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  1. Hi everyone, I posted this in rumors because I think that the upper level exec's in the banking industry truly knows what the heck is going on and the lower level people are simply mushrooms (keep them in the dark and feed them s**t). But anyway I visited a local Wells Fargo office in central Texas and went straight to a investment agent. She invited me into her office and closed the door because she knew that I was wanting to talk about my investment in foreign currency. I told her that I was in procession of a substantial amount of Iraqi Dinar and wanted to see if her bank knew about the imp
  2. Today is the day for a trifecta, On 4/20 at 4:20 EST. it will be 12:30 am in Iraq and they will announce the RV at a rate of $4.20 to 1.IDQ and we can all kick back and celebrate with a big fat one. Now that is a trifecta that I can live with... Go RV....
  3. Thanks for the +1 Roadrunner, sorry don't mean to get off topic but if people would stop pinching their nose when they drink the cool aid then they might notice how bad it really taste. but anyway GO RV 4/20/2011 so we all celebrate with a big fat one
  4. AudiS4 I believe that you are spot on with your description of this subject and i feel that all of the hype in the way that everyone was afraid of that their investment would be worthless was all for not... If Iraq did lop their currency and make all of the larger denomination's worthless it would discredit Iraq as a nation and put the nation back into a 3rd world status rather that a prospering new nation because of the heavy investment of the nations supporting Iraq. Thanks for the post Audi... And would someone send this quote to Obama and have him take an economics course, I can justify m
  5. Thank you all for the warm welcome, I would like to get to know everone here but I hope that this is the last week that I have to visit this site so here is to being possitive that this is the week that all of us have been waiting for. Go RV !!!!!!
  6. Hello everybody I have be visiting the DV's site ever sense I became a dinar investor a little over a year ago and have read and learned a lot from the people on this site. I did not invest heavily into this because I knew that this was a risk coming into it and if it paid off that I could spend the rest of my days living a comfortable life, not a rich wealthy life but comfortable life, but if for some reason it didn't pay off then i would not be in any trouble because of it. So Howdy from Texas and God Bless everybody on this site and pray that this little venture of ours happens soon
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