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  1. Thanks Adam, appreciate the info. Go covid > 19. I mean leave ,get out of here!
  2. Thanks Adam, glad you beat the bug . Till later.
  3. Hate to hesr that, I will be praying for you.
  4. Thanks Adam, as usual no BS just the facts. Have a blessed week .
  5. Thanks Adam, Sounds so close, that is good. I am packing my bags .GOT my passport all the papper work ready.All RIGHT I AM READY TO GO. NOW TEXT ME
  6. Yahoo,that sounds mighty good .Sounds like this ride is fixin to pick up speed .Thanks Adam COME ON RV!!!!!!!
  7. Thanks Adam, have a bless weekend every one.
  8. Thanks Adam sounds gooooooooooood waiting on that great big text. come on RV
  9. Thanks Adam ,waiting on that special text. Have you ever had a moment of stupidity? Your wife ask you to be true ful, she ask dose this dress make my butt look big . I said yes before I realize what I said. Two days nothing ,third day vision started to return to my left eye
  10. Thanks Adam, Did you know Iran dose not have any Wal Marts . Just Targets.
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