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  1. Man I can't stand this guy (Obama) he is full of double talk and hot air the bad part is I work for him...
  2. Hey wait a second I thought this guy was shutting down the site it is Saturday so we have only 24hrs if this guy stays to his word..... Like that will happen
  3. First of all, you dumb liberal I work for the ***********, Secondly, most of us have investments in other places like Gold and are diversifying our portfolio if anyone is thinking this a sure bet for tomorrow then you are wrong... this whole thing is a risky investment and most of us just put in as much as we are willing to bet like in a poker game... just ask any REAL investment manager. Thirdly jobs are being created every day by people making just over the $250,000 mark that Obama so arrogantly supports do you know who those people are.... SMALL BUSINESS PEOPLE. Those people are the ones who are not in the top 2% and by the way the people in the top 2% companies like Wal-Mart, K-Mart, Target, etc. NEWS FLASH they are still hiring if you need a job, Hey the Burger King on post here is hiring every day... The problem is people thinking they are too good for jobs that require WORK not setting behind a computer posting LIBERAL PROPAGANDA all day... Do all of us a favor and keep your Liberal KOOL-Aid to your self AMERICA ISN'T DRINKING ANY MORE!!!!!
  4. I don't know about you all but when I was in the civilian world, I never received a job from a middle class person... I am a middle class person and before you all bash me I don't mean hauling hay or cleaning out stables I did that but I am talking about jobs with real benefits Obama is such an idiot...
  5. After seeing that I have mine on now LOL
  6. I can't even begin to describe the amount of disappointment I feel right now for the people in this room who I know are good people, I have been reading your posts for a while as a guest and just signed up today. I left another site because of crap like this.... (and the fact that he doesn't allow any comments any more)... but all of you are better than this, some of you even talk about being Christians... I wonder what your God is thinking about you right now... and you are tamping out the fire that use to be here just a few months ago people are even posting that they don't like expressing their opinion on here any more now that is sad letting a few bad apples screw up the whole barrel and throwing God's name out there like it is your banner of pride well as a person I feel for the real Christians out there who are fighting for that name and who have lost their lives for it. I may be a newbie on here but I have been reading you all from far away for a long time and all I have to say is SHAME ON YOU for being a hypocrite and if you truly are a Christian posting negative comments then you need to get right with your self and THE BIG MAN.
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