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  1. 2 minutes ago, Pitcher said:


    You obviously have NO clue what was said in the presser.  Again you make the point of the Thread.  Political Dem talking points.  G watch the presser.


    Why listen to him... He just lies... Go get a test... See how easy it is. He said everyone can get a test right now. Go hang out at his next rally, he tells people his rallies are safe. You believe him right? Go listen to him tell the world this is not as bad as the flu. The only people who believe this guy is the dwindling number of followers...



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  2. 1 minute ago, Pitcher said:

    Did you see the Presser.  Very Positive unlike Dems who haven’t put out one word of support system" rel="">support or solution.  You are making the point of this Thread BA.  


    BTW, we don’t need your facts.  We all know how to read.  In times of crisis MOST Americans rally around their Government.  Oh but wait, this Government is not legitimate right.  That’s what you Dems have been preaching for 3 years.  Delusional. 



    Traitorous??? A president who shuts down the leading health professionals... A president who lies about anyone being able to get tested for the virus right now? A president who blames the media for a pandemic?


    What's traitorous, is a bunch of people who don't question the failings of their leaders.... Trump's managerial skills are nothing less than a pathetic joke. He couldn't manage a Wendy's... Crisis management is one of the most important attributes a president must have... The only thing this guy must have is a bunch of yes men sucking up to him and his complete lack of understanding of the most basic things.



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  3. 3 minutes ago, Pitcher said:

    President Trump just annonced MAJOR economic stimulus is coming, including a tax relief for small businesss, helping hourly wage earners not lose a pay check, and some kind of help to support system" rel="">support Busiesses hurt most by this epidemic.  


    BTW, I’m seeing activity to the upside in some major US Stocks in AH’ers. 



    "Stimulus" you mean corporate welfare... What are we The Soviet Union?... Is our government now the linchpin for bad business? Giving money to corporations ain't gonna help all those million of people in service jobs living week to week and off tips when no one shows up for their $5 coffee at Starbucks, or their $40 finger nail polish. 


    Yeah, I see some up side, but it's a Dead Cat bounce, just like last week... Shorties will cover and take profits. Mom and Pops are going to wake up to shocking 401Ks, but they won't get any corporate welfare... They will get what they always get... Screwed.



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  4. Just now, Pitcher said:


    Not a very helpful post BA.  When we get through this I will remember your delight that people are suffering from the news today.   Not cool dude.  


    No delight... I took a big hit today... Just facts...


    Trump can take claim for the biggest drops in market history.. Like five of the top 10. If he takes credit for the 11 year bull market he can take credit for worst day in history.

    Rank Date Close Change  Ref
    Net %
    1 2020-03-09 23,851.02 −2,013.76 −7.79 [16]
    2 2020-02-27 25,766.64 −1,190.95 −4.42 [17]
    3 2018-02-05 24,345.75 −1,175.21 −4.60 [18]
    4 2018-02-08 23,860.46 −1,032.89 −4.15 [19]
    5 2020-02-24 27,960.80 −1,031.61 −3.56 [20]
    6 2020-03-05 26,121.28 −969.58 −3.58 [21]
    7 2020-02-25 27,081.36 −879.44 −3.15 [22]
    8 2018-10-10 25,598.74 −831.83 −3.15 [23]
    9 2019-08-14 25,479.42 −800.49 −3.05 [24]
    10 2018-12-04 25,027.07 −799.36 −3.10 [25]
    11 2020-03-03 25,917.41 −785.91 −2.94 [26]
    12 2008-09-29 10,365.45 −777.68 −6.98 [27]
    13 2019-08-05 25,717.74 −767.27 −2.90 [28]
    14 2008-10-15 8,577.91 −733.08 −7.87 [29]
    15 2018-03-22 23,957.89 −724.42 −2.93 [30]
    16 2001-09-17 8,920.70 −684.81 −7.13  
    17 2008-12-01 8,149.09 −679.95 −7.70  
    18 2008-10-09 8,579.19 −678.92 −7.33  
    19 2018-02-02 25,520.96 −665.75 −2.54 [18]
    20 2019-01-03 22,686.22 −660.02 −2.83 [31]


    He has decimated our CDC and Health Departments since he arrived, the newest government report says we are no where near prepared as we should be. Under funded and under staffed. He is vetting the doctor's statements to hide the truth from the public. He only wants good news... He is lying about the severity, he is denying basic truths and his actions are playing with the life's of Americans.




