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  1. Sources: Al-Maliki is ready to cede third mandate not be prosecuted!!!! Baghdad/Orr news Publication in the National Alliance said that the head of State of law Coalition Nuri al-Maliki agreed to the demand of the masses Coalition rejects third term. The source said that the outgoing Prime Minister, realizing that winning a third term in Office after his coalition was impossible on less than 80-seat Parliament, according to results provided by the independent High Electoral Commission. The more fear Al-Maliki is judicial and legal proceedings resulting from the mismanagement of the Government during the past four years and the administrative and financial corruption that accompanied the work and is more than $ 300 billion.The President of the State of law coalition parties handed the key document his most important clauses are not modal, prosecution and legal "with 15 leading figure of the Dawa party and including the Director of the State property in the green zone, Ahmed Nouri al-Maliki and Senior Deputy Interior Minister Adnan Al-Assadi and to close the former Trade Minister Abdul file tiller-Sudanese". A good strong Shiite leaders, Al-Maliki between acceptance of its conditions or defect from the National Alliance, to form an alliance between State of law and a number of other small political forces. The political body for the Iraqi National Alliance, met Monday with all components, and in the presence of Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki in Office of President Ibrahim Al-Jaafari. Not to drop bombs but will see!!!!
  2. Well the craps getting deeper IC .... lol GO RV!
  3. The pros and cons of deleting zeros
  4. GO RV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Find the RV, Adam will post weekly clues..... It could be placed any were in the world! Google is are friend!
  6. FIRST YOU MUST FORGIVE ME FOR MY GRAMMAR. Is Uncle Sam In Line To Clean My Clock? Well that’s got everyone’s attention…! Words of wisdom….. take it for what it is worth. I own my own business for yrs now and it is hard work but a wonderful experience, see I don’t really make much more money then you all believe it or not… but the benefit of having a Co… are 10 fold. Some of you all have to save your money all yr to go on vacation and after that you know you paid uncle same to go on vacation he loves you all! Doesn’t that put a bug in your pants. See you go on vacation after taxes I go on vacation before taxes, I go out to eat, go fishing, rent a car even buy gas all under a business and it’s a right off. What’s this got to do with anything here a lot which I will explain owning a Co. Will put more money in your pocket. We know the RV is right around the corner and Uncle Sam will be right there to collect his cut… Now yes I do believe in paying taxes but I don’t want to pay any more then I have to and if you do not lesson you are going to get the short end of the stick…. You think great it RV’ed I got 1-3millon dollars I’m out of here I’m retied. Well the bad news is if you’re not taking steps to protect yourself you will not be retied. There is talk out there that Uncle Sam is going to take 50-75% of your money and to me that’s Bull xxxx. We have to lean to budget they need to lean to budget. I’m not going to go into this very deep due to I paid for the VIP that Adam offers here and he has this covered vary well and this is not about stepping on toes but if anything hoping you go now and get signed up for VIP.. VIP is not about Adam making money on you but it pays for this site as well for his hard work on finding loop holes as well as how we can protect ourselves from having the AX drop on us. We need to give credit where it is due and that Man has done a very good job at this… Un like most of you being I own a Co. it bought the dinars I did not, so that to now changes the game even more so. But let’s talk about where most of you are at. No Company no right off = HIGH HIGH TAXES.. Let’s use that vacation as a Example being that’s what I talk about… My Co. & my taxes: Income YR $50,000.00 Expenses Fuel YR 200 Mo -$2,400.00 Car Payment 150.00Mo -$1,800.00 Office Supply -$700.00 Office Space (bed room % of mortgage payment) -$1,200.00 Phones - Misc 120.00 mo.b -$1,440.00 Golfing? Yup -$1,000.00 Vacation -$3,000.00 Are You getting this? Use a business Credit card! MO bills -$3,000.00 Total Exp -$14,540.00 Net Profit $35,460.00 See CPA taxes base 30% $10,638.00 Gross Profit $24,822.00 take home With Out a Co. $50,000.00 Taxes Min. if you’re lucky 35% $17,500.00 Take home $32,500.00 Your lost right offs $14,540.00 Gross Profit $17,960.00 You just lost 6,862 Dollars on 50K There is way more to no then What I can cover here You need to get moving now! Sign up for VIP Adam Has Done Most Of Your Work For You…. Get a plan together now this is nothing you want to wait on! There is a saying that goes like this: IF YOU DO TODAY WHAT OTHERS WONT, YOU WILL DO TOMORROW WHAT OTHERS CANT! The Rest Is Now In Your Hands! Said my Peace
  7. yaa interest Acc. are covered up to 250k well I no no mater how this comes down (RI/RV) this not going to work..... I see a lot of people will get shafted unless your protected some how.... this now scares the hell outta me... What do the multi millionaires when they get a load drop on them.... there has to be a way to cover are butts! PS correct I'm not talking Dinar at all with them banks.... other then finding a account I could dump a vary large amount of funds into and be covered!
  8. Well this new comer has been trying to get a savings account opened non-interest - Frank-Dodd Account type, being told not happening and non-interest accounts are only back for 25k (Wells-Fargo)..... could some one please put some light on this... TY PS Wife Works For wells and cant find any INFO on this.
  9. sportfisher , Thank You! Lets pray that does not happen!
  10. I understand that the Dinar will RV, we just don't know the Value or when. I had read something today went like this, when the Dinar RV's its going to be based on the new Dinar (2013) with out the Zeros, so what I'm hearing is if you have $25,000 dinar bill it will be looked at as $25.00 now based on that the RV may be 1.00+ so the end result is you would have $25.00 and if one has $1,000 New Dinar (same as 1,000,000 Old Dinar with out zeros) then you would be looking at $1,000.00, is this true and what’s the odds of this happening? (YUK) Thank You For Your Time!
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