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  1. Trump would have my vote and most of the US would be behind him as well--------Being that we are in the mid of a dictatorship in the US-------I know I would vote for Trump in a hear beat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. War and Terror: Kick Their Ass and Take Their Gas: Democracy Comes to Iraq Posted on Wednesday, May 14 @ 11:47:47 AST Topic: Oil rig and Tanker by Jacob Levich, One month after the fall of Baghdad, the US has successfully liberated the people of Iraq from meaningful involvement in decisions about their own future. A designer regime, concocted behind closed doors by Pentagon and State Department planners, is now being imposed on Iraq with great speed and without any kind of popular consent. Iraq's nascent "democratic transition government" is window-dressing for a mil
  3. What part of this chart should I be looking at then----Please!
  4. Most of the time it is at 0.0000 under change
  5. See for your-self 9.6000
  6. What is going on over there---------And I thought our Goverment was a joke---g's O Pet----Iraq has there heads on upside-down.
  7. Sorry about my spelling-----Never was very good at that. Only have a 3rd grade reading and writing level-----And have been out of work for more than 3 years I am hoping and praying that this dinar boat well get here soon. pz5p19
  8. I was thank that when GWBush said the war would pay for it's self. Could he have ment that--- We that are buying in to iraq in the way of buying and selling of the iraqi dinar from our banks and other places-----That in tern we are paying for it ourselfs The CBI showed that thay sold $145,000,000.00 USD in IQD just Yesterday the Oct.13th 2010 Here is what thay had to say 14 October 2010 BAGHDAD: The Central Bank of Iraq's (CBI) dollar sales went up to $145.316 million in its daily auction on Thursday, compared to $131.254 million in the previous session. "There was no demand on cash, w
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