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  1. 7 - 4 - 2012 Return useful financial expert Elias Abbou, because of the unwillingness of world powers to deal with the Iraqi dinar exchange rate fluctuations to front of hard currency and the absence of political and economic stability in the country. He said Abbou (News Agency news) on Wednesday: monetary policy by the Central Bank responsible for global and regional States rejected the deal in Iraqi dinars, as they do not allow exit of large amounts of local currency abroad and restricting passengers to take limited amounts of dinars when travelling. He added that the Central Bank feared entry counterfeit currency when you allow the entry and exit of the Iraqi currency, but allowed out of the country would force countries in dealing and become internationally acceptable and has real value to other currencies. And: the Iraqi dinar needs political stability and the economic diversification of fiscal revenue and increase the total production of the country and keep purely for hard currency rate as the dollar to become an international currency dinar is desirable in all the Nations of the world. Often complains about Umrah travellers from non-global States, particularly neighbouring States in Iraqi currency abroad for fear of fraud or speculation, as well as the continuing decline of the dinar against the dollar. My link
  2. 7 - 4 - 2013 Newspaper published an economic report expected the Saudi electronic through which Iran's smuggling of 50% of its oil in the Iraqi market, after the introduction of a ban on Iranian oil, which was adopted by U.S. and other European countries to pressure Tehran to comply with international resolutions concerning its nuclear program. According to the report: Iran is trying to alleviate their economic status, which depends heavily on oil in various ways to reduce losses resulting from the ban, which began to take effect, leaving only the oil from the other half you are dealing with some countries excluded from the ban. He specializes in the oil sector Rashid Abanumay the newspaper that Iran will find its marketing outlets for the smuggling of oil and promotion, but at a lower price than it is in world markets, did not rule out that the European companies and U.S.; a blind eye to it by the European Union and the U.S.; the marketing of Iranian oil on the black market marketing outlets across the most important Iraqi market, and the rest of Almsttinah from the application of the ban until the order of their positions later. He explained that most of the concerned countries in the world do not want to risk and risk in dealing with Iranian oil, so as not to find itself faced with economic sanctions could affect the economy and harm to its relations with foreign countries, the EU and U.S.. He said there are some States expressed a kind of reservation on the application of a ban on Iranian oil, so quick to request exemptions from the ban and sanctions, some states have already granted exceptions, therefore, deal with the Iranian oil by these countries is still legal and regular. And Abanumay that 50 percent of Iranian oil is marketed legally and systems in these countries, despite the fact that this quantity of oil not sold according to the legal value of the fair, namely the dollar in global markets, making Iran is forced to sell their oil at a lower price than what is found in global markets, and will work to achieve this by traders and investors of different nationalities assigned them the task of marketing on the black market after selling oil at below-peer dangers they may face if marketed illegally. He adds Abanumay that 50 per cent of the production of Iranian oil will find its way into the black market through the ports in a number of countries in the forefront of Iraq, favored commercial dealings economic between the two countries, so will Iraq by providing foreign exchange for the Iran match buy oil but at lower prices as well, drawing attention to were it not for the existence of the Iraqi market for the price of Iranian oil to very low levels, and that Syria is another outlet for the marketing of Iranian oil by virtue of common interests between the two countries, stressing that the countries of the Middle East and neighboring countries of Iran will become an outlet for marketing 50 per cent of Iranian oil in the black market. He continued: There are European and American companies will benefit from the ban, and will enter a party to the competition on the black market which companies turn a blind eye in a way or another, and perhaps the reason behind that pressure on oil prices. He explained: If the official price for a barrel of oil in world markets in the range of $ 100, and resorted European and American companies for the purchase of Iranian oil through the black market rate in the range of $ 60 a barrel, it would be a factor pressure on prices in European countries and the U.S. and lower prices, which return benefit to the world economy and European, who faces an economic crisis on the one hand, but at the same time hurt the Iranian economy, therefore, Europe and the U.S. Ngadan blind eye to these illegal practices by these companies to put pressure on prices, but most importantly the legal terms that These companies will not receive equal treatment as accorded to other countries and companies that do business under the legal umbrella, pointing out that the objective of this step is a tool to put pressure on Iran to comply with international