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  1. Anyone who follows my posts knows what I think about AI. What a TOTAL JOKE. 

    They spent hundreds of millions of dollars on an "AI" dune buggy and then asked some jarhead to test it. 

    IMMEDIATELY the first two Marines did cartwheels right up to the robot without being detected. 

    AI is the fanciful lie created by demonic possessed liberal, "so called scientists", to justify their existence.




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  2. Every sailor, every seaman, every Marine knows the power of the sea. We sing this song to let her know that we will never give up. We will ride her waves and fight her fury, so that she may know we were there. 




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  3. 1 hour ago, pokerplayer said:


    Too many coincidences as far as I'm concerned. If their is nefarious issues from an attack from a different Country, then it needs to be dealt with, firmly and swiftly.


    Great find my friend. Time will tell.



    Thanks my friend.  Most people only focus on a story for about a week. They never hear," the rest of the story". 

    That's how they bury the truth. 

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