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  1. Would you call that 'poking the bear'? Take a deep breath Snotrocket, not interested.
  2. I'm wrong with my comment on this one Dog53 as far as FB! I was carried away with the actual picture instead of focusing on the FB story. Foolish comment wasn't necessary, read my comments again and see they're on the picture and the story it implies. -peace
  3. Well, he haven't been able to stop the rise of the ocean.
  4. Stone... you know Breitbart articles intentionally slant and mislead as clearly evident in many articles including the most recent, Chrysler to move jobs to China story. See, people actually believe these hypotheses to be true, therefore, these hypotheses frighten, create disdain and extreme hate. Manipulating people minds for votes and modern day hatred. Not only no evidence in this story, Seal Team didn't call him!!! But you guys accomplished your phony act of hypocrisy goal. Nothing more to add.
  5. Could it be irony if Sandy is October Surprise!
  6. This is bi-partisan we need!
  7. Neither here nor there. Tell me Tommy, where did the China production information derive? How did the story start? Where did the story begin?
  8. Tell me Tommy, where did the China production information derive? How did the story start?
  9. All due respect from news articles... not hearsay. Chrysler Group LLC, Ford Motor Co. (F), General Motors Co., Toyota Motor Corp. and Honda (7267) Motor Co. said U.S. sales in August rose more than analysts estimated as new models such as the Dodge Dart, Ford Escape and Chevrolet Spark built on gains earlier this year. Light-vehicle deliveries last month were at the fastest pace since the government’s 2009 “cash for clunkers” program. Third Shifts GM, adding third shifts to factories in four states, has created 4,300 jobs working odd hours. Automakers, including Chrysler, Nissan Motor Co. (7201) and Kia Motors Corp. (000270), have announced plans to add production beyond the normal two-shift day in at least 15 plants. The stronger-than-expected results from the five biggest sellers of cars and light trucks in the U.S. “is an affirmation that the automotive market is strong. Chrysler sales last month increased 14 percent, the Auburn Hills, Michigan-based company said yesterday in a statement. Ford’s car and light-truck deliveries rose 13 percent and GM’s climbed 10 percent. The automakers topped 10 analysts’ average estimates of 9.9 percent for Chrysler, 8.5 percent for Ford and 3 percent for GM. Chrysler Gains Chrysler, the automaker controlled by Fiat SpA (F), said deliveries of the Dart almost quadrupled from a month earlier to 3,045, helping extend its streak of U.S. sales gains to 29 months. Chief Executive Officer Sergio Marchionne is counting on a steady climb in demand for Dart, introduced in June, as Chrysler continues to update its lineup. “We expect Chrysler to continue to gobble up incremental share in the compact-car segment,” Alec Gutierrez, an analyst at Irvine, California-based auto-market researcher Kelley Blue Book, said in a telephone interview. “Chrysler is still trying to get enough selection of variety out to their dealers to satisfy demand. Their product portfolio has improved.”
  10. What piece or what words did Hannity play on the show? What does dems have to do with it? Chrysler is the one that has contempt with Romney. The implication in Romney television and radio ads that Chrysler wants to shift Jeep production out of North America to China has been contradicted by the company. Chrysler Chief Executive Officer Sergio Marchionne assured employees in a letter today that “Jeep assembly lines will remain in operation in the United States and will constitute the backbone of the brand. It is inaccurate to suggest anything different.”
  11. Chris Christie says Sandy first: ‘I don’t give a damn about Election Day VIDEO VIDEO 2 The upcoming election is the last thing on New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s mind. “I don’t give a damn about Election Day. It doesn’t matter a lick to me at the moment. I’ve got bigger fish to fry,” a solemn Christie told reporters during a morning briefing in which he outlined the damage from Sandy. “The level of devastation on the Jersey Shore is unthinkable,” Christie said, adding that officials are “nowhere near” being able to let residents back onto the Barrier Islands. “It would be completely unsafe for homeowners to think about today or anytime in the next couple days about going back on the barrier islands. So we want everyone to be patient in that regard,” he said. Christie said he could not predict how long it would take to restore the region. “It is beyond anything I thought I would ever see,” he said. “Terrible. So we need to remain patient, let the waters recede, then we can go in and make an assessment about rebuilding that section of the Jersey Shore. It is a terrible sight right now.” Christie said he spoke to President Barack Obama at midnight. “He assured me that we would have an expedited process with FEMA,” Christie said.
  12. Totally different slant Cris... power of the pen... just lead and they will follow right? That's why Romney doesn't answer a single question. He's doing much better since he shut his mouth on the streets.
  13. If trying to get under my skin it's not working. Man you're persistent, I'm not stooping to that level tonight.
  14. Not for the pluses PG, just interesting shift of politics and Romney supporters should have a new sense of possibilities. Still a long row to hoe to Tuesday.
  15. I've been waiting on that argument Stonewall... Then let's just wait for it all to drop in place... no jobs lost, no new 1,100 jobs. Romney jumping forward with accusations that haven't happened. That seems to be a trend with Romney. Wouldn't you say that? One thing quite clear, Romney or no one else can prevent a company from expanding. But Romney is saying he would keep the jobs here. Romney said they're moving production to China to create a scare. BTW: at least you bring some brain cells into the discussion.
  16. Huh, Chyrsler wants to return to producing jeeps in China as they have done before. China is a big market for jeeps and they hope to produce and sell other Chrysler models there as well. SEE CHRYSLER.... This thing has been spun out of control like intended - just from the story Romney read then created an ad campaign using half truths. He said he read it but perhaps he didn't, much like a lot of you guys. Way off base Stone, read more of the thread. SEE CHRYSLER MEANT THEIR WEBSITE FOR THE STATEMENTS THEY ANNOUNCED... Bottomline, Chrysler isn't moving but re-opening production in China to be competitive. Romney have put the scare in the people. Can't blame them for stepping up and capitalizing on the jeep market. They also announced hiring another 1,100 people in the states. Romney read the same posts from Chrysler as we read.
  17. You just cannot discuss to mutual point. If that what you got I'm glad I could help. Enough of slinging the 'ignorant' word. You asked me what does the term model means, as in the car industry. Wonder what it meant to you, in the car industry. Enough - thanks for the chat.
  18. Nuff said - Cris, they beat me down :DLOL .... Better go practice my short game. WHAT LOL!!!! No reason to leave.... Don, I'm convinced, there is something seriously wrong. Chrysler Tops U.S. Carmakers in Best Month Since Clunkers U.S. auto sales in August continued to outpace the anemic economic recovery, smash through estimates and deliver a good-news story for President Barack Obama and the Democrats just in time for their convention.
  19. Unbelievable, simply unbelievable you can't interpret simple language. Jeep were built in China before, 2009. They're hoping to re-open and perhaps build more of their models for China. They were not shipped to the U.S. Output means production. Production is for China sells. Automakers do those things, produce in-country for in-country sales.
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