homeless shelter and provide for the needs of those they service, a sufficient amount would obviously be different than the other individual who wanted to provide for their
  6. 2 corinthians 9:8 "And God is able to make all grace abound to you, so that having all sufficiency in all things at all times, you may abound in every good work." And there are more scriptures that would speak to your heart in understanding.. Law of Attraction states that "You CANNOT help the sick from a place of sickness nor the poor from a place of poverty..." It is not selfish to have faith to find yourself in better circumstances to help change the world from a better place of standing... I choose to not only "PRAY" for others and for a better world, but "PRAY" that I find myself a
  7. I am a firm believer in FAITH, BELIEF, LAW OF ATTRACTION ETC. I also believe that the more people that focus on POSITIVE outcomes, while leaving the details to the Universe, God, Spirit, however you believe, can be powerful beyond measure. I am asking anyone who is willing, to set your intention at the same time everyday, and join me with a few minutes of meditation, prayer, introspection or whatever you would like to call it.. and send out the energy of positive completetion for a successful and prosperous rv so that we may not only realize our own dreams and ambitions, but for many, I know
  8. CONTINUE UNEEK... the leading edge is known to be a tad on the "lonely" side at times. And it is well known that you cannot help the sick from a place of sickness, the poor from a place of poverty, and the confused from a place of confusion! You can help by continuing to shine your light the best way you know how and those WHO ARE MEANT TO GET IT, WILL. The rest will continue on their path as charted. And do not look for an answer of rumor "discernment" so that they may be appeased. Definition of discern: to recognize or comprehend mentally. That will be on an individual basis and
  9. My lessons are my own.. usually well learned and the hard way.. wooohooo! I, too, am in a different place than I was a couple years ago when I first found these boards. I have watched and read and waited along with all of you as this investment wound through the valleys, over the hills and through the darkest depths... I am here not to pass judgement, find fault or label anyone or anything.. I eagerly await the outcome. One person standing in the truth of their vortex is more powerful than a million who stand outside. In my vortex, we have ALL realized the potential of our dreams, whic
  10. Hello Dinarland.. This is my third time here over the past couple of years.. each time with a different user name.. why? cause I got so turned off by the attitudes that I threw out my login info the first two times.. there is one reason why I have decided to "join" this last time.. and that is UNEEK. The perspective, the wisdom and the respectful consideration this user shows has touched me and given me calm reassurance that there are like minded individuals in this world and in this investment out there, waiting patiently, building dream upon dream the type of life that will ultimately ma
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