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  1. UMB I didn't know you are big 'politician' and Great Joker.....
  2. 0 Why? Cause their voters base is caput! Dem Libturd Party will be GONE FOR GOOD!!!!! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!
  3. Didn't you understand Trump is never losing.The only LOSERS are you and your friends here ( 2 - 3 libturds ). It's known well who they are....
  4. Shabbi could you please explain why the option " + Quote " is missing in your posts recently? Are you also a part of THE COUP?
  5. ....and likely you are a part of THE COUP:
  6. President Donald Trump energized conservative activists at CPAC on Friday, celebrating his accomplishments during his first year in office: .VOTE !! Come November The leftists want to take our Crumbs and our Guns...and they want to impeach Trump !! Don't let those bàstârds do it !!!!!!!!
  7. IT IS NOT A COUP AGAINST OUR PRESIDENT TRUMP ONLY IT IS A COUP AGAINST THE TRUE AMERICAN PEOPLE. The shooter in Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School has been paid .. Question is who? On the day of releasing the Nunes Memo Trump was warning us: You can expect big events as a Libturds, Demorats will try to take your attention away from their crimes.. It's a fact that for one year of Trump presidency there were 18 school shooting in USA ....????!!!!! WHY? Also how is it the FBI 'simply missed the tips' about this 'mentaly sick guy'.... NO COMMENTS! SGTreport: "THANK YOU THANK YOU for tuning in, liking and sharing. You Tube is playing games again. And now, if you've been watching the "news" they are coming after the guns, nationally, with Soros-style "protests" and dutiful mockingbird news "reporting". If we let them take the guns, we will all be living in inner-city Chicago or Washington, DC. And soon after... North Korea. God bless"
  8. No Comments. Just Watch! American Intelligence MEDIA!
  9. No Comments. Just Watch! American Intelligence MEDIA
  10. Well. after 13 years in it I'm asking every day WHEN this is going to hit. No answer. Did you hear something? Really I'm very, very tired of all the rumors around...
  11. NOT only the 4 page MEMO Summary is in possession of Congress. Full 99 Page FISA Memo - It's Worse Than We Thought:
  12. Plumber Drain the SWAMP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you SgtFuryUSCZ, Karsten and Indraman!
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