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  1. Show me the money............. no one, anyone, anything, any where, every where, will never ever,,,, all races nationality, creed, gender, ethnic background , on this planet, Will ever get rid of Religion, not money that killings been over, but the Un Godly simplicity of one Book, and millions of Arss ho killing each other over how they define it………... OH ya,,, and so that their beleives gets more of the monies,,,,,,,, man I'm in a mood lololol....................... What and no religion 2 lol,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,do di doot do do da di dum da,,,,,, give me thr RV any ole way,,,, dodi doot
  2. Hello Everybody........... ty 4 visiting me......, Awhile bk I received a email from Adam in the heading of what to do when you come into a large amount of Wealth............, with out going into all that I've been thinking about after reading the to do list, I'll just state this, what I do not wish to be after coming into wealth is to be alone,,,,, . P.S Please visit and drop a hello when ya can ty
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