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  1. Thanks Adam, Did you know Iran dose not have any Wal Marts . Just Targets.
  2. Thanks Adam ,thanks for the update. Come on Iraq RV.
  3. Thanks Adam ,keep the good news coming . come on RV!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Thanks Adam ,the goods news just keeps commjng .MERRY CHRISTMAS Adam and a HAPPY NEW YEAR to all members and staff of DINAR VET.
  5. Thanks Adam, I like it( Really BIG GAINS ) .All right ! MERRY CHRISTMAS one all .Will be seeing you soon.
  6. Thanks Santa Adam ,I want the Dinar to RV @ 4.44 right before Chirstmas . Thanks again Santa.
  7. Thanks Adam , looking forward to YOUR TEXT come on RV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Thanks Adam ,do you think it might RV before January? 2020
  9. Thanks A.dam, for the update. It is going to be a very Merry Merry Merry Chirstmas
  10. Thanks Adam, for the update. Have a blessed Thankgiving MY friend, and all members at DINAR VET.
  11. Thanks Adam, acouple of weeks will be great ,just in time for Christmas. ARIGHT THEN!!!!!
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