resolutions. He says that the decision to ban and boycott in itself was due to the Iranian nuclear file, and non-compliance by Iran to international pressure, and the province were not the result of the first of July, the current validity of the application of the resolution, as the district was comprehensive and not on the Iranian oil only, before it was trading halt Iran's central bank, along with economic sanctions applied by. The Abanumay that the beginning of the application of the ban on Iranian oil on the day, you will not have a clear impact in particular that the ban has appeared since January (January), and if there was impact was supposed to appear since January (January) last year. And that the ban on Iranian oil has been gradually, it has given states and international companies, including European, American, which has dealings and contracts with Iran's oil until the end of June last, the domain of the order of their positions, and gave other countries are exceptions to the ban so you can start in the application of the resolution and only impose sanctions on American and European. It shows that most countries in the world with financial dealings and trade with Europe and the U.S., so it's hard not to its commitment to implement the ban after the deadline, otherwise will find many of the countries that do not adhere to the decision itself to the U.S. sanctions of the European, especially that most of the financial transactions the world are the dollar and the euro , so you will not accept many of the countries or companies that are vulnerable to these economic sanctions, where most of the transactions and financial transfers are made through the global financial system dominated by Europe and the U.S., and companies wishing with Iranian oil away from the ban will find it difficult also to provide cover have insurance, so any international oil company did not provide cover if you have insurance, this exposes them to risks of trade and economic activity and may undermine her graduation from the Department of the competition. On a related matter, says Abanumay that a number of countries expressed a desire to its ability to increase production to make up the shortfall caused by the decision to ban Iran's oil, Mishra that the impact of lack of Iranian oil in the global economy is not measured at all the size of the effect of the Iranian economy Ntgah implementation of the resolution. He said that Iran's oil production in the range of 2.7 million barrels, and when he graduated this quantity or a large part of them, the damage on the global economy is very small compared to the harm that will be attached to the Iranian economy. And that between two million barrels of Iranian oil will find their way to international markets, but prices are very few, and perhaps this will not affect the global system as far as its effect on the Iranian economy. My link
  3. 7 - 4 - 2012 The Central Bank said a new Iraqi currency after deleting zeros in January. Central Bank Governor Sinan Al-Shabibi/JD/"Bank will put up new Iraqi currency after deleting three zeros in 1/1/2013.". The Central Bank Governor said "there are many procedures and many misgivings on its implementation of the Bank is keen to be a safe and easy exchange.". The parliamentary Finance Committee revealed earlier Central Bank contracted with major companies to print the currency of high quality paper. " She is a member of the parliamentary Finance Committee Magda Tamimi "cost actions devoted to switch currency at 150 million dollars. She noted that the "switch currency withdrawals be gradual through the check-in process at banks," "currency be withdrawn gradually and not once as in the previous switch.". Tamimi noted that "the Finance Committee as a follow-up to the work of the Central Bank and abreast of what is going on with the printing of the new Iraqi currency. "The Finance Committee member of" parliamentary speech, "Central Bank Governor Sinan Al-Shabibi" deposit in banks when switching the currency would be in one place and controlled to protect the currency from counterfeiting. My link
  4. 7 - 3 - 2012 The CBI said he hoped that the adoption of the new local currency after deleting zeros in balancing the country next year, as he put the finishing touches to a road map for the deletion of zeros. Central Bank says he completed a road map to get rid of three zeros from the currency to reduce the money supply and ease of financial transactions to suit the new situation of the Iraqi economy. But the Government and the Securities Commission have expressed objections fears affect negatively financial trading operation in Iraq market for securities. Deputy Central Bank Governor Mohammad Saleh appearance that "currency and switch to delete zeros will take approximately two years and the ongoing preparations for the operation began more than a year ago". It was during the Parliamentary Committee hosted in hope that the financial "be balance in 2013 in the new currency." Statement of the parliamentary Finance Committee has discussed with the mechanism for the Bank in the process of deleting zeros and how long this process and the variables that expose the exchanged currency and value in the domestic and global market and its effects on the Iraqi citizen and living level. He stressed the "completion of the project is the improvement of payments and facilitate trading in the currency," he said, adding that the operation "will raise the currency exchange and improve their value in