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  1. Dear Valued Customers, As you may know, Dinar Trade took a temporary leave from the market several months ago. At this time, we are going through an exciting transition, which, in the near future, will allow us to offer new options for your current and future Iraqi Dinar holdings, along with other investment opportunities in Iraq. We would like to thank all of our loyal customers for your blessings and support during this major transition. We look forward to doing business with you in the near future. In the meantime, if you would like to place an order for Iraqi Dinar we recommend Dinar UK Ltd. They ship COD within 24 hours to U.S. customers and you will receive a discount of $30 per million dinars if you use the promo code "IQDUK" when ordering. They also offer Dinar on Reserve and purchasing through your IRA. You may order from Dinar UK at: Or by calling 1-855-346-2785 (Toll Free number for U.S. customers). Our Sincere Thanks for Your Business and Support, Dinar Trade Inc 877-770-7660
  3. I Look at it a couple of ways. What happened to the original value? I am sure it decreased over time so why can it not regain value over a much shorter period of time? I also conider an IPO within our stock markets. These values change wildly and have little basis on the actual value of the company that is being offered in the first plalce. Si I am hoping anything can happen.
  4. a good way to test this is to look on E-bay. There are over 1800 Iraqi dinar auctions at this moment
  5. If this guy is so sure the dollar is doomed why is accepting $49.50 USD for his reports?
  6. If three zeros are removed from the paper currency, what happens to the value of the 500 250 100 and lower dinar? Do they become fractional dinar?
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