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  1. lol this is great Entertainment. i got some of articles i might be posting sumtime soon . since iraq Confimed that the zeros will be off the currency we all should be worried about what the rate of our old dinar to new dinar is
  2. Now that they Confirmed the 3 zeros will come off on the next Currency Now i wonder what the Rate of are old dinar will be per 1 new dinar
  3. it would be great for them if they did that. alot of other countries did it with there currency notes. they said it was very suscefull.
  4. lol i thought were were talking about how a RD or RV are iraqs only 2 option . we eaither make million or lose most the money we wpnt on the banknotes we hold
  5. if they set a rate for are old dinars we have it will alswys be that way only the new dinar will go up or down in value
  6. i think they will make up an exchange rate for us to turn in our old dinars for new 1. but we wont be able to do that since no one will sell us the new ones so they will give us cash only . the reson why i say no one will give u the new dinars is that they will mark up the price just so that we can buy them.
  7. 7 - 7- 2012 Member of the Economic Commission of the National Alliance Deputy//Amer Hussein Al-Fayez, the decisions of the Committee of finance and the Central Bank in the process of deleting zeros from the currency will address existing economic inflation and facilitates trade. He said Al-Fayez (News Agency news) on Saturday: the deletion of zeros will help citizens to ease trading and exchange currency and ease of download categories a few cash in purchasing goods and goods. He added: the operation would raise the moral value of the Iraqi currency and does not leave any damage or danger to the Iraqi economy. And: the Iraqi currency will be pumped to zeros deleted market and will work with the old currency to the old currency is withdrawn permanently from citizens. Explained: that the deletion of zeros from the currency will not affect the economy of Iraq as most recently in the street. My link
  8. 7 - 7 - 2012 The Central Bank official letter to Cabinet includes pros switch currency ... She is a member of the parliamentary Finance Committee and MP for the Liberal block Magda El-Tamimi/JD/that "Central Bank Governor Sinan Al-Shabibi met with Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and spoke about the wait to switch currency and delete the zeros and the money supply.". Tamimi said "that the Central Bank in an official letter to the Cabinet of Ministers ensures the pros switch currency and delete the zeros to reduce the money supply and to facilitate business processes and other" ... And remedied "but the cabinet so far has not responded to the Bank's book.". Tamimi said "the Government supports the Finance Committee to wait till the present time not suitable for switching currency, we fear the emergence of counterfeit currency dealers Division.". According to the parliamentary Finance Committee member and MP for the Liberal block "switch currency after 2003 witnessed the emergence of economic Division and dealers were counterfeit currency in the market, maybe switch currency at the moment is in addition to the money supply will grow more.". The Central Bank has said in the past week put new Iraqi currency after deleting zeros in January. Central Bank Governor Sinan Al-Shabibi/JD/"Bank will put up new Iraqi currency after deleting three zeros in 1/1/2013.". The Central Bank Governor said "there are many procedures and many misgivings on its implementation of the Bank is keen to be a safe and easy exchange.". The parliamentary Finance Committee revealed earlier Central Bank contracted with major companies to print the currency of high quality paper. " She is a member of the parliamentary Finance Committee Magda Tamimi "cost actions devoted to switch currency at 150 million dollars. She noted that the "switch currency withdrawals be gradual through the check-in process at banks," "currency be withdrawn gradually and not once as in the previous switch.". Tamimi noted that "the Finance Committee as a follow-up to the work of the Central Bank and abreast of what is going on with the printing of the new Iraqi currency. "The Finance Committee member of" parliamentary speech, "Central Bank Governor Sinan Al-Shabibi" deposit in banks when switching the currency would be in one place and controlled to protect the currency from counterfeiting. My link
  9. lol where do you suppose i get my info from dinar call confrances or someone that says they been to iraq or has special intel lol. no i would rather trust the media more then those kinda of people
  10. lol all i said was an RD is a possible outcome of this . if you think this is ranting it sounds like you have a personal problem you need to get off your chest
  11. here a site that says the rate will be 1000 old dinar to 1 new dinar Mahma Khalil Member of the Iraqi Parliament and official spokesperson of the Economic Committee & CBI Governor Dr. Sinan Al Shibibi said the exchange rate between the new banknotes and the old ones would be 1:1,000.
  12. people that refute to believe an Redenomination can happen to iraq needs to get a grip on reality
  13. 7 - 5 - 2012 According to a member of the Finance Committee/National Alliance Deputy/Risalat Najib Ibrahim, said the Central Bank has taken several measures to replace the Iraqi currency in coordination with the Finance Committee. Najib said (to news agency news): the Central Bank, in coordination with the Finance Committee adopted several measures to replace the Iraqi currency include withdrawal of the old currency over two years and delivered to banks which in turn will deliver the currency to the Central Bank over the past ten years. J said: in early 2013 will put the currency on the market along with the old currency, the currency withdrawal procedures will continue for two years, and several banks in receipt of old currency throughout Iraq. Najib said: the new currency after two years will be available in local markets after the devaluation of the old. My link
  14. 7 - 5 - 2012 Iraqi Cabinet Secretariat urged, on Thursday, for more patience before cutting zeros off Iraqi dinar and proceeding with its redenomination considering that the idea of withdrawing, storing and destroying about 40 trillion dinars requires a serious study by itself. “The government prefers to be patient before cutting zeros off Iraqi dinar and its redenomination because it is not a priority at the current stage,” Cabinet Secretary Ali Al Allak told Alsumarianews assuring that cabinet is currently studying possibilities and available circumstances for such a procedure. “We are not sure we can control major money sums’ withdrawal under current circumstances,” Al Allak added calling to be patient because the simple thought of withdrawing, storing and destroying between 30 and 40 trillion dinars requires a serious study. “There are no defects in our currency especially that many countries deal the same way,” he advanced. Finance committee received, on June 26, the deputy governor of Central Bank of Iraq Mazhar Mohamed Saleh to discuss about procedures related to the zeros cutting off, required time and expected changes following the dinar redenomination. “During the meeting with Saleh, Iraqi cabinet approved cutting zeros off Iraqi dinar and its redenomination after it had resolved upon taking time before launching the procedure due to Dollar’s increase in comparison with Iraqi dinar in local markets during past months,” finance committee member Najiya Najib told Alsumarianews on July 3. “Zeros will be cut off Iraqi dinar and the currency will be denominated in January 2013,” Finance Committee member Haitham Al Jabouri advanced on May 15 noting that printing the new currency bills will start in September 2012. My link
  15. we shall see more revealing articlas coming out soon about how things are going to go down
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