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  5. Ahmed Al-Wazzan: Raising three zeros from the nominal value of the Iraqi dinar بعد ردح من الزمان صار لنا ان ندعي بوجود سلطة نقدية عراقية تتمتع بالاستقلالية التامة بموجب قانون خاص بالبنك المركزي العراقي احتوى على جميع عناصر الاستقلال وفق المعايير الدولية المعروفة، واننا اذ تابعنا حجج اولئك المعترضين على قرار رفع الاصفار الثلاثة عن الدينار العراقي بقيمته الاسمية، فلنا ان نقول حججنا كمناصرين لهذا القرار. After for a long time has become for us to claim the existence of a monetary authority Iraqi enjoy full independence under a special law CBI contains all elements of independence, according to international standards known, and as we followed the arguments of those objecting to the decision to raise three zeroes from the Iraqi dinar value nominal, we have fellowship that say that our arguments as supporters of this resolution. يقدم البعض من المعارضين للقرار بتهكم، غير مقبول موضوعيا، بعض التعاريف التي تعد من بديهيات النظرية النقدية والتي تطرح امام كبار اساتذة النظرية النقدية من صانعي سياسة البنك المركزي من مثل: ان البنك المركزي يستهدف احداث (وهم نقدي) لدى الجمهور وسيستدرج عاطفيا مشاعرهم ازاء الاحساس بتحسن قيمة الدينار اسميا لا حقيقيا، والحق انه ليس لهذه الحجة كبير جدارة بحكم توافر الخبرات العلمية والعملية للكادر المتقدم في المركزي. Provides some of the opponents of the resolution sarcastically, is not acceptable objective, some of the definitions, one of the axioms of monetary theory, which put in front of senior professors monetary theory of policy-makers the central bank, such as: that the central bank aimed at the events (the cash) to the public and Sestdrj emotional feelings about the sense of improvement in nominal value of the dinar is not real, and it is not right for a great merit of this argument by virtue of the availability of scientific expertise and advanced process for staff in the Central. اننا نرى بام اعيننا نجاحات المركزي بظل اقسى الظروف واكثرها ارتباكا ازاء (تخفيض معدل الزيادة في المستوى العام للاسعار سنويا)، وكانت النية بائنة لدى واضعي السياسة النقدية بوصوله الى مستويات معدل الزيادة الطبيعية، وهذا ايضا يمثل ردا على طرح المعارضين الذين يعتقدون بان من مهام المركزي (ارجاع الاسعار) الى سابق عهد، وهذا ما سيسهم في استقرار المستوى العام للاسعار وبالتالي استقرار النظام النقدي برمته. We see with our own eyes the successes the central shadow of the harshest conditions and most confused about (reducing the rate of increase in the overall level of prices a year), the intention was patently the authors of the monetary policy of his arrival to the levels of the rate of natural increase, and this also represents a response to ask the opponents who believe that the function of the central (return prices) to an earlier era, and this is what will contribute to the stability of the overall level of prices and thus stabilize the monetary system as a whole. وبذات الحنكة قدم صانعو السياسة النقدية طروحات بمنتهى الموضوعية ازاء موضوع رفع الاصفار الثلاثة عن الدينار العراقي، وبالدليل العلمي لا الوهمي اقنعونا بتوافر النية لاتخاذ هذا القرار الهام والحساس، واننا لنعتقد عن طريق استقراء دقة الكلمات التي يستخدمها المركزي بتقديم التصريحات ازاء ذلك الموضوع، من مثل: اعطاء اشارة مسبقة ابتدائية للجمهور بان البنك ينوي فعل ذلك وسوف لن يباغت احدا، وفي ذلك حكمة مستبطنة يدرك مضامينها ذوو التخصص ويتوجسها رجال الاعمال والاموال ومؤسسات الدولة والاسواق بغية تلافي اي ارباك قد يحدث لو ان المركزي باغت الجمهور بقرار مفاجئ ،ما سيشكل مناخا استباقيا لعدم حدوث اي ارباك في سوق المال او في حركة الالتزامات المتجددة او المستحقات التعاقدية التي كانت ستعقد بين الاطراف، او بالاقل محاولة التخفيف من حدتها فيما لو حدثت في اطار رؤية واعية تدرك بان سياسة نقدية لمدى زمني متوسط وبعيد لابد وان تكون تحت ضغط عدم اليقين. In the same skill made makers of monetary policy proposals with the utmost objectivity regarding the issue of raising the three zeroes from