the domestic and global market." He denied any effects caused by the Iraqi individual living level, calling for the cooperation of all of the site in order to make the project a national and for everyone. In addition he is a member of the Finance Committee "Al Haytham January of next year will see the delete three zeros 2013 and Exchange Jaburi said that "the process of replacing the old currency will continue to be a year old to be withdrawn during the first six months of the year 2014", stating that "delete and replace the three zeros would maintain the stability of the Iraqi currency and reducing the demand for hard currency. Drew Al-Juburi said the Central Bank squandered all concerns about money-laundering and forgery during the process of replacing the old currency with new, possesses a special anti-money laundering ". Jaburi said that "the reform of management system of currency into the work of the Central Bank and that the deletion of zeros of functions of strategy", adding that the Finance Committee in Parliament supports the policy of the Central Bank of Iraq in that direction ". Some economists believe that Iraq is not formatted for the time being to delete the zeros of the Iraqi dinar, pointing out that this step requires political stability and security, along with economic stability. The market has been volatile for weeks in Iraqi dinar exchange rate against the US dollar which experts attributed to the limitations imposed by the Bank on its sales of hard currency. And the imposition of tougher Bank at auction to sell the greenback after the currency go to neighbouring countries, especially Syria and Iran imposed by economic sanctions. tasks of the Central Bank in the conduct of monetary policy in the country and raising the value of the Iraqi dinar and inflation in the country. And the Central Bank of Iraq four branches in Basrah, Sulaimaniya and Erbil, Mosul. My link
  5. lol dave king of the world that funny
  6. yep even Al Shabibi stated that they will take the zeros off the new banknotes and he says there will be 6 to 7 new banknotes
  7. the only thing we need to worry about is what the exchange rate of are old dinars for the new dinars will be
  8. if it does RD the exchange rate stays the same. the only thing that changes is that we will only be able to cash in a certain amount of are old dinars in for new ones at some rate like 1000 to 1 i am almost pretty sure that the online dealers wont give you the new currency that comes out. they will only give you cash for it. And yes your right the dealers can disappear overnight if they wanted to i have seen website liike that that are there and then gone the next. i highly doubt were going to be Millionaires. with this investment were either gonna make money or lose all. in order for us to make a profit we would have to trade in are old dinars at a 1 to 1 rate.
  9. look at the new artical that just came out what you just posted was in it about what will be the new currency notes it says He added that the new currency will consist of the categories of paper and metallic paper of which are groups of 200 dinars equivalent to 200 thousand dinars a $ 180 and JD 100, 50 and 25 dinars either metal is JD and a half dinar and a quarter and 100 fils and 50 fils and 25 fils, the smallest coin that is equal to 250 dinars now ". Read more:
  10. 7 - 1 -2012 Twilight news/revealed the House Financial Committee, Sunday, prompting Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki for the Central Bank to wait to delete the zeros of the Iraqi currency, noting the presence of several foreign companies vying for printing the new currency. Member of the parliamentary Finance Committee for "Haitham al-Jabburi,twilight news," Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki asked the Central Bank to wait to delete the zeros of the Iraqi currency. "The Finance Committee met Wednesday with the Deputy Governor of the Central Bank and was discussing the deletion of zeros and print new currency". "We're afraid that in the process of delivering the money to the banks for the purpose of manipulation and blackmail citizens but time is exceeded, this case after the approval of the Central Bank to be there 10 years forward allowed the old Iraqi currency delivered." The "new currency contains 36 cases of fraud while ensuring that current currency contains 8 just so it is expected that the new currency forgery difficult." He said the new currency would consist of categories of paper and metal paper ones are groups of 200 dinars, equivalent to 200,000 dinars a $ 180, 100, 50 and 25 dinar JD either metal is half dinar JD and a quarter and 100 Fils and 50 Fils, 25 Fils is the smallest coin equal to 250 dinars ". "Been subject to national symbols such as Helicobacter and civilization of ur and the castle of Arbil and waterfall geli and Mosul Dam". He noted that "there are offers of mnsharkat Swiss and Russian and Brazilian compete in terms of price and quality for printing the new currency would be subject to discussion, presentations by competent Central Bank to determine who qualified for printed money." The CBI had earlier described, delete zeros from the currency project as "a new infrastructure of the country is no less important than other infrastructure." The Deputy Governor of the Bank, said Mohammad Saleh appearance that the project reflects the harmony of speed angashza ministries and competent State departments away from institutional work, ' isolationist value for the independence of the Central Bank if the independence high coordination with other economic institutions to build Iraq. " My link