    He is blaming Obama... For what? Leaving an 11 year bull market?



    North Korea is firing missiles and working on nukes.



    Illegals are climbing his wall..




    I not delighted I can promise you that. Amazed may be a better word, amazed that anyone on the planet would take this guy at his word..



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  5. Its a good day for Donald- dow drops 2000 points triggering a bear market, the US is unprepared for a pandemic, His health secretary tells people to start hoarding meds and food, North Korea fires missiles and has been found to still be working on Nukes, a video of 100s of illegals scaling the new wall with PVC ladders is released. Should be quite a tweet storm tonight



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  6. 2 minutes ago, Pitcher said:

    I hope they kill this Bull.  It’s time. Clean up the slop and start the cycle over again.  This is a great great opportunity to buy some quality stocks. I’m talking Amzn, Aapl, Goog, Nvda, Cost, Pep, Abbv, Mrk, JNJ, WMT, and so many more. Buy companies with big CASH reserves and are mostly USA centric. Don’t buy all one Sector. Diversify and have some stocks that pay GOOD dividends.  

    We will get through this NO doubt in my mind.  Buy Quality Stocks and do not go all in at once.  Bear Markets are tricky.  They can last 90 days to 18 months.  There will be a number of false starts. Those Bear Flag rallies will break your heart.  I look for stocks crossing up the 200 first and then the 100 and 50 and 20 just like when it’s going down in Reverse.  Also try to buy after a few months of base forming or trading in a range toward the bottom. 



    I'm thinking it won't be time to buy for another month... Or maybe after Q2 numbers come out... Those are going to be bad... Very bad.



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  7. That’s CNBC’s Jim Cramer capturing the mood on Wall Street on Monday, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average dropping more than 1,600 points, oil prices CL00, -25.170% plunging and the 10-year Treasury yield TMUBMUSD10Y, 0.538% plumbing historic lows.

    In a series of tweets, Cramer warned that signs point to an imminent recession:


    Cramer also said that, by the time the market closes, we could be waving goodbye to the bull market investors have enjoyed for more than a decade.

    “I think that that’s certainly a realistic thing,” he said. “It’s been a great run.”


    A great run, indeed. The bull market kicked off 11 years ago today — happy birthday? — and it emerged as the longest on record by August 2018. But this could certainly be the end of it.

    A bear market is widely defined as a drop of 20% from recent highs. The S&P SPX, -6.763% would have to close at 2,708.92 to enter bear territory, according to Dow Jones Market Data. The Dow DJIA, -6.852%, which briefly broke below the bear number, would have to end at 23,641.14. At last check, they were both holding above those levels, but things can change fast in this market.



    The collapse in yields and oil is signalling an imminent recession...I think we need to parse everything and remember that while most stocks aren't buyable, they will get to be that soon enough at this pace..

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  8. 6 hours ago, Indraman said:

    2019-2020 U.S. Flu Season: Preliminary Burden Estimates | CDC



    34-49 Million infected

    16-23 Million Medical visits

    350-620 Thousand hospitalizations

    20-52 Thousand deaths




    It's not about the total number... It's about the percentage of mortality...

    So if one million people get the flu, less than .1% die.

    If one million get this new virus, over 3% may die..

    See .1% is far less than 3%.

    It may not seem like much, until it comes to your neighborhood.