the Iraqi dinar, and the scientific evidence does not placebo Aguenona the availability of the intention to take this important resolution and sensitive, and we believe that by extrapolating the accuracy of the words used by the Central to provide comments about this subject, such as: give a signal pre-primary to the public that the Bank intends to do so and will not startles one, and in that wisdom dente aware of its implications those with specialization and Itojsha business and money, state institutions and markets in order to avoid any confusion may occur if the central startle the public the decision of the sudden, what would climate proactive the absence of an any confusion in the capital market or in the movement of the renewed commitments or contractual receivables, which was held between the parties, or with less try to mitigate as if there were, in the framework of the vision and consciously aware that the monetary policy for the time-average and far must have been under pressure from uncertainty. اكد خبراء المركزي بان عملية احلال العملة الجديدة محل رديفتها القديمة سوف يكون في سياق (ستراتيجية تدريجية بعيدة الامد)، بحيث يسمح بتعايش كلتا العملتين في سياق بديع يتيح احلال ناعم لعملة جديدة محل قديمة بما لا يربك بأثر صادم قوى التفاعل في الاسواق المالية او الحقيقة بل ان من المؤمل ان يسهم ذلك الاحلال الرومانسي باحلال مماثل لمشاعر الناس ازاء هيبة عملتهم الوطنية والتي تعد من رموز السيادة. Experts said the Central that the process of bringing new currency to replace the corollary old will be in the context of (strategic gradual long-term), so as to allow the coexistence of both currencies in the context of adorable lets bring fine coin replaced by a new old as not to embarrass the impact of traumatic forces of interaction in the financial markets or the truth, but it is hoped that this will contribute to bringing a similar replacement for the romantic feelings of the people about the prestige of the national currency, which is one of the symbols of sovereignty. ولنا ان نستذكر التشبت المستميت للاوربيين بعملاتهم الوطنية وعملة اليورو على الرغم من انهم كانوا بمدرك من جدوى توحيد العملات اقتصاديا، فما بالنا بالمركزي الذي يستحق كل تأييد لو كان فقط يريد ان يجري ذلك الاحلال بمشاعر الجمهور ازاء هيبة العملة؟ We recall that the Europeans desperate Alchpt Bamlathm national currency and euro even though they were Bmdrick the usefulness of the economic unification of the currency, let alone the CBE board who deserves all the support if he just wants to hold the replacement public feelings about the prestige of the currency? ان ذلك لوحده جدير بوافر احترام. That alone is worth cordial respect. ان رفع الاصفار سيؤدي – من بين ما يؤدي – الى تسليط الضغط الكابت لتضخم الكتلة النقدية مع استذكار التعامل بالعملات النقدية المعدنية التي حرم الجمهور لردحا من الزمان من التعامل معها، بعد ان كنا كجمهور نخجل من عملتنا الوطنية اذ نذهب بمعية اكياس من الورق لشراء كم متواضع من السلع، كما ان ذلك لابد ان يسهم في الغاء جزء من هامش التضخم الذي نجم عن تلك الكتلة وان كان محدودا، وهنا ستقل بالحتم كلف المعاملات وتتحسن حركتها بعد ان تستقر لزمن ما. The lifting of the zeroes will - among other things, cause - to put pressure suppresses the inflation of the cash block with recall dealing in coins, which deprived the public for a certain length of time to deal with it, after that we were Kjmhor ashamed of our national currency as we go together with bags of paper to buy how modest of goods, as it must contribute to the cancellation of part of the margin of the inflation that resulted from that block and has been limited, and here will be less inevitably cost of transactions and improve movement, after settling for what time. سيكون للمركزي دور مؤرخ لو عزز (دونرة التعاملات الاقتصادية) ان جاز التعبير واحلها محل ظاهرة (الدولرة) مزعجة التأثير النفسي والعملي، ولن ينساق المركزي بجدارة استقلاليته الى مآرب المالية