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Talabani Chinese TV: Kurdish leadership with the direction of the survival of a limited number of U.S. troops in the disputed areas

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Talabani Chinese TV: Kurdish leadership with the direction of the survival of a limited number of U.S. troops in the disputed areas

20/07/2011 16:35 20/07/2011 16:35 <P style="TEXT-ALIGN: left; DIRECTION: ltr">

Erbil, July 20 (Rn) - President Jalal Talabani in an interview televised with the satellite (CCtv) Chinese that Iraq encourages Chinese companies to come to Iraq, and Ichirtalibana that Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki in his visit to China brings with proposals to strengthen the relations between China - Iraq in all areas and will be large investments in Iraq Pkrdstana and central and south, and the survival or the withdrawal of U.S. forces see Talabani, said that the direction of Kurdish leadership is to keep U.S. troops in a limited number, at least in the disputed areas, but at the same time deny the validity of the news that a consensus Parliament Iraq to keep (20) U.S. troops in Iraq after the end of this year, and for the reconstruction of Iraq after the events of 2003, confirms Talabani said Iraq could rise from the collapse and rebuild glories and rebuild their homeland. Following is the text of the interview:

Themes: What about the relations between China and Iraq is known for being strong relations since 1958, can you talk about the prospects of these relations in recent times, particularly after 2003?

President Jalal Talabani: China relations - Iraq's diplomatic older than (50) years and during this period has been a good relationship and strong, but the relationships in my view been strengthened after the liberation of Iraq from dictatorship and after that we we visit at the head of a senior Iraqi delegation to China, and in this The visit was agreed on a set of issues as well as the Peoples Republic of China has decided to forgive Iraqi debts amounting to more than (11) billion dollars was signed economic agreements and other financial and opened the doors wide for the expansion of these relations, Iraq encourages Chinese companies to come to Iraq and was the result that some oil companies Chinese arrived and now there is a company that produces per day (150) thousand barrels of area architecture, as well as we encourage trade with China, trade with China and the Kurdistan region's big business and there are Chinese traders now in the Sulaymaniyah and Kirkuk, as well as there are many Iraqi Kurds in China now for trade, and now Iraq as a country rich and developing countries and countries interested in developing his economic, political and cultural, is looking to establish extensive relations with China, will be our Prime Minister Mr. Nouri al-Maliki's visit to China and carries with proposals to strengthen the relations between China and the Chinese - of Iraq in all areas will be asked to Chinese investments and wide in Iraq Pkrdstana and central and south as well as the presence of Chinese companies to work in the sectors of oil and gas and electricity as well as minerals and promote trade and strengthen the cultural and political relations with the Republic of China.

Between Iraq and China are no any obstacle to the expansion of relations and development of the contrary, there are all the supplies the physical, social and political strengthening of these relations, and the Iraqi leadership wants a genuine desire to strengthen this relationship and to my knowledge that the Chinese leadership is also willing to strengthen relations with Iraq is why we hope that the visit of the brother-Maliki to China opening a new page for the expansion of relations, particularly in the economic field and of Chinese investment in Iraq.

Axes: the Iraqi Constitution, there is an article about the form of the regime in Iraq, a federal system but that this issue, has rejected the great debates in recent times by some Iraqi officials and the parties ..., what is your view on the establishment of federal regions in Iraq?

President Talabani: First, the federal constitutional system adopted in the Iraqi constitution, which stipulates that (Iraq a federal democratic republic parliamentary united, sovereign and independent), Kurdish people exercised that right and established the Kurdistan region within the democratic and federal Iraq, there was the attempt in the south, also to establish a federal entity There is this attempt did not succeed because it did not come with a majority of votes required for its establishment, the first brothers the Sunni Arabs opposed the federal, but now returned and are calling it, and now there is talk too of Sunni Arab politicians, some of them calling for a province, and some of them do not want the region and there are differences, as well as in the southern region there is a difference, for example, the Supreme Council, led by Sayyed Ammar al-Hakim calls for the application of federalism in the south also, but there are those who oppose, now the subject is the application of the Constitution, there are those who want to implement this constitutional article and there are those who do not want.

I believe that the nature of Iraq and Tquinth in terms of nationalities, religions and religious formations require a democratic federal system, but this is up to the people's will and the will of the voters, do you want to exercise this right or not they want?

Axes: On the subject of the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq, there are media reports talking about the agreement of the Iraqi parliament on this issue, hoping to keep (20) U.S. troops in Iraq after the end of this year, while White House also hoped to extend the stay of troops U.S. in Iraq, what is your opinion on the subject of the withdrawal of U.S. forces or keep them?

