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  1. This is a great story, I am a Desert Storm Vet and have to take medication...doing well however, so thank God for that...Our brothers and sisters in arms are great American People...
  2. DannyC, Still waiting to hear on my wire transfer to Warka...will keep you posted...and Possum is cool, especially liked possums makeover in the pic, yellow stripes seems to be his color, hold it, believe that was his cousin (hard to tell, all possums look alike to me)
  3. EmilyJJJ...I plan my nervous breakdowns around close of business Iraq time daily...keeps me sane for 23 hours a day...
  4. Hello everyone, My name is Wayne. I am a retired from the U.S. Navy, and plan to move up north (those of you who live in my state know what up north means). I own a technology consulting firm which I started 01/2010 of this year. This is pretty much my 2nd or 3rd post on a forum of this type (just haven't been interested enough in anything else to post), I think everyone so far I have read is encouraging and excited about this opportunity and I just gonna enjoy the ride...I have garnered a lot of good info and will be participating more as time goes on...and I do think sometime were need to have a big ol' RV party somewhere .... go RV
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