وموازنة الدولة العامة التي ترغب سايكولوجيا، كما يشير لذلك الاستاذ الدكتور مظهر محمد صالح والذي يعد من كبار خبراء المركزي واستاذ النظرية النقدية البارع بانخفاض سعر صرف الدينار للاستحواذ على تمويل اكبر، وأمر طبيعي ان تتناقض نوايا المالية مع نوايا المركزي في بعض الاحيان، اذ ان المركزي يسعى على الدوام الى الحفاظ على سعر صرف الدينار واستقرار الاقتصاد، وانه على ادراك بماهية النتائج التي ستترتب على سعيه الطيب الى تحسين سعر الصرف لاحقا. Will have a central role of the historian if promoted (Donrp economic transactions) so to speak and Ahlha replace phenomenon (Dollar) disturbing psychological impact and practical, will not be swayed by the central deserved independence to the ends of Finance and the state budget that you want to psychology, as indicated by Professor Dr. appearance of Mohammed Saleh, who is senior experts of the Central and professor of Critical Theory Able down the exchange rate of the dinar to acquire more funds, and it is natural that contradict the intentions of Finance with the intentions of the central Sometimes, as the Central always sought to maintain the dinar's exchange rate and stabilize the economy, and that to understand the Bmahep results which would have good on his quest to improve the exchange rate later. وليس لنا الا أن نذكر بمشروعية السلطات النقدية العراقية بحجب اموال خزينة المركزي عن الحكومة، اذ ان ليس من وظائفه تمويل النمو على نحو مباشر بل ان ذلك يعد من صميم وظائف المالية. And we can only mention the legitimacy of the Iraqi monetary authorities to withhold money from the treasury of the Central Government, as that is not functioning and financing growth directly, but it is one of the core functions of Finance. لقد استخدم المركزي بفطنة اشارات اسعار الصرف كاداة نقدية لكبح نمو معدلات التضخم وبالتالي اماتتة لتاجيج التوقعات التي تؤدي الى ارباك التعاملات والاسواق، ليضيف المركزي انجازاً احلاليا جديدا، اذ تحل حاضنة الاستقرار بثالوثها المعروف (تحسن قيمة الدينار بعد استقراره – تحسن سعر الصرف بعد استقراره – كبح معدلات النمو في المستوى العام للاسعار انى توفرت الفرصة) محل حاضنة المضاربة التضخمية وليحل تلقائيا الاستثمار الحقيقي محل الاستثمار المالي المضارب. I have used the central wisdom signals exchange rate as an instrument of cash to curb the growth rates of inflation and therefore Amataatp to fuel expectations that lead to stagger trading and markets, to add the central achievement Ahlalia new, as it resolved a foster stability Bthalutha known (improved value of the dinar after stability - improved exchange rate after stability - Curb growth rates in the general level of prices, I had the opportunity) would replace an incubator speculative and inflationary automatically solve the real investment for investment financial speculator. وهكذا سيتم بجدارة تغيير نظام ادارة العملة ونظام المدفوعات بآلية هادئة ناعمة موضوعية تتوجس المضاربين وتنسجم اي انسجام مع التوجهات الاقتصادية بل والسياسية الجديدة التي يقرها الدستور بمقتضيات اقتصاد السوق واستقلالية المركزي التي ما كانت لتكون لولا تغييرسياسي شاءت الاقدار حدوثه ولد تلك الفرصة الذهبية. And so will be well-deserved change the management system of currency and payment system mechanism for quiet smooth objective wary speculators and fit any harmony with the economic trends but also new political and approved by the constitutional requirements of a market economy and the independence of the Central which was to be not for Tgierssayas Fate happen weld those golden opportunity. وبنهاية القول نشير الى ان لكل قرار بدائل تتنافس ولن يكون لاحد من حق لحرمان المركزي وادارته العليا من اختيار القرار البديل الأقل كلفة. By the end note to say that the alternatives for each decision will not be competing for one of the right to deny the central and its senior management to choose the least expensive alternative resolution. Ad feedback | © 2010 Microsoft Terms Privacy Advertise he link JUST TIRED OF ALL THE LOP TALK..