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  9. U.S. stock-index markets on Monday tumbled, triggering a circuit breaker as fears of an oil price war between OPEC and Russia sent crude futures plunging, sending shock waves through global financial markets already shaken by the spread of COVID-19

    Analysts seeking safety fled into government bonds, driving the yield on the benchmark 10-year U.S. Treasury plummeting 25.1 basis points to 0.43% — another all-time low. Yields and debt prices move in opposite directions.

    What are major indexes doing?

    Before being halted, the Dow Jones Industrial Average DJIA, -7.89% was down 1,884.88 points, or 7.2%, at 23,979.90, while the S&P 500 SPX, -7.39% was off more than 208 points, or 7%, at 2,764.21. The Nasdaq Composite Index COMP, -7.33% were off 588 points, or 6.86%, at 7.987.44. Before regular trade, futures fell their 5% limit in early Asian trade and have traded near there for most of the session.

    Circuit breakers:

    • 7% decline: If the S&P 500 falls 7% from the previous session’s close before 3:25 p.m. Eastern, all stock-market trading halts for 15 minutes.
    • 13% decline: After stocks reopen, it would then take a 13% decline by the S&P 500 before 3:25 p.m. to trigger a second trading halt, which would also last 15 minutes.
    • 20%: After a second trading halt, it would take a decline of 20% to trigger a so-called Level 3 circuit breaker. Once a 20% drop occurs, that’s all she wrote. Trading is halted for the remainder of the day.

    Read:Here’s when S&P 500 circuit breakers kick in on Monday

    On Friday, the Dow Jones Industrial Average settled 256.50 points lower, or 1%, to 25,864.78, while the S&P 500 lost 51.57 points, or 1.7%, to close at 2,972.37. The Nasdaq Composite finished 162.98 points lower, or 1.9%, at 8,575.62.





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    • The UK has set up a special unit to fight the spread of fake news about the coronavirus after the US accused Russia of spreading a series of conspiracy theories.

    • The US has accused Russia of disseminating disinformation about the virus, including a now widespread theory that the COVID-19 virus was created by the CIA as a biological weapon.

    • The unit will work with social media companies to combat disinformation about the COVID-19 virus.

    • "Defending the country from misinformation and digital interference is a top priority," UK digital minister Oliver Dowden said.

    • Follow the latest news in the UK as coronavirus continues to spread. 

    • Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories.

    The UK government has created a special unit designed to combat Russian disinformation about the coronavirus after the US accused Moscow of spreading a series of conspiracy theories seeking to blame the West for the virus.

    Officials in the Donald Trump administration have accused Russia of creating thousands of fake Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts to spread conspiracy theories that the US was somehow the originator of the virus.

    Posts included claims that the virus was a bid by the US to "wage economic war on China," that it was a bioweapon engineered by the CIA, and that it was fostered "to push anti-China messages."

    The campaign was first spotted in mid-January, with several thousand accounts — many of which were previously tied to Russian activities — posting "near-identical" messages about coronavirus, according to a report produced by the State Department's Global Engagement Center.

    The UK government on Monday announced that it had assembled a counter disinformation unit which would work with social media companies to "identify and respond" to these and other conspiracy theories spread by foreign powers.

    Oliver Dowden, the UK Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, said: "Defending the country from misinformation and digital interference is a top priority.

    "As part of our ongoing work to tackle these threats we have brought together expert teams to make sure we can respond effectively should these threats be identified in relation to the spread of Covid-19.

    "This work includes regular engagement with the social media companies, which are well placed to monitor interference and limit the spread of disinformation, and will make sure we are on the front foot to act if required."

    Boris Johnson moves to delay British coronavirus epidemic

    Coronavirus Britain London
    Coronavirus Britain London

    Richard Baker / In Pictures via Getty Images

    Johnson will on Monday chair a COBRA meeting as his government decides how to respond to a significant rise in the number of confirmed cases of coronavirus in the UK.