President Talabani: First, this news is not true, that the Iraqi parliament decided anything for the survival of U.S. forces, the Iraqi parliament to now did not study the subject, well known that relations between Iraq and the United States determined agreement (SOFA), which provides for the evacuation of U.S. forces at the end of this year, as well as our (the strategic framework agreement) on the principles of relationships, the parties of Iraq and the U.S. insist on this agreement, which sets political and trade relations, cultural and technological ... etc. The theme of the survival of U.S. forces in Iraq, First extension of the agreement is not possible because the extension of the agreement requires approval by two thirds parliament and this can not be obtained, while you remain a number of American forces for training or not? I chaired the days before the two meetings of leaders of Iraqi political attended by all political actors, some views were clear and some are not clear, for example, the direction of the Sadrist movement, which to them (40) deputies in the parliament is the categorical rejection of the presence of U.S. forces, the direction of Kurdish leadership is to keep U.S. forces a limited number, at least in the disputed areas, and the rest They still studying this topic, Voattiyna Mhlten of Iraqi political parties to give us an answer within the prescribed time about whether they agree with the survival of a number of U.S. troops, and not all the troops, the Americans also do not want to keep all their forces, and proposed is that the number of U.S. troops for training, of course I want to say a thing which is that according to the reports of officers and the military leadership of Iraq, the military leadership of the Air Force, Navy and armor and infantry filed reports to the President and the Prime Minister in these reports say where he can not protect the Iraqi Air and the sea of ​​Iraq and the Iraqi border after the withdrawal of U.S. forces, say they can protect the internal security but can not protect the atmosphere air, land and sea, our aircraft, American aircraft that we purchased had not yet reached, if reached need to be a period of training as well, for the Navy do not have boats enough to protect sea, which for us is very important, because the only source of the great Iraqi oil is the sea so we if hampered the export of oil will affect our economy, our line of oil passes through Turkey, this line is not sufficient for the export of oil, we now produce more than (3) million barrels per day and over the next year, God willing, we get to (4) million, then we need two others, we intend to extend another line through Syria, and run the old line passing through Syria broken now, as well as the oil pipeline to Aqaba through Jordan, only then we can export the quantities of oil we produce in the country, and as I said, Iraqi experts believe that Iraq remains a need to protect the air, sea and training the Iraq on the weapons that we bought from America, weapons, armor, Abrams tanks and aircraft (F16) and (F18) that we bought, we bought from America all were new to the Iraqis, we need the training, I noticed during the discussions between the Iraqi political forces that there is a tendency for the survival of a limited number of U.S. trainers, and the survival of a larger U.S. troop is not there a strong desire, as I said there is opposition to the survival of these forces by some forces.

Axes: After eight years of war in 2003, how the Iraqi government moved to rebuild Iraq and what is the role of China in this area?

President Talabani: Iraq, as you know, a rich country, rich and Bergalath Pkuadrh and riches, we have all the big fortunes, have the oil and gas and we have too many minerals, including uranium, gold, silver, copper, iron and manganese ... Etc., are all unused and non-extracted, also have another source of the revolution, which is religious tourism, our places of Islamic holy Shiite and Sunni, we have Najaf, Karbala, Kadhimiya and Samarra, as well as our Imam Azam in Adhamiya, Sheikh Abdul Qadir Gilani Mosque in Baghdad, Vsnuya can millions of Muslims to come to Iraq, for example, last year more than (5) million visited Iraq, if conditions improve as possible to increase the number to (10) million or (15) million, and this is also a large Trorh of Iraq.

Iraq if he could rise from the collapse and rebuild glories and rebuild their homeland, and there is the fact that we have inherited a country in ruins wrecked, everything in this Iraq was wrecked and now we need an organized plan and a five-year plan to rebuild Iraq, again, as well as we also need investment and from foreign investments of China, we need China to come and invest in Iraq in all fields, and China, thank God, then the increase in foreign exchange then it can be invested billions of dollars in Iraq in all areas, in oil, gas, minerals, electricity, in re-housing in the building of Iraq, and your experience also in these matters, all of these areas open, particularly the Iraqi people are not out of respect for the Chinese people and the Iraqi leadership to encourage the Chinese presence in Iraq, so China can play a major role in the reconstruction of Iraq, Iraq as I need to everything that a country must be a terrorist and we are building again, in some places we should start from scratch for the reconstruction.

Themes: What is the plan that will be followed by the Iraqi government has a strategy for the independence of the oil industry in Iraq?

President Talabani: I am now I can not give you the details, but according to the outline of our plan that the investment would be through contracts, corporate leases for investment, we give the right to rent so that the remaining resources of oil wealth of Iraq and then trying to build refineries and then try to take advantage of the gas that emerges from the wells oil, in Iraq, in all wells, oil and gas ignites and goes in vain, we want to take advantage of this gas is also the issue of oil wells and therefore we want to make the oil industry, industry and national production, extraction into liquidation, and have the ranks enough to meet the needs and we hope to convey Iraqi oil production to about (10) million barrels per day and we have broad prospects the truth after the signing of contracts last year with (12) companies, including a Chinese company, we had agreements, we can sign more contracts as well as well as our gas and we can Nstthmrh All of this helps us to re- of Iraq and build the infrastructure of Iraqi society, so we go to the Metallurgical Industries useful in Iraq and other industries that relate to the lives of the people, agriculture and development, of course, does not aspire to compete with global industries, industries, America or China or Germany, but we hope that we have certain industries related to agriculture and related the lives of people associated with the daily necessities, so we can say that Iraq is heading fast towards the renaissance in all fields.

