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  1. 6 minutes ago, screwball said:

    I share what I know….I don’t hold anything back…I know gold backed is coming and will be done by September at latest….Fed will,launch their own bs gold backed CBDC but none of the exporting countries will accept it, because they don’t have the gold…all the major oil exporting countries as well as China and India two of the largest manufacturing countries are all BRICS….gold backed and asset backed will be the new norm….CBDC are no more….only the U.S. and DS are pushing it but most countries have rejected them….you need to trust TRUMP, XI, BIN Salman and PUTIN….They are collapsing the USD system…it has literally already collapsed…The USD and US will be once again a major exporter and energy independent as TRUMP said, he knows the plan! The Golden age is coming….those that listened to his WACO speech would know he mention gold a few times, hinting at what’s below…

    I believe this is correct (and why I don't following Breitling any more).

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  2. 5 hours ago, T B said:

    i know lord i have been with no faith after all i been threw , but i have grown from this almost 20 years now, and even if it doesnot prosper i will know why you kept me safe and secure and your ways are not our ways! just wont to be with you! LOVE YA JESUS!   IM ONLY A OLD MAN!

    Actually, you are a child of the Most High God.  You are the head and not the tail, above only and not beneath.  Your youth is renewed like the eagle's.  We've all had challenges - it's all about perspective.  It gives God pleasure and Glory when His children speak victory.  Speak who the Bible says you are.

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  3. 27 minutes ago, Artitech said:

    Thats because its all made up BS! Oh I almost forgot I want to wish everyone a very happy ramadam! I  had  forgotten ramadam started in the last week of March 2023! I'm officially closing the window of opportunity for the RV/RI of the IQD for 2023! What a shame too, I really thought 2023 was going to be our year! I will be tuning in ever so often! I want wish all DVer's a blessed and safe year! Headed now to Waco to see our real President of the United States! I hope I get in to see him hearing reports of traffic backed up 7 miles from the airport! Good Luck to everyone! I will be 10-10 on the side! Remember to eat plenty of ham and bacon for your ramadam dinners! JMHO 🤠

    See you back on here next week.

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  4. 1 hour ago, yendor said:

    If this thing ever does RV, would we hear or get that text from Mr. Adam Montana? Just wondering.

    Post from Adam in July 2021:


    VIP members get a text, and an email, and instructions to access our Post-RV VIP!" rel="">VIP site.


    Everyone else gets an email. 


    We cash in, at the best rates we can according to "who we know", and some of us end up broke again in a year or so.


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  5. 8 hours ago, hspotman said:

    I didn't say that at all.  I'm just saying that there's always a pattern to this every year. And if you don't see that pattern, then you've been living in Dinarnia for too long.

    What I see is someone who concentrates on the negative.  If you continue to read and respond to the guru 💩, I would recommend you switch  from fiction to reality and see the progress that is being made.


    I appreciate Ron and Luigi, but I personally don't think bringing over the guru nonsense has ever benefitted this site.  Especially since most of us know where to go to see it if we so desire.

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  6. I'm not happy that Adam is not active on this site and have expressed my concerns. But, this is his site, and you all are coming on here every day (many not having spent a dime) and then diss him?!?  At the very least, be thankful he has kept the site up for us to get info.  


    Some of us have recently had an issue with our Roth accounts.  Being able to communicate with each other through this site has been invaluable.  


    Those of us who have spent money are braced for taking the loss, if necessary.  If you've never had losses in an investment, you don't get out much.

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  7. 14 hours ago, Pitcher said:

    March 1st I'm moving out to the Country and then I'll be like Adam and Thugs.  

    I hear ya.  The more I hear about the changes coming to our financial system and tax laws, the more I think all the prep work those on here have done (OSI, ROTH IRA, CRUT) will be unnecessary.  Maybe why Adam has disappeared.   I, too, am moving toward a quiet and peaceable life.

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  8. I was so blessed to watch Flashpoint in Pensacola and am planning to attend the event in Nashville.


    There was an attempt to bring division with the original Flashpoint regulars.  Thankfully, the person driving that left, and Dutch Sheets stepped in.  It has definitely gone to a new level.


    As someone who was saved during the Jesus revolution, it is so exciting to see the Asbury revival spreading to other college campuses.  Let God arise and His enemies be scattered.

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