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  1. This site has become SO TOXIC !! Why can't political arguments be in the Politics Forum 👇 down there. Reminds me of a clique in middle and high school. Adults have left the room. One cannot even come here without witnessing so much venom. I would hope that at least Adam's update forum could be just that. So Toxic for a long, long time. Don't @ me. You have your opinions thrust upon all of us, mine counts too.
  2. No crying for 4 years here, just wanting facts out. But since I'm not a "regular" poster, it's best I crawl back into the shadows and let things lie. Rarely posting is not tantamount to not being on DV daily. Carry on. I for one don't have to like the man, but I respect the office and that should be everyone's duty going forward.
  3. I guess it depends on where to look... "But while it’s absolutely true that Trump won the Electoral College vote -- which is the only thing that matters in determining who moves into the White House on Jan. 20 -- he is not leading in the popular vote. The most comprehensive vote-tracking analysis is published by David Wasserman of the nonpartisan Cook Political Report. As of 2:30 p.m. on Nov. 14, according to Wasserman’s calculations, Clinton led Trump by 784,748 votes -- specifically, 61,422,098 for Clinton, 60,637,350 for Trump, and 6,691,311 for other candidates. Other tallies showed similar results. CNN at that time showed a Clinton-over-Trump margin of 668,059, while the Associated Press had a margin of 668,483. (Different media outlets may report different numbers at a given time because of delays in obtaining and uploading new data.)" From California isn't fully tallied. The other figures were from Twitter.
  4. Sorry for not giving examples, both were guilty of accusations and what probably could be chalked up to campaign chatter. Mr. Trump's statements about women, minorities, etc. were what I was referring to, but I acknowledge her checkered past as well. Time to move on, and be Americans, no matter who we supported and be as ONE, not so divided as we seem to be this post-election.
  5. 2 things, first, unless it has changed, Trump did not receive the popular vote, meaning more people voted for the other candidate. Our democratic system, set up 200 years ago set up the electoral vote. That being said, he should keep that in the back of his mind, that half or more of the voting public did not vote for him, and might want to temper the rhetoric and irresponsible behaviors. Time will tell. The second thing, re: Affordable Health care, I have had it since the get go. Never used it, but did see premiums jump each year. Until August of this year when diagnosed with uterine cancer. At that point I was grateful for having it, with the multitudes of testing, regular doctors, oncology doctors, tests, test and more tests, culminating in da Vinci robotic surgery on October 28 for the hysterectomy, and the perfect pathology report, of No More Treatment. I know I have co-pays and high deductible, but if I didn't have the Obamacare, I would be in a world of hurt financially that would take years to dig out from under. My 2017 premium has jumped 4x but I have to keep it. Going back would mean I would have a pre-existing condition, although cancer free now, but would still disqualify me from coverage. Just my 2 cents. I hope and pray that the country can come together without the hate and decisiveness we are seeing..
  6. Amen to that the NFL notified the Lions of a holding penalty not called in the same play. Hope the refs for you Packers fans aren't the same ones....just sayin Suspect to say the least. Oh...thanks Adam Nice update
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