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  1. Thanks Adam , I have a lot of plans standing by myself. Come on RV!
  2. Thanks Adam, sounds like things are picking up speed ,Ihope it is a runaway train.
  3. Thanks Adam, three post in four days ,things must be getting pretty hot. I got the popcorn and drinks ,stsrt this puppy up!
  4. Thanks Adam, hopefully we will get too final meet in a couple of weeks. Still waiting on the text.
  5. Thanks Adam, have a bless week ,waiting on your text.
  6. Sounds good to me. A trip to Belize, the last of September ,Sounds nice. Thanks Adam.
  7. Thanks Adam,still waiting for my text from you. Have a bless week.
  8. Thanks Adam ,Sept 3rd is the end of their holiday is it? Looking forward to your text.
  9. Thanks Adam, still wating on the TEXT.
  10. Thanks Adams ,I have decided not to hold my breath . Last time I passed out ,fell in some green mud ( cow crap) face first. Mouth open ,took a week to get the taste out of my mouth. My wife would not kiss me for a month.
  11. Hey Adam, I got five more e mails last night . Your button must be stuck ,thought I let you know. After this is over you can buy a new one. lol
  12. Hey Adam, you like to give me a heart attack. I got 20 e mails from you I tought it finaly went.I jump so high Ihit the ceiling ,now I have to fix it. lol
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