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  1. What does all of this mean?? Exactly who are they??
  2. I'm really not as smart as some of ya"ll....but something about a trust for the human race and Fiat money??? Seems like they are the Mac Daddy of all and everything....Makes my skin crawl!!!
  3. Just read it on another site....With all due respect to this site...I won't say where.......But it is a REAL issue.
  4. Seems to be a hidden topic of Global Trust Settlements being resolved before any RV. Apparently the REAL powers of the world have to agree on what Iraq is trying to do re: an RV/RI.. OMG....could this be the proverbial snag?
  5. The only way he (M) would get a NO vote is if Allawis' seats shut him down.....He (A) is the proverbial stick in the mud. He wants POWER. So Maliki gives him the position to over see ALL of the ministries.That will be the best he will get..PERIOD! Talibani will look elsewere if M does not seat his gov. Maliki has been kissin a!! w/o gettin **** on his lips....If there is no RV......they all know there are up sh!ts creek w/o a paddle......BROKE and standing on a how stupid is that??
  6. PLEASE DO NOT INTERUPT THE FAT LADY......she is just clearing her voice!!! Prayers ARE answered and Dreams DO come true!!
  7. at that could Iraq be even a player. They have the oil, and natural gas, and they (WE) know it. They are a player, and a BIG one at that. This whole RV thingy IS NOT about the money....IT IS ABOUT THE MONEY THAT IS IN THE GROUND!!! .....Just go ask George W.
  8. Do you think Talibanii would have given him the "nod" over Maliki and still been able to get a Chapter 7 release? NOT!!! Sure..he has more votes than M.........but he Surely doesn't have M's balls............ GO MALIKI and GO RV
  9. Hey Dude....look at my post in the "Think tank" post re: the DeLaRue machines.
  10. Don't think for one second that our banking system isn't all over this. It SURE will be alot easier to just walk into our own bank, rather than travel and potentially put ourselves in harms way, just to do business with our buddies. You can also bet that Uncle Sam will make all means available to keep the IQD here, in the good ole' US of A. And have any of ya'll checked on the DeLaRue machines??....They actually only read a UV mark, and it is actually a possibility that that UV mark can be duplicated and the machine athenticate something other than a REAL IQD note. Do some digging, and see f
  11. that info was posted from meds chat about the UN adjenda
  12. Right on cj....seems now that he has a job of minding everybody elses business, hope that will make him feel important, and STOP his whining.
  13. Allawi wants to be PM.....Will he will try to muck up Parliments attempt to give a vote of confidence to Maliki? He says he can form in 7 days???? REALLY??? Hope he doesn't interupt the fat lady!!
  14. I'll ask this question here..... Isn't this whole RV before the 15th thing based on A VOTE OF CONFIDENCE ?? What happens if that doesn't happen?? Allawi says he can do it in 7 days....How many friends does he have??....More sand through the hour glass??
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