  11. 7 - 1 - 2012 Conduct open multiple ports to sell the dollar, the Central Bank has raised controversy among economists, some of whom questioned the lack of commitment of some private banks with specific controls for sales. The Central Bank knows full well how low exchange rate of the Iraqi dinar against the US dollar in an unprecedented manner in the past months, it has allowed (25) private banks to sell the dollar according to certain controls, and gives to every bank weekly million and 250 thousand dollar price (1179) and sold to citizens at a price (1189) that banks profit rate (10) dinars. The Central Bank action comes to create a balance between the amount of currencies displayed and the size of the growing demand to maintain the value of the dinar against the dollar, while still the exchange rate varies between (1240-1250) dinars to the dollar. Do you work for the Central Bank to curb the rise of the benefit of the dollar to dinar? Is it an actor?, that's what I tried (the news agency news) know, through talking with experts and specialists in the financial area. He said a member of the Committee on the economy and investment, the National Alliance Deputy//Amer winner: that private banks can't manipulate dollar l.d connected to it by the Central Bank and restricted conditions, but there are companies with the authorization of the Central Bank to buy foreign currency price failed to abide by the decision and there is no clear mechanism to follow up the work of these companies in the market. And the winner (for the news agency news): the banks sell the dollar to companies at the official rate, but companies sold in the market (i.e. in exchange offices) at the price you want, the monopoly of the dollar caused that confusion in the sales process and fluctuations in the dollar versus the dinar. He added: the Central Bank control companies buying and selling of currency as the main reason for the instability of the national currency, calling for legislation of a special law to punish offending firms and banks for specific controls to maintain the dollar to dinar. Recent months have seen a marked decline in the exchange rate of the Iraqi dinar against the dollar, from 1200 to (1280) dinars to the dollar, the DT (1320) in some cases. Some experts attribute the reasons for fuse dinar to international sanctions on Syria and Iran that led a large smuggling to the dollar in recent months, taking advantage of the free external conversion despite a series of Central Bank actions to control conversion, make citizens have no confidence in the national currency, the dinar was shaken by an unprecedented, is the first of its kind since 2003, where the rate of decline to (9%), the highest Exchange four years ago. While competent in Economic Affairs Mohammad Zargham that causes instability of the dinar against the dollar despite open multiple Windows to sell hard currency, due to restrictions on the sale of the dollar is not an open process as envisaged by some, as currency selling banks committed exclusively to passengers $ 10 thousand dollars or traders after perusing the specific amounts of currency buying motives. He said that some private banks may not adhere to the specific controls by the Central Bank need to tighten control. He noted: the last Central Bank action to sell hard currency through banks just reduced a brokers sell the currency and this adds nothing to the local currency but a process similar to what the Central Bank auction. Said: that the Central Bank has a successful monetary policy and knows how to face crises and don't fear the Iraqi dinar under a Central Bank. And Deputy Central Bank Governor Mohammad Saleh appearance: when increasing demand for buying the dollar over the past months the Central thought to open multiple ports for auction-dollar injections by demand parallelism, in the beginning was the sale through Government banks (Mesopotamia and rational) and pumped them daily (6-7) million dollars, all private banks and endowed with requests to sell the dollar in exchange for its pledge to adhere to specific controls. The valid (News News Agency) to: the number of licensed banks to sell hard currency (25) banks and by monitoring its work noted that the proportion (88%) Banks committed to civil procedures established to sell hard currency but the proportion (12%) Such non-compliance. Said: that the cause of the failure to achieve the desired goal of selling currencies from several Windows back to the Government and the Central Bank feared a currency outside the national economy because it comes from a single resource is oil, adding barriers imposed by the State that do not give hard currency only to those used by legal form and correct despite freedom of use. And Deputy Governor of the Central Bank warned banks in the absence of commitment to the controls of the recourse to the force of law to preserve the value of the dinar against the dollar. My link
