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  1. You opened a thread to discuss "intelligently" about topics but you say that you are not gonna be sharing what you believe or think. So what the hell was the point of that? Lol.... Just to see what everyone says and sit back and critique on how illogical something is that is stated, but you won't discuss why or how based upon your thought/beliefs.... Did you think about any of that before you opened the thread? Good grief...
  2. There is nothing else to say to you or about you.... You can't argue ignorance. It runs way too strong in you....and whenever your asked a question that either will shut you down, or prove a point against your favor, you duck, dodge, and start rambling like a drunken hobo at Mardi Gras....
  3. Haha so you hold answers that puts my theories to shame because yours are rational and logical thinking, yet you are afraid to speak on it. Lol....ok...of course! Sounds like your afraid of getting your dreams crushed....or of being embarrassed.... I'm here to keep the rumor that is known as dontlop, to just that....a big, nonsensical rumor.... But you seem to be doing all the work for me!! Yay!!!
  4. Watch out now...your bout to be rich! Better buy buy buy!!
  5. Lol...Wow! After reading a few of your posts, I gave you the benefit of the doubt, but you really do believe in this, and that it's a solid investment. Hang around for awhile...
  6. Not talking about your link, talking about your mentality and lack of knowledge on the subject....
  7. Lol....have you been a TNT follower? The statements you come up with and stand by are about as ignorant as most crap from that site
  8. I should clarify.....LOGICAL scenario of why or how this would happen. ....
  9. What a lot of people fail to even see is that most of the so called "lopsters" were once just as gung ho about the RV as everyone else. That should be the most obvious red flag. The longer people stay in this, and the more and more they research and read about all aspects of this speculation, they realize this is not going to happen. In fact most of the so called lopsters are the farthest ones from being close minded etc....they have seen and comprehend both sides and most all scenarios. And have gotten to the point of seeing no possible Avenue of this happening.
  10. Oh really? Please do share that information. Would love to see how the US made billions. Do explain.... How is it gonna make you rich though? How is a change in currency gonna make you any money?
  11. Lol here you go again with that nonsense..... If it is true, and they are using that as a blueprint for Iraq, how is it that you plan on making money off the dinar? If Iraq follows suit, they will change the currency and you could be stuck holding poo paper....yet you pump that plan as a solid reason for a revaluation lol...
  12. Yes they changed the currency....and they got no more money in value then what they had before the change.... Non profit situation....
  13. OK so basically you have no idea. You do understand that they changed the currency right? Which if Iraq does, you won't make a dime. I think what you have been hearing sounds nice, but when you get down to the details it's nothing what you think....
  14. I'll ask you again since you ignored it the first was what happened with the german currency profitable to anyone? You like to co.pare Iraq to it so please explain
  15. No its not different....and you can't say everyone knew there is no place to cash out lol...everyone is told through forum facts that once the dinar is internationally accepted you can cash out anywhere. Not having an Avenue to cash your dinar out is a bigger issue then anything else. It's no different then anything else you can invest in.
  16. You think it's completely legitimate not knowing a place to cash out simply because there isn't a need for it and your relying on being told where once it happens? When you buy stocks or gold or invest in anything else isn't there already an Avenue set up to sell it all when need be? why is this any different?
  17. You have plenty? Lol...I'm talking legitimate and feasible ideas... Unlike your ideas of monetizing all the oil in the ground and taking frozen assets of the govt and just packing it away into the reserves to make you rich lol
  18. OK maybe you don't even realize what you said your expecting the dinar to be traded on forex. If the dinar is pegged there is no demand for it to be traded on forex. It's mainly for floating currencies. So again, I ask, how many countries that rely heavily on oil production float their currency?
  19. How many countries that rely heavily on oil production float their currency?
  20. Lol....oh brother....In time my friend you will learn that almost everything you are being told is false
  21. Just proved yourself wrong.....good job!!
  22. Proven false? dear....If there has never been a plan sub.itted then there would not have ever been any talk about it period. The parliament wouldn't have kept saying it's not the right time to do it and keep pushing it back. But hey you never believe anything they say so how can you say it's been proven false? One or all genius....
  23. There you go again.....thought you don't believe anything they say? But here you are promoting it as the truth....let's say it together class...HYPOCRITE
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