  6. Fwd: Fw: Middle Eastern Currency converter shows 1 IQD = $3.10 USD when converted both directions!!!‏ From: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Sent: Sat 7/17/10 5:22 PM To: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 2 attachments | Download all attachments (24.1 KB) image001.png (11.8 KB), image002.png (12.3 KB) hmmmm -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- OK everyone. Take a deep breath. We've been here before when there have been false values given on the exchange rate. The intriging thing here is this rate is very close to what we have anticipated it would be. It could be a test that "leaked" out into the actual arena. Check it out for yourself. This rollercoaster ride is about to end. 1 USD / 0.32 IQD = 3.125 USD Before we bash I know the rate here is 1170 right NOW. Thoughts please............. this was a email i recieved. link seems good worked for me.
  8. Iraq returning to international standing ... ISX ..The General Authority -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FRIDAY, JUNE 4, 2010 Iraq returning to international standing ... ISX ..The General Authority for the Iraq market will be held on Saturday, 19/06/2010. "And discuss the agenda for the Work Committee for the purpose of the meeting of the General Union in October 2010" June 5, 2010 Economic : Taha Ahmed Abdul Salam: active presence of the Iraqi Stock Exchange, stock markets in the meetings of the European Union Asia Confirmed that Iraq regain the international role of بغداد - الصباح BAGHDAD - morning Iraq participated in the meetings of the Executive Directors of the European Union, the Asian stock exchanges such as the delegation of the Iraqi market for securities in it. This was announced by the representative of Iraq at the meeting of the Managing Director of the Iraq Stock Exchange, Taha Ahmed Abdul Salam He said that Iraq's participation task on the road to effectively attend to such global forums confirms the return of Iraq to the environment internationally. He said the meeting dealt with ratification of the final accounts of the Union in 2009 and approval of the report of the directors of stock exchanges by, proposed plans for the Union in 2010, to approve the mechanism for assessing stock members, who number 28 Arab bourse, Asian and European countries through the volume of activities undertaken by the stock market. Has requested an exemption from the Iraqi Stock Exchange index of the meeting of the General Union of the difficulty of hosting members of the Federation meeting in Iraq. Reserving the right to invite the Union to convene in Baghdad during the next year or the next. And discuss the agenda for the Work Committee for the purpose of the meeting of the General Union in October 2010. To occur as Abdul Salam's "economic-Sabah" on indicators of the Iraqi Stock Exchange and the activities of the market during the month of May last, he pointed out that the Iraqi market for securities held during the month of May 2010 ( 22) electronic trading session was the number of shares traded (64) billion shares on a volume (96) billion dinars. Compared with (21) trading session for the month of April, in which the number of shares traded by (16) billion shares and trading volume (26) billion dinars. Perhaps the most important reasons for the high number of shares traded and trading volume for the month of May to the high number of meetings achieved is the implementation of great deals on the shares of the Islamic bank was returned to circulation in the meeting of 09.05.2010 the number of shares exceeded (20) billion shares worth more than (19) billion dinars, the bank's shares exceeds the number of shares the North (28) billion shares worth more than (53) billion dinars have been posted on the electronic market and the location of the securities to disclose details about the percentage of purchases and sales ratios and the names of investors in compliance with the instructions say. Meanwhile, the number of companies registered in the market (85) the company after listing bank of the Tigris and Euphrates and circulation in the meeting of 30/05/2010. Abdel-Salam said the data hinted Trading Report and report daily trading indicators shows that the first sessions of the current month was the best sessions of the indicators of the end of the month in which it began trading volumes are less than one billion dinars in each session. However, the market index was not affected, but up to a slight change due to the price factor as it appears from the reports of daily bulletins for this month. He explained that this month has seen the issuance of numerous resolutions, the most important decision of booking the Executive on the shares of Bank of Basra, despite the fact that this bank is not registered in the electronic trading has not been trading shares for a full year because he was banned from trading by the Securities Commission for not complying with standards of disclosure and the final accounts for 2008 and 2009 to the Securities Commission, the Iraqi market. Has asked the Securities Commission to provide bank full disclosure of the causes and effects and the results of this reservation. On a link that said the most important activities of the Iraqi Stock Exchange during the current month by the Securities Commission of Iraq and the Iraqi market for securities in coordination with the Council of the province of Najaf has been held the first seminar of investment in the province of Najaf Chamber of Commerce building in