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  1. I'd like to get some input from the OK (ie) Corral gang as to their take on the makes me a little nervous when they predict a high they have SPECIAL intel on the LOP????? Or are they just special???? I say that with a tremendous amount of LOVE
  2. Thank you I know Kuwait is a much smaller country. Population 3 million. I'm stll going to respectfully disagree my friend we are only scratching the surface to what goes on behind closed doors... Nothing wrong with "DREAMING BIG"
  3. Keep in mind Kuwait has 3 million people and Iraq has 30 million plus. There is so much more to this investment than we little people could possibly know How many countries will RV there currency? How many back room deals have made by the G20 group or the Arab countries? The US Government has been spending money like it's confetti How many countries were paid off through QE1 and QE2? How many countries said okay you take this currency and we'll take this one just to level the currency playing field? Do you really think it's a coincidence that the Arab countries fell like dominos???? A tisket a tasket let's all take some from the basket!!!! I could be wrong about all or any of these thoughts but I do know this. This thing is HUGE..... every day I learn something knew.... slum dame B)
  4. What about all the investment contracts they've signed for millions and millions of dinars?? Does that mean the contracts are down to thousands??? And furthermore why would they worry about having all their debt payed off if the value remains the same? Just asking........
  5. Morning Sunshines I would think they would have to be in line with Kuwait's currency......
  6. Sorry not reading it that way If you have a million dinar they remove the zeros you just exchange the currency for lower denoms you still get a million..... or if it revalued you cash in that same million at a higher rate. Hope that makes sense
  7. DAME1

    read it

    Hello again I know I'm new to this site but not to this investment. Simple research will tell you what they are doing with the currency. Google Iraq Business News. Article posted Thursday about removing Zero's . The tags below will lead you to how they plan to set up mechanisms to help people exchange old dinars for new dinars. Also stated they would give people an ample amount of time to exchange. There is NO you give me a 1000 dinar note and I will give you a 1 dinar note in exchange. If you take in a thousand or twenty-five thousand notes in you get that same amount back just in lower denoms. I could be wrong... but what I read tells me..... "IT'S ALL GOOD" SO COME ON SHABBY BABY........ JUST DO IT.............. Slum Dame
  9. I got my information from the Iraq Business News link. If you open one of the tags about the economy it clearly states that they will set up the mechanisms to let people exchange old Dinar notes for new ones and they will give us a time frame to do so. The zero articles were from yesterday. The banks facilitating our exchange was from May 2010...... Don!t know if this helps but it gave me a little more reassurance about the removal process........ SO. "WHO WANTS TO BE A MILLIONAIRE" !!!!!!!!!!!!! SLUM DAME
  10. Good morning everyone Unless I'm missing something aren't we "ALL" in this "HOPING" to make money? Come on RV mama needs a new pair of shoes!!!!!!
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