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  1. LOL,I`m gonna need cruisers before this thing ever happens with either currency, especially the dong.(38 years since the war ended) Cheers
  2. Thanks for the reply,I just hope the IQD doesn`t take 38 years + like vietnam has with no increase.We have to stop bombing countries. Cheers
  3. Hi All,I`m not a newbie here just don`t post often.Has anybody ever considered that every country we have ever gone to war with they`re currency has collapsed.If you look at the dong it has been worthless for 38 years,does anybody think the the same thing can happen with the IQD,It has been 10 years now and it is still worthless.I have been invested since 2004 and no longer buying for this specific reason.The wait is getting very old as am I. I hold dong also.I am a vietnam vet and am wondering if there is a pattern here with bombing countries.I don`t have faith in any revalue from eith
  4. I would take my 50 k.Take my reduced construction trade pension next year at 55 years old.Walk away from my house,move to Wisconsin with my old lady.Find a farmhouse to rent (the kids are gone)Fish,golf and concentrate on my homebrewing more.I`ll never be rich and don`t really want to be I just want to be at peace with no stress over bills.Beyond that if I`m lucky enough to live 20 or 25 more years my life will be complete. cheers
  5. Good Evening, I do not post often but have been in dinar for 8 years.I would like some thoughts on the upcoming elections from any veterans from the forum.My question is,Which of the two candidates is more IRAQ friendly,Romney or Obama,also has Obama done anything to help with the much anticipated "RV" .This may have been asked before but I just thought about it after the big acceptance speech last night. Any thoughts or insight would be appreciated -thanks- Cheers, go RV
  6. Hello Adam, About a week or so ago you posted please don`t join VIP now because you were busy. I havn`t posted much but learn and lurk everyday.Is now a better time time to possibly join VIP.I just got back from a week long trip to Wis. Dells and feel we might have some good news before years end.Been invested since 2004 and have been waiting about 8 years for this to happen.Also does VIP offer more info than the boards.I have read the cash in guide several times,and there is good info in it.I recommend it to all new dinar investors.I am growing a bit restless after th
  7. Hi all,I`m a noob but been lurking for about 3 years..I have 4 50 dinar notes that I bought off ebay in 2005.Does anybody REALLY think that i can get 600 USD for them anytime soon-I love this site and all the rumors and banter.I`m no kid,there was only 48 states when I was born. Peace to all and go RV.- first post didn`t really know what to say.
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