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  1. Thanks Adam , Being in the Dinar is like sitting on a roamin candle that is lit, you don't know when it is going off. But it is going to go off!
  2. Adam, thanks. Sense I have been a member ,I notice that you are so fast you are three days ahead of
  3. ADAM, are you over in IRAQ now? What dose this mean? maybe before July 4th. Sounds goo to me.
  4. Thanks Adam, you sound like a golfer FOUR!!!!!!!!!!!!!th I believe in you boss.
  5. Thanks for answering my question. 19 days and
  6. Thanks Adam , dose xx days stands for 20 days? lol
  7. (LOOK NOW,) Now I know what to look for. Thanks for the heads up, Thanks Adam
  8. Thanks Adam ,looking forward to your next text or next update.
  9. Thanks Adam, Sounds like I need to check my text messages petty regular. Between now May 5 .Thanks again
  10. Thanks Adam , for everything have a blessed weekend.
  11. Crude oil 65.85 the green zone may be turning dark green , maybe RV before may 5? Hope SO.
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