    There were 273 cases in Britain as of Sunday afternoon, with three deaths linked to virus. The latest person to die after testing positive for coronavirus was a man in his 60s with "significant" pre-existing health conditions.

    "The number of coronavirus cases continues to rise in the UK and around the world," Johnson is set to tell the meeting of senior government ministers and health officials.

    "We are well prepared and will continue to make decisions to protect the public based on the latest scientific advice.

    "Tackling Coronavirus will require a national and international effort. I am confident the British people are ready to play their part in that.

    "The most valuable thing people can do is wash their hands with soap and water for twenty seconds."

    The UK government is set to officially move the UK towards the "delay" phase of its four-point action plan for tackling the coronavirus, with the number of cases expected to grow significantly this week.

    The delay phase will likely involve advice to limit human contact and unnecessary travel, with the public advised to work from home where possible.

    Read the original article on Business Insider





    How many people have told you this conspiracy crap? Don't do Russia's work for them... Remember Putin can't be trusted...



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  10. 18 hours ago, Synopsis said:

    3,600 / 106,000 = 3.4%


    Big Whoop.


    Influenza has a MUCH higher mortality rate.



    World Health Organization Director General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said at a news briefing March 3 that the global case fatality rate for the coronavirus is believed to be about 3.4 percent, higher than the 2.3 percent reported in a China CDC study released in February. But a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine last week found a death rate of 1.4 percent among a group of 1,099 patients, suggesting the rate could be lower than those reported by the WHO and Chinese officials.

    “By comparison, seasonal flu generally kills far fewer than 1 percent of those infected,” Tedros said of the global flu caseload during the news briefing.


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  11. How Coronavirus Is Affecting Entertainment: All the Major Delays and Cancellations


    The coronavirus pandemic continues to escalate, with the death toll now topping 3,000 and as many as 90,000 confirmed cases of the disease. In addition to the human toll, the spread of coronavirus has blunted global economic activity significantly. The Dow experienced its worst week since the 2008 recession and workers continue to weigh the risks of commuting and public interface.

    The entertainment industry has been one of those most impacted by the virus. Hollywood executives have begun to take precautions for the sake of public health, while also forming strategies as to how to minimize economic losses at a time when public gatherings may endanger large numbers of people. Organizers of industry conferences, press tours and film festivals are evaluating options for delaying or canceling upcoming events. Abroad, China and Italy, two countries with the highest numbers of contagion, have temporarily closed movie theaters. Movie premiere dates like “No Time to Die” have been pushed back and production for films and shows including “The Amazing Race” and “Mission: Impossible 7” have been impacted by the crisis.

    More from Variety

    See a list of cancellations, delays and more below, which will be updated as more are announced.

    Movie Premiere Dates:

    Paramount delayed the release of “Sonic the Hedgehog” in China, which was set to debut on Feb. 28. Cinemas in China are indefinitely closed due to coronavirus. In a statement announcing the cancellation, the studio said, “Sonic will only be slowing down his pace temporarily, and we look forward to bringing him zooming onto the big screen in China once it is appropriate to do so.”

    The next James Bond film, “No Time to Die,” was originally supposed to be released internationally on April 2 and in the U.S. on April 10, but is now being postponed until November. The film will be released in the U.K. on Nov. 12 and in the U.S. on Nov. 25. Other worldwide release dates are still to follow.

    The Chinese release date for “Mulan” has been delayed indefinitely. The highly anticipated film is still set to be released on March 27 in the United States.


    CBS temporarily shut down production of “The Amazing Race” Season 33. The unscripted series was only a couple of weeks into production with three episodes filmed thus far. Season 32, the next installment to air, has already been completed, though no premiere date has yet been released.

    Paramount Pictures delayed its plan for a three-week shoot of Tom Cruise’s “Mission: Impossible 7” in Venice, Italy. In a statement, the studio said, “During this hiatus we want to be mindful of the concerns of the crew and are allowing them to return home until production starts. We will continue to monitor this situation, and work alongside health and government officials as it evolves.”