  12. 7 - 1 - 2012 The Iraqi Central Bank to raise the draft law regulates the work of Islamic banks to the State Council. Deputy Bank Governor Mohammad Saleh appearance of correspondent/JD/he was raised to the draft law on the Organization of the work of the Islamic banks in Iraq to the State Council for approval. Saleh said the amount of activity of Islamic banks in Iraq constitute 40% of all banking, necessitating a legit cover for its existence and activity, noting that the Islamic banking sector is the main reason for the low level of banking activity in the country because of Iraqi society avoids dealing with RIBA-based banks generally.(A) the work of the banks mentioned was the only passes through without a law governing their existence and facilitate procedures for registration and its dealings with the Iraqi Government, necessitating the creation of a legally protected and embarking their existence. Saleh said that "the draft law will be transmitted after ratification to Parliament for a vote and then to the Council of Ministers for the purpose of implementation and adoption of the resolution. "Iraq coming era of economic prosperity after the easing of political crisis and return traffic with access to capital, investment banks, investors and owners. My link
  13. 7 - 1 - 2012 BAGHDAD — Six months after the U.S. military left Iraq, dire predictions seem to be coming true: The country is mired in violence and the government is on the verge of collapsing. With no relief in sight, there's growing talk of Iraq as a failed state as al-Qaida's local wing staged near daily attacks that killed at least 234 people in June. Iraq no longer suffers widespread retaliatory killings between Sunni and Shiite extremists that brought the country to the brink of civil war. But the spike in violence heightens fears Iraq could limp along for years as an unstable and dangerous country. June was the second-deadliest month since U.S. troops withdrew from Iraq in mid-December as insurgents exploited the political struggles between the country's ethnic and sectarian factions. More significant than the numbers was the fact insurgents appeared able to sustain the level of violence over a longer period than usual. There was a major deadly bombing or shooting rampage almost every three days, many targeting Shiite pilgrims. The violence has brought the weakness of Iraq's security apparatus into sharp focus even as deepening political divisions dim the prospects the country will emerge as a stable democracy after decades of war and dictatorship. "The state is almost paralyzed and dysfunctional due to political feuds. In such circumstances, the security forces also will be paralyzed and the insurgents groups are making use of this chaos," Haider al-Saadi, the Shiite owner of an Internet cafe in eastern Baghdad, said Saturday. "I do not think that al-Qaida is getting any stronger — it is the state that is getting weaker." The situation deteriorated shortly after American troops left Iraq on Dec. 18, following failed negotiations to stay beyond a year-end withdrawal deadline that was cemented in a 2008 security agreement. The next day, Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki's government issued terror charges against Vice President Tariq al-Hashemi, one of Iraq's highest-ranking Sunnis, who fled Baghdad and remains on the lam. Sunni lawmakers briefly boycotted Parliament and al-Maliki's cabinet in protest. By spring, leaders of the self-ruled Kurdish northern region joined the Sunni-dominated Iraqiya political coalition against al-Maliki, whom they accused of refusing to share power. And last week, in the first major defection by an influential Shiite leader, anti-American cleric Muqtada al-Sadr said he would direct his followers to join efforts to oust al-Maliki if a power-sharing agreement is not reached. Al-Maliki, who won a second term in 2010, followed with a threat to call for early elections that would dissolve Parliament if government infighting does not stop. In calling for an early election, al-Maliki is betting he would win with enough widespread support to gain undisputed power. His political coalition fell short of winning the most seats in Parliament in 2010 elections and backroom dealing among political parties delayed a new government from taking over for nine months. Government spokesman Ali al-Dabbagh agreed Saturday the political crisis has fueled June's violent surge. "The insurgents are making use of the political differences in the country, and the recent attacks are the result of this political strife," al-Dabbagh said. Violence has been steady across Iraq so far this year, but the levels of attacks in June soared beyond the occasional, if spectacular, wave of bombings that is al-Qaida's usual pattern. Victims mostly have been Shiite pilgrims, government officials and security forces — three of al-Qaida's favorite targets. Al-Qaida front group the Islamic State of Iraq claimed responsibility for a June 13 wave of nearly two dozen bombings nationwide that killed 72 Iraqis. The coordination, sophistication and targets of several other attacks also bore the hallmarks of the terror network. Iraqi and U.S. intelligence officials long have said al-Qaida's resources in Iraq — including money, weapons and a stable of suicide bombers — have dwindled to the point where the insurgent group can only carry off a few attacks each month. Some analysts believe Iraq is turning into a failed state. This month, the U.S.-based Fund for Peace ranked Iraq No. 9 on its annual Top Ten list of failed states worldwide. The nonpartisan research group ranked 178 nations and blamed the persistent security problems in Iraq on the inability to overcome long-standing ethnic and sectarian tensions. My link
