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  1. You don't get classified info over regular internet. The only way you get classified info is if you have access to SIPRNET, CLASSNET, talked to someone in person or over a secured line for classified info. AND you have to have a clearance. You'd be in trouble if you got classified info in any other manner.
  2. This is huge!! Things are moving real quick!
  3. I do find it ironic that you would make such a statement and your previous post seemed to be complaining about the same thing. No one takes "guru" intel seriously.
  5. To get us back on the topic. Here is an updated list Ive found on another site. The links no longer work, im sure you can just google the headline.
  6. I agree, this is no coincidence. Watch the USD Index. It’s at 78.3 right now. The lowest was ~71.5 in April 08. If you look at a 5 year span, the dollar is being forced into a wedge. Anyone that charts will know this. For those that don’t, it means that the index created higher lows and lower highs pushing it into a wedge. At the point where it gets pushed into the tip of the wedge, it breaks out hard one way or the other.. NORMALLY. With all of the debt and the other negative numbers that are still coming out. I believe it will break down. The dollar will fall. Where we really need to watch is when it gets to that 08 Low. If it breaks that, we really don’t know what will happen or how low it will continue to go. If you think about this.. If the people in the “know” hold dinar. If those people are in power.. they are part of the elite, they can influence the index. EX. Printing more money… If the dollar was to collapse to ultra lows. Let’s say the RV happened at the lowest point of the USD Index. You would get way more USD from exchanging your IQD. I think at some point in the next 5-10 years the dollar will be replaced by something else. This is all speculation on my part. Lots of good ideas here though!
  7. Thats not what happened though. Look here... Look at the 10 Year view. If you bought dinar when they first started printing the new currency, you would have made roughly 21% People pump because they can make a decent amount of money off you when you buy dinar.
  8. Ive found some other threads that have some more info. I think that everyone that said it was reasons to scandals and corruption, seems more likely as more info is coming out.
  9. Im not offended, It doesnt bother me. I was just curious why. If you would have explained it like that the first time, it would have cleared up alot of assumptions. I have personally seen more people with money that are overwhelmed with greed. I agree that there are alot of good people that also have money. I negged you. I dont have that half empty mentality. I did it because I thought you were being lazy in not taking the time to explain your reason. You really cant deny that people in powerful positions have money. Whens the last time to saw someone with power and they had an average paycheck. I respect you taking the time to explain.
  10. Thanks, Ive been lurking for a few years now. I thought it was time to join in the brainstorming process and trying to connect to dots.
  11. Can you explain why you think this is ridiculous? Its very easy to just disagree with a statement. Its my opinion. I would surely like to hear yours.
  12. True, but good majority of rich people always want more money. They will never be satisfied with the amount they have. They think money = power. Whats sad is its true. In the world today money is power. Those bastards will stop at nothing to gain more of it.
  13. Its quite possible. Maybe the IQD RV is just the next chapter in the book to what you stated? Lots of questions will soon be answered.
  14. World Bank CEO Zoellick resigns Anz Bank CFO Australia resigns Credit Suisse Chief Joseph Tan resigns Kuwait Central Bank CEO resigns Slovenia TWO largest Banks CEO's (2) resign Bank of India CEO Chaturvedi resigns When you logically think about it. If they were invested in the IQD and it rv'ed, would that look bad if they resigned after it rv'ed? If I had knowledge about the pending RV, I would also resign before it rv'ed. It draws less attention to yourself. I think guys at this level have some knowledge of whats going on. When you look at the reasons they give for resigning...they give none. NO REASON?? seems a bit odd. Those guys have held those positions for a long time and then just get up and walk away for no reason. Doesnt make much sense to me. Anyone else think thats a bit odd?
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