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  1. Sorry Leggman I thought I quite clearly stated this is NOT my opinion. This was someone's piece I found on another site. Although I do not agree I think it is important for anyone to hear all sides. You are right, this is an opinion piece and there are no facts to back it up. I guess that's why they call it an opinion. Perhaps you like it better when the yahoos tell you it's going to RV at 5, 6, even 42 dollars. Honestly I'm glad to have put a small amount into an investment that still to this day at least, I can sell back if I need the money. It sure beats holding on to ERON stock!!!


    No bashing, and someone's opinion........I appreciate a different view! Not sure why you got neg'd but I tossed you a +..........have a good day

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  2. Not going to touch any of this,your previous posts speak for themselves. I do wish you well.

    Its not his IS the INTENTIONAL tone that is constantly projected through sarcasm.........I'll go with the "wishing you well".

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  3. WOW!!!! it must be a burden getting that earth size head/ego thru doorways! Of course its not about you. Your opinions are always welcome and appreciated its your presentation and your firm belief that you and only you understand this venture/investment. I wish you well.


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  4. What you fail to realize is its not about me. you all can hate me or bash me all day long...but that wont make deleting the three zeroessomething else. Deleting the zeroes has happened over a 100 times...nothing you or i can say will change that. its not about me....because my poll proved to me....theres no reason to even bring my point of view.....when so many have not any idea about what im saying. so ive stopped....shouldnt you all be very happy?? Ive given win......i totally concede. Illbe your punching go ahead throw all the hate you want. but im done on this topic......

    everyone have a wonderful day....and may you all be blessed.

    I did not say you were right/wrong! What I am saying is your rude! If there is no reason to bring your point of "view" then why do it? People don't bash you for your "opinions"...........they confront your egotistcal,snide comments..........and it seems that is what you seek! I will totally have a wonderful day, and will keep you in my prayers! :wacko:

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  5. Im as dumb as dumb gets. Research will answer all your questions. dont be a hater......cant we just sing hyms about our rv and get along. to you really need to create enemies??? Im one the land of millions. you dont have to read my posts......yet you do and it makes you so angry. i was wrong.....dead wrong about everything. this rv is about to pop.....focus on that......not venting all your built up anger......on little ol me.

    If your an advocate for "getting along" then why is it your posts are so hasty towards others? You word your posts to offend others, and then wonder why people comment? Your beliefs may be right or may be wrong..........however, your sarcasm towards others are not very becoming. Therefore, maybe you should consider not being so disgruntled and hateful! Have a great day and a smile!

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  6. "i've got better things to do" still u post. Imo you knew your poll would be divisive and wanted to do the "na na na" I'm smarter than a fith grader act, congrats I bow in your presence. Oh clueless one,why engage in people that are clearly not on the same playing field as you in intelligence. Now thats just plain ign*rant but still u post.....................hmmmmm a gluten for punishment maybe.

    I agree with ya! He likes to post on here about "You're stupid and I'm smart". Your right, he continues to post with his rants. He is just an arrogant arse!

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  7. wow. this site is completely ridiculous. People just want to believe anything they want to see. It is completely outrageous that 32 people like this guys post even though he has nothing to do with the dinar. No credible information, just some ridiculous post that say $5 and this week.

    I honestly think the worst thing that can happen to america right now is to have all these people actually make money off the dinar.

    So if its so "ridiculous" then why do you come here? People believing anything affects you HOW?

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  8. notice that i wrote a 'disclaimer '---- " i will believe it when i see it "

    Yeah I noticed was just a question is all. When any of us (to include myself) put opinions/rumors etc on here.......we have to expect others input. HOWEVER, if its rude then they do NEED to be neg'd. :)

  9. First off let me say that I didn't neg anyone for their, I think people were negged for being rude to the OP for posting a RUMOR in the RUMOR takes guts for posting a rumor on this board....

    Well I did not scroll through all the comments, but the ones I did see didn't seem to be rude. However, that is jmo. I don't neg for that either, unless (like you said) its rude!! I guess lots of people are just tired already...........however all opinions are welcome here. Your does take guts lol

  10. Truthful,

    I have said what I wanted to this morning! Please let me be already. BTW it's Nakida :) I apologize if you became butthurt over my comments (feelings). I was not aware that this thread was your arena to jump on DVer's. No need to go on and on with this. I just hope that you take a look at some of the other posts and realize that you do indeed to chill out. Hope your day gets better!

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  11. Though this is the M.E... and they really don't freakin care what "we want" (imagine the nerve of these folks! dry.gif )... only what "they want"... but in spite of that... I still think it makes sense for a healthy revalue... this according to longstanding articles by Shabbs and others. So it is just a waiting game. How long? Well, I am no guru, but the fact that the Kurds just stopped exporting oil because they haven't gotten paid for 10 months for their exports to me is huge. ( This is an article just posted by butifldrm in this tread ( ). If they won't export anymore oil... how long before you think they finally deal with the oil and gas law???unsure.gif They seem to have Baghdad by the gonads! rolleyes.gif So maybe.... just maybe... we still might see some movement on this before we know it. Just my humble opinion! wink.gif

    I totally agree with you on this one! Iraq is so bold to say "Oh really? You say your going to pull out? OK OK We will make it worth your while"........then they walk away saying "Their not going anywhere lets hold off alittle longer". Well know they have been slapped on the side of the head................Now whutcha gonna do Iraq? I also believe that the RV will be pretty healthy. It will not RI but it will eventually get where it needs to be............1:1 is what I am thinking to start with!!!!

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