Najaf. During which he a member of the Commission, Mr. Abdul Razak Mohammed Ali lecture included topics on the capital market in Iraq and the mechanisms developed and Platform for encouraging investment in the stock market has been encouraged by the Securities Commission present the request for leave and mediation work in maintaining and attracting investments to the people of the province to achieve the horizontal proliferation of investment activity in the stock market. It is hoped to continue to plan to visit Iraqi provinces and explain the concepts of investment in the stock market this year. The Iraq Stock Exchange and Securities Commission, had already organized in the same seminar in Diwaniya last month in partnership with the provincial council. Among the other activities the training of 200 students from universities to the electronic trading mechanisms and read indicators and continuous training plan over the coming months, especially July and August in coordination with the Studies and Iraqi universities. It also finalized the time of application for leave and a new mediation in the Iraqi market for securities. The committee in charge of evaluating applicants to lift its recommendations to the Board of Governors for approval and then to submit its recommendations to the Securities Commission for the purpose of vacation the most efficient candidates. The Securities Commission approved in April 2010 on a vacation of three brokerage firms, including the brokerage firm of the Bank of TBI and the Iraqi Trade Bank of the North and the third group of investors Iraqis. And approved the inclusion of the bank of the Tigris and Euphrates and was the first electronic trading session on 05/30/2010 him after the beginning of the filing of certificates of the shareholders of their shares. Has been passed, a consolidated equity, which will be launch of the joint-stock companies early next month of June. The first of the meetings to explain the concepts of the system to joint stock companies, starting on Sunday, 05.30.2010 in the building of the market and the lecture included the first 12 joint stock company. The Securities Commission approved amendment instructions for election to the Board of Governors and as follows: Article 8-4: The Committee on the nomination list of candidates for consideration by members of the market in a period not to exceed seven calendar days before the General Assembly meeting in this regard. Article 13-4: announces the names of candidates for membership of the Board of Governors is a public bulletin board in the market and posted on its Web site five days before the calendar at least. Rule 2-18-4 ©: must apply to the conditions for nomination of candidates at the nomination. The General Authority for the Iraq market will be held on Saturday, 19/06/2010. Among the most important paragraphs of the agenda, approved the final accounts for 2009 and the election of new board of directors last one year only. Will be held with the General Authority for joint stock companies to elect its candidate on Saturday, 06/05/2010. "Abdul Salam will be launched Iraq's index of new securities following the increase in the number of companies, consisting of a sample index. And the current index consists of only 19 companies were selected in 2009 after the transfer of companies from manual trading to electronic trading. And after the increase in the number of companies accepted in electronic trading to 84 companies, the Board of Governors decided to increase the number of companies within the index to 40 companies in order to give real value indicator of trends in price movement of shares traded their general form, and form the sectoral as well. Was organized in the first test to check the performance Mjuli stations, electronic trading who have succeeded in tests in 2009 under a plan developed by the Iraqi market in cooperation with the Jordan Securities Commission ... to increase the efficiency of workers at these stations will continue to ... plan tests in July and September in the month of November this year. The joint committee of the Securities Commission and the Iraqi market for securities supervision on these tests, which will be followed by tests on the application of trading instructions and deposit and the activity of brokerage firms. The Board of Governors approved the Iraqi market for securities regulation test managers Commissioners brokerage firms during the month of June next, who were chosen to serve as Director of the commissioner. He concluded by noting that the Board of Governors will continue to study and evaluate the experiences of Arab stock exchanges in the application of custodian for the specification of work and then work to obtain the approval of the securities on the instructions regulating this activity to implement this service for investors in particular are not present in the capital Baghdad. The custodian system using electronic tags to identify customers and open accounts for them, and save the securities of their own, and the transfer of deposited securities between accounts in addition to inquire about the movement and assets of clients of securities, the delivery of the securities to the financial intermediary seller and the receipt of securities from a broker or buyer and on behalf of its clients.
  9. TD bought Riverside which is a bank i bank with. Very cool
  10. found this???〈=0
  11. No your all wrong it's a MOVIE starring what his n#t's from the 70's show.
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