    “The Bachelorette” producers have canceled the upcoming season’s trip to Italy. Producers will have to find a new destination for Season 16’s travel episodes.

    Music Festivals/Concert Tours:

    BTS canceled its “Map of the Soul” tour shows in Korea. The concert dates scheduled for April 11, 12, 18 and 19 at Seoul’s Jamsil Olympic Stadium have been called off. Ticket buyers were automatically refunded the price of their purchase. The Seoul performances were originally scheduled to be the opening shows of the world tour, but with the cancellation, BTS’ first date will likely be April 25.

    Mariah Carey announced on Twitter she was rescheduling a March 10 concert in Hawaii due to the “evolving international travel restrictions” caused by the coronavirus. She has moved the Honolulu concert stop to Nov. 28.

    Miami’s Ultra Music Festival that was scheduled for March 20-22 has reportedly been postponed. This could be the first time in 21 years that the three-day electronic music festival will not be happening. The event was set to feature performances from Flume, Zedd, Sofi Tukker, Gryffin and more.

    Khalid postponed his Asian tour dates. Khalid was set to perform in Bangkok, Singapore, Jakarta, Manila, Kuala Lumpur, Tokyo, Seoul, Mumbai and Bangalore between March 24 and April 15.

    Avril Lavigne was supposed to begin the Asian leg of her “Head Above Water” world tour in Shenzhen, China, on April 23, but the Canadian singer announced that it would not be happening. “You’re in my thoughts and prayers,” Lavigne said on Instagram. “We are hoping to announce rescheduled shows soon.”

    Green Day canceled its tour dates scheduled in Asia. The band’s “Hella Mega” tour would have taken them throughout the continent, starting in Singapore and stopping in Bangkok, Manila, Taipei, Hong Kong, Seoul, Osaka and Tokyo. The group also noted that it would announce new dates “very soon.”

    Industry Events, Markets and Festivals:

    Google canceled its biggest annual event, I/O, which was set to run in View, Calif., from May 12-14. Last year’s conference featured keynotes, panel discussions and a first look at Google’s latest developer products and platforms. I/O has been held each year since 2008.

    Facebook’s F8 developers conference is no longer taking place on May 5-6. Facebook is planning “other ways for our community to get together through a combo of locally hosted events, videos and live streamed content” in place of the in-person event. More details are pending.

    The Cannes Film Festival is monitoring the developments and the latest guidelines regarding coronavirus after news broke of Cannes’ first case. The festival has not been canceled as of yet and is still set to take place in May.

    MipTV, France’s TV market in Cannes, has been canceled and postponed its third annual drama sidebar, Canneseries. The cancellation also covers offshoot events MipDoc and MipFormats, which take place the weekend before the market. Canneseries will now run alongside Mipcom (Oct. 12-15), running from Oct. 9-14. Organizers have said MipTV will return next April, alongside a fourth edition of Canneseries.

    Hong Kong FilMart, Asia’s largest film and TV trade fair, postponed its scheduled date in March to a new slot in August. The market will be cut from four days to three, and be held Aug. 27-29.

    Amazon Studios, Netflix and Apple have all pulled out of their SXSW plans. The two screenings and panels Amazon Studios planned for “Tales of the Loop” and “Upload,” in addition to a consumer marketing activation, have been canceled as well as Netflix’s five film screenings and its panel for #BlackExcellence. Apple was set to premiere three new Apple TV Plus originals, including Spike Jonze’s documentary film “Beastie Boys Story” and was scheduled to host a discussion of Apple’s “Little America’ with the docuseries’ writers.







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    Americans divided on party lines over risk from coronavirus: Reuters/Ipsos poll

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Americans who now find themselves politically divided over seemingly everything are now forming two very different views of another major issue: the dangers of the new coronavirus.

