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  1. Why did you lie about selling out? Did you think it would make you look cool? Did you think that people would like you if you sold out? Or that you would fit in? Inquiring minds want to know....
  2. So you mean to tell me that he lied about selling out? No way! Not dontlop!! He is the truth police! Hahaba
  3. A liar calling someone a liar lol....that's cute.... Hey so why are you still here since you sold out?
  4. Dontlop sold his dinar so he thinks it's a scam too
  5. No worries...The kids in here gang up on anyone who doesn't like them. The truth hurts their feelings...
  6. Did you even read what she wrote? No where did she say that I'm the man to listen to in regards to logic on the dinar lol....classic case of twisting words and hearing only what you want, not what's actually being said...
  7. Preach it girl! Lol....your only stating the obvious!!
  8. Your hopeless....oh well....babble on....babble on... Didn't think it would be that hard to understand that the CPA established the exchange ratio from the market rate but I guess this concept is way over your's cool no worries....ignorance is bliss for you I see...
  9. What does the graph indicate as the value of the Swiss dinar in Oct 2003? That's all you need to answer princess....spare everyone the additional babble...why is it so hard for you to answer? Is it because you know the answer, and it disproves what your claiming? Sure looks like it lol....don't be scared...
  10. There is the link again in case you lost it....
  11. Just answer the question and stop dodging it dear....trying to help you....what value does the Swiss dinar have according to the graphs in Oct 2003? Just answer the question. ..that's all you have to do. Very very you know how to read the graph or do you need help?
  12. I can't help but engage dontknow and back him into the corner with reality about the Swiss and then watch him contradict himself over and over as he has done already trying to change history's just entertaining
  13. Princess stay on track here we are talking about the Swiss dinar, not Kuwaiti dinar... Now answer the question....what does the graph say the value of the Swiss dinar was in Oct 2003?
  14. There ya go then! In this situation that's all that matters princess.....can you go one step further and share with the class What value the graph shows for the Swiss dinar by October 2003?
  15. The graph speaks for itself....where you think the CPA got that exchange ratio from? The UN and the central bank of Iraq....your just too stupid to understand the simplest form of info....A PICTURE GRAPH!
  17. It was a redenomination.....they changed currency. If you think Iraq changing the currency is a good thing, your in the wrong investment....
  18. Lol and how exactly does that pertain to you making money off the dinar?
  19. Ewing it's funny how dontknow is always trying to call people liars as if he doesn't when in fact he is just as bad....He tells the other forums upstairs he sold out, but speaks about getting rich and writing off his dinar on taxes when it goes bust.....
  20. Oh so getting rate information from the UN and the Central bank of Iraq isn't official? Lol....your a clown....where are the millionaire kurds??? But only yours is official cause it was set by the CPA which isn't even a central bank....hahaha you are hilarious
  21. holy sh*t your just now figured that out? What did that take? Like a year? After numerous people explained it to you over and over and over..... So the rest of the babble is how your gonna be rich? But you sold which is it? If your gonna a lie at least keep your story straight. just a other reason why people don't want you here or even in the forums upstairs. are neck deep in your own bs...and it takes you months to understand information provided. By the time you finally comprehend something, the topic is a year old lol Not only that but you once again are acknowledging the Swiss has value before the exchange. It only took you like 8 hours on that to finally digest the link provided and to realize how ignorant you really are about anything pertaining to the dinar
  22. Put your glasses on grandpa and tell me what it says under the graphs as far as the source of information.....
  23. Did you look at the graphs dontknow? It's from the UN and the central bank of Iraq.....they have proven you wrong...sorry princess....The information speaks for itself....
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