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  1. LOL wow, and you never had a graceful thing to say about our President. This is some funny cheet. You calling for grace, LOL wow, and you never had a graceful thing to say about our President or a liberal. This is some funny cheet.
  2. Thats what 75% of your daily bloggers do - of course their Republicans. They can't tonight! Don't cry Mark!
  3. Asking me why certain states vote Red or Blue, I don't know. If you think there's not bankruptcies in the mid-west I would say incorrect. One other thing, Dems now but a balance of each party over the years.
  4. The campaign I speak of started approximately 4 years ago. Emails, talk radio, rumors etc... Bush, well we don't have to get into the specifics but yes, I blame Bush almost 100%, he was the President - for 8 years. Spending of 1.2T was approved before Obama took office. No one helped to wipe it away.
  5. I see what the Republicans Congress have done!
  6. Easier to fool a man than to convince him he's been fooled. Get off the train of Fixed News, Hannity, Limbaugh, O'reilly and the kind - then try positive news for a change. Their campaigns to damage the country and the POTUS are almost over.
  7. I believed in a change in Washington 5 years ago and I still do. The controversy and demonizing campaigns was a part of the obstruction from Washington people blocking those changes. The first 2 years for Obama was a helluva learning experience of what Washington can do when pushed, cry and act like babies! Obama's presidency will be a transitional one if he wins tonight. He made mistakes, hell yeah! But he genuinely have the country and earth in heart. Those negative campaigns were overwhelming to the country and those rumors were believable. That's the internet!
  8. All about perception. If you believe it it will be - to you.
  9. I sincere believe we will get more from Congress over the next 4 years if Obama wins. They can't filibuster and BS again. They also have no reasons for the President to fail.
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