  14. 7 - 1- 2012 The Deputy Governor of the Central Bank suggested that the appearance of Mohamed Saleh set up a Joint Committee of the Central and deputies and Ministers and economic experts to study the draft deleted three zeros from the currency and a ceiling to be applied. He said Saleh (News Agency news): the Central Bank has completed all procedures concerning the restructuring of the local currency after deleting three zeros, and certain models of the currency format is ancient civilizations and Iraq raised religious and its archeologic attractions and infrastructure such as dams, bridges and submitted to the Executive and the legislature for ratification. He noted: it does not need enactment but needs a regulation issued by the Council of Ministers, published in the Official Gazette (facts) to the Central Bank Act No. (94) of 2004 specifically in article (37) gave power to the central issue new currency and its design and organize legal regulation called "regulation" is different from the law. He added: the project is delayed by the Federal Government and unknown wait time, noting that it needs to set up a joint Commission by the Central Bank and some members of the House of representatives of the economic and Financial Committee, the Council of Ministers as well as experts and specialists to find out the most important developments for the project, and he continued to define the time period for implementation of that important project serve national economy must be implemented. This Iraq seeks in a new step to delete zeros from the currency and changing shape. My link
  15. they keep saying it will be close to 1 Dollar per dinar . i think they will most likely exchange our old dinars for 1000 to 1 new dinar . k now lets do that math if 1 new dinar is worth 1000 that would mean that the newer iraq dinar will be worth 86 cents , if you go to and type in USD 1000 it says IQD = 86 cents . which equals close to a dollar rate that would be a RD,
  16. Dave all those articals is what i am seeing with the dinar they will problly take 1000 of or old dinar for 1 new dinar so that not good for us at all probably to get more people educated. most people in this forum just come to the forum and dont read anymore or research nothing
  17. take off the minus and plus signs
  18. 6 - 27 - 2012 BAGHDAD – Iraq's prime minister threatened Wednesday to call early elections that could tighten his grip on power if the nation's political factions fail to break an impasse that has all but paralyzed the government. Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki's gambit is the latest in a months-long political crisis in Iraq that has Shiites, Sunnis and Kurds alike calling for his resignation. The impasse also has fueled fears of a possible flare-up in violence by insurgents seeking to take advantage of the chaos. Bombings targeting a Shiite cleric and an anti-al-Qaida militia fighter killed at least 11 people Wednesday in Baghdad. Al-Maliki, a Shiite, said continued refusals by his political opponents to negotiate a resolution to the crisis would leave him little choice but to call for a new vote. "When the other party is refusing to sit down at the negotiating table and insists on the policy of creating continued crises ... then the prime minister finds himself obliged to call for early elections in which the Iraqi people will have the final say," al-Maliki said in a statement posted on his official website. He did not mention a date for the vote. Al-Maliki's threat to hold snap elections comes in response to months of demands for his resignation by Sunni, Kurdish and some Shiite leaders who say he has sidelined them from power. It's unclear whether they have the political will or enough support in parliament to oust al-Maliki in a no-confidence vote. The influential anti-American Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr this week joined al-Maliki's opponents in calling for his resignation, raising the stakes against the prime minister. By countering with a threat to call for early elections, al-Maliki is betting that his popular support nationwide would hand him a clear-cut victory and assure him undisputed executive authority. The current crisis began in December when the government issued terrorism charges against the nation's highest-ranking Sunni politician, Vice President Tariq al-Hashemi, as the last U.S. troops were withdrawing from the country. That prompted Sunni politicians to briefly boycott the Cabinet, and government work grounded to a halt. The standoff also has raised fears that insurgents could use the political chaos to try to reignite the sectarian animosities that drove Iraq to the brink of civil war five years ago. On Wednesday, bombs targeting the Baghdad homes of a Shiite cleric and a member of a Sunni militia that fights al-Qaida killed at least 11 people. The attacks on two of al-Qaida's favorite targets brought Iraq's death toll for June to at least 186, making it the bloodiest month since January. Al-Maliki's threat to hold snap elections is in part a response to al-Sadr's recent defection from the support base that put al-Maliki in power after 2010 elections failed to produce a clear winner. The prime minister has mentioned early elections previously as a possibility, and it's unclear whether he could convince a majority in parliament to agree to it. Al-Maliki's media adviser, Ali al-Moussawi, said the prime minister still hopes to solve the crisis though dialogue. The next parliamentary elections are scheduled for 2014. Under Iraq's constitution, a majority of parliament's 325 lawmakers must vote to dissolve the legislature to force new elections. Sunni lawmaker Raad al-Dahlagi scoffed at al-Maliki's threat, saying the prime minister is trying to avoid making any reforms by "fleeing from solving the crisis by calling for early elections." "Anyway, it's fine to have early elections," he said. "Who would win? It would be the same heads of blocs, the same faces who are in the field now." My link