    Democrats are about twice as likely as Republicans to say the coronavirus poses an imminent threat to the United States, according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll conducted this week.

    And more Democrats than Republicans say they are taking steps to be prepared, including washing their hands more often or limiting their travel plans.

    Poll respondents who described themselves as Republicans and did not see the coronavirus as a threat said it still felt remote because cases had not been detected close to home and their friends and neighbors did not seem to be worried, either.

    “I haven’t changed a single thing,” Cindi Hogue, who lives outside Little Rock, Arkansas, told Reuters. “It’s not a reality to me yet. It hasn’t become a threat enough yet in my world.”

    Many of the U.S. cases that have been reported so far have been in Washington state and California, more than 1,000 miles away from Arkansas.

    Politics was not a factor in her view of the seriousness of the virus, Hogue said. Other Republican respondents interviewed echoed that sentiment.

    But the political divide is nonetheless significant: About four of every 10 Democrats said they thought the new coronavirus poses an imminent threat, compared to about two of every 10 Republicans.

    Part of the explanation, said Robert Talisse, a Vanderbilt University philosophy professor who studies political polarization, is that political divisiveness often works in subtle ways.

    Americans increasingly surround themselves with people who share the same political views, so partisan perceptions echo not just through the television channels people watch and websites and social media they consume, but through their friends and neighbors, too.

    "This partisan-sort stuff is real; it just doesn’t feel like that’s what’s going on because our partisan selves just feel like ourselves,” Talisse said.



    Americans, who often consume news based on their political preferences, have received two different views of the virus's potential impact.

    Amid tumbling stock markets, President Donald Trump has sought to portray himself as on top of the health crisis, but he has been criticized for being overly optimistic about its potential impact and for sometimes incorrect statements on the science of the virus.

    Trump has accused the media and his political adversaries of trying to derail his re-election campaign by amping up alarm over the dangers posed by the virus. He has largely sought to cast it as a comparatively minor threat, comparing its risk to the less deadly seasonal flu.

    Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh told listeners last week that, “The coronavirus is the common cold” and was merely being “weaponized as yet another element to bring down Donald Trump.”

    Trump told Sean Hannity's Fox News show on Wednesday that he thought World Health Organization estimates of the virus' death rate were a "false number," that he had a hunch the rate was much lower, "a fraction of 1 percent." The WHO said this week that the coronavirus killed about 3.4% of the people who contracted it worldwide.

    House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi accused Trump on Thursday of spreading misinformation about coronavirus' death rate, saying the "reality is in the public domain."

    The outbreak has killed more than 3,400 people and spread across more than 90 nations. Eleven people in the United States have died from the coronavirus, the CDC said Friday.

    National media and other cable news channels have been filled with accounts of a spreading sickness and the U.S. deaths. Public health authorities have sent increasingly urgent warnings about the need to be ready for quarantines and school closures.

    Exactly how big a role these divergent messages have driven Americans’ perception of the danger they face is difficult to measure, but experts said they could only fuel the political divisions that are so vast that they long ago started having an impact on everything from how Americans vote to where they buy coffee.

    “Our hyper-polarization is so strong that we don’t even assess a potential health crisis in the same way. And so it impedes our ability to address it," said Jennifer McCoy, a Georgia State political science professor who studies polarization.

    About half of Democrats said they are washing their hands more often now because of the virus, compared to about four in 10 Republicans, according to the poll. About 8% of Democrats said they had changed their travel plans, compared to about 3% of Republicans.

    More than half of Republicans, about 54%, said they had not altered their daily routines because of the virus, compared to about 40% of Democrats.

    The Reuters/Ipsos poll was conducted online, in English, from March 2-3 in the United States. It gathered responses from 1,115 American adults, including 527 Democrats and 396 Republicans. The poll has a credibility interval, a measure of precision, of about 3 percentage points.





    Dumb and Dumber



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