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  1. I had seen that UKdinar, but did not know they stoped selling here. Thanks for the update!
  2. I think that some folks on here don't like, but was checking there site to see what they were charging and instead it shows that they are not buying or selling right now. Is this another good sign? Let the brow beating begin.
  3. Also, You can not just go to the data center to do business, you will have to take them to a local branch and they will send them to the international department where they will confirm the dinars and then give you credit.
  4. First Citizens does exchange the dinar. I was a branch manager with them for the last 2 years. They have a sister bank in California and Florida called Ironstone bank. Look them up as well. I personally talked to our international folks before I left to make sure the would exchange any amount I had. I bought my first batch from FCB because I knew it would be good. They have bought four banks in the last 8-9 months in CA and FL. Also have Ironstone in other places besides those.
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