  19. 6 - 27 - 2012 Economic Committee decision likely Deputy/Kurdish blocs Coalition/mohama Khalil, to balance the 2015 (300) billion dollars why pressing necessity of application of the draft deleted three zeros from the local currency to reduce the money supply in circulation. He said Khalil (News Agency news): the Iraqi economic environment you need to restructure local currency by deleting three zeros to the future to increase revenues Iraq from oil sales will be balanced over the next three years to 300 billion dollars. Was: this figure is large and difficult work to accountants how to distribute the funds to add paragraphs next to large budgets the size of cash raised amounting to 33 trillion dinars, which confuses economic activity in the country. He added: you shouldn't be applying the draft deleted subject to immediate circumstances zeros of the country being a project no matter what fixes Iraqi currency structure, implemented at the beginning of next year to help to transform the national economy to the free market and give the real value of the Iraqi dinar's future in the region. The Central Bank of Iraq was announced (September 29, 2011) to 2013 will see the deletion of zeros and the currency changeover, which warned officials and economists because of the Division of work preparing to falsify trillion Iraqi dinars to replace them in the light of the forthcoming changes. The Student Council of the Prime Central Bank to wait to delete the three zeros from the local currency, confirmed that a large project and needs sufficient time to apply it. My link
  20. 6 - 26 - 2012 Deputy Central Bank Governor Mohammad Saleh appearance that the request of the Council of Ministers put the Ziggurat as new currency logo restored life to delete zeros. He appearance of ICQ (JD) that the request was made during a cabinet meeting in Nasiriya, a symbol of the Ziggurat as logo in paper currencies with large groups, suggests that the Government believes in the project and its feasibility as a national project. Saleh said the freezing of the approval of the project came as a result of fears a major poles adopted the deputies, the Cabinet and the Office of financial supervision to the Bank of the idea, noting that concerns about inadequate conditions centred political and regional such big steps. He assured Saleh the fearsome "project is a change for the better and that any change requires courage and determination of all parties, said Deputy Governor" if economic development projects hostage fears Iraq will not witnessed any tangible progress on all levels. " The parliamentary Finance Committee revealed that January of next year will see the delete three zeros 2013 and Exchange, in 2012, will next month begin printing the new currency in various categories. Some economists believe that Iraq is not formatted for the time being to delete the zeros of the Iraqi dinar, noting that deletion requires political stability and security along with economic stability. The Government had decided to wait in the application deleting zeros from the currency. Director of Cabinet Affairs Department in the Secretariat in an earlier statement: that the Council passed a resolution whereby the wait in the application deleting zeros from the currency. The resolution must stop all procedures relating to the process and to further notice. The "decision of the Council of Ministers, no. 111 of 2012 was approved in the fifteenth regular meeting held the day before yesterday came as introduced by the Economic Affairs Committee. The Central Bank has decided to adopt some features and images to be placed on the new currency after deleting zeros ... Got agency/JD/a copy of the book of the Central Bank, which guarantees cultural and historical monuments and photos to be developed on the coin with connotations closer to Iraqi public mentality and culture. According to the book: paper currency included, inter alia, the most important monuments and pictures, a picture of the bridge of the imams and indication of high value if this bridge between both sides of the Tigris River and the Imam Musa Kazim my couches Terminal (p) and Abu Hanifa (RA) ... The book Bank entitled to DG version: cabinets that image for the highest class of the new currency and is the category (200) dinars two hundred dinars and on paper portrait school Al-Mustansiriya in Baghdad. He added the Central Bank put in category: (100) dinars one hundred dinars, pictures of the alzawya in Baghdad, one of the top areas where suspension bridge was established and is one of the achievements of the Iraqi State. Iraq is one of the leading States in creating this type of bridges and shows the picture of the Iraqi Central Bank building, in addition to building the University of Baghdad and is the oldest scientific institution in Iraq in the second half of the twentieth century, put on the back of the paper image (Ziggurat) which is one of the landmarks of urbanization in the dawn of time ... In the book the Central Bank put in paper class (50) dinars (50 dinars) image one of the most famous Kings of code King dynasty of lagash II (King XII), is the God of prosperity and rich. My link
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