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  1. I don't know why he's even still running
  2. MrBish

    Bank rumor

    Well you know I figured I would share what was said but I'm deeply sorry from the bottom of my heart I truly am I hope you all can forgive me CAN A MOD CLOSE THIS TOPIC NOW PLEASE. THANK YOU
  3. MrBish

    Bank rumor

    Well this has turned into complete nonsense
  4. MrBish

    Bank rumor

    Well I figured I would just share what happened today after all it is in the rumors section Wait I forgot the periods. ...................... I don't want to offend people with my grammar!
  5. MrBish

    Bank rumor

    My father walked into a chase bank earlier today in phx to do something then he ask while he was there if he could buy some dinar and they said they don't sell it they only buy it and he ask what sense dose that make and the manager told him they've been ordered to buy it back but not sell it because there's gonna be a high revaluation within 6 months for a fact but of course there was no date or rate. Well that's my story
  6. Hope it says 1iqd = 10usd on monday lol
  7. My exchange rate app on my phone says 1usd = 1166iqd
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