Axes: I attended the streets of some countries, including Iraq demonstrations calls on governments to provide basic services and living conditions, what are the step-governmental organizations on improving the lives of the Iraqi people?

President Talabani: Take the problem of electricity, for example, in order to build a power plant how much we need a year or year and a half, and now we are seeking and we have allocated billions of dollars to build power stations and can be one of the goals of Prime Minister's visit to China is to encourage China to build power stations in several of Iraq, Iraq needs dozens of power plants, or for example, other services that require time, especially electricity, is important for Iraq and for investment.

There is something else, we our federal, all provinces have its own budget provinces are, if not paid its budget does not is the responsibility of the central government, but located it, it should conduct its budget, sometimes there are the provinces can not spend all its budget and, of course, people stay upset for that demanding change departments and demonstration to demand the re-election ... etc..

An important point is that we at the beginning of the exercise of democracy, did not we learn after we practice democracy properly and responsibly, so spoke the excesses sometimes, I personally encourage the demonstrations and interfere to any arrest against them because it is a constitutional right, and I as President of the Republic is responsible for the protection of the Constitution and is responsible for the application of the Constitution and the official for the control of government agencies to implement the Constitution, any violation of the Constitution I can get involved, so when detained citizens directly intervene for their release.

Topics: Iraq's neighboring countries, how the extraordinary rendition of Iraq's relations with these countries in addition to how to resolve conflicts in the future?

President Talabani: our political relations with all countries is good, our political relations with Turkey is good and we have the Convention on the strategic alliance and we have more than (40) a signed agreement between the parties in the field of trade and economic, for example, trade relations with Turkey last year amounted to (10) billion dollars, only in the region of Kurdistan trade volume with Turkey over (7) billions of dollars, as well as political relations with Iran are good and well as political relations with Kuwait are good, there are problems in the water issue, there are rivers originate outside of Iraq and the intervention of Iraq, but these rivers international, these rivers, in our view are of international law, nations with the source believed that it is has the right to dispose of the river until there was a theory in Turkey says (God gave the Arabs oil and gave the Turks water) and we do not agree to this theory, we believe that these international rivers subject to international law and we have our share of these rivers.

On the subject of Kuwait, Kuwait was subject to the confrontational left, Saddam Hussein, the aggression left on Kuwait, despite the fact that Kuwait gave him generous aid in his war against Iran and Saddam Hussein's looting of Kuwait and lit the oil wells and caused significant damage to Kuwait and demanded that Kuwait, Iraq, reparations and the United Nations approved such compensation We pay them compensation to now, there is the border issue, we agree on land border and the shameful according to international relations and international law and previous agreements, we Agherrnaha and I, personally, have shown a willingness to Kuwait to offer them a new message to the Secretary General of the United Nations to assure them of our respect for prior agreements on border the wild, there is still a problem of the sea, we believe that there must be some kind of brotherly cooperation between Kuwait and Iraq for Iraq to be right also to benefit from the headwaters of the river or the sea, is a joint, and I hope we can reach a solution on this point God willing, soon.

Themes: What is your opinion about the political instability in the Arab countries such as Bahrain, Tunisia, Egypt and Libya, as well as the Democratic Movement in the Arab region?

President Talabani: Each country has privacy, Bahrain, a small island people, an Arab, but his doctrine of Shiite and people Shia Bahraini follow to Najaf, Vanajaf Najaf in Iraq is the center of the world's Shia any Vatican Shiites in the world, and when he did in Bahrain demonstrated in Iraq's parliament made a decision to their support and the Iraqi government issued statements of support, this situation led to the strained relationship between us and Bahrain, between us and Saudi Arabia, which sent troops to Bahrain, we are in Iraq and I personally made great efforts to improve relations with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and had excellent relations with Bahrain to before the demonstrations, we believe that Iraq should have good neighborly relations and brotherhood and cooperation with Arab countries, especially with Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and the Arab states in the Gulf, with respect to what happened in these countries, Egypt, its people a great Odhu civilization, a culture of continued dictatorship there for decades, and President Hosni Mubarak is trying to inherited by his son, which led to resentment of the Egyptian people and have an uprising and large want democracy and civil and political rights of the Egyptian people, we are of course in Iraq sympathize with the Egyptian people and sympathize with democracy, we started to democracy in the Arab region, Iraq's first Arab country to set up a democracy and established a multiparty system, tens of newspapers are issued daily from the extreme right to extreme left, we have many parties, we have different political trends and there are many satellite channels ... And so on, Iraq was at the forefront of the march of democracy in the region, so Iraq supports democracy in the Arab world, but do not want to interfere in their affairs, we differ from others, we support the right of the Libyan people for example in self-determination, I personally do not support the intervention aviation external change to the people Libya to impose the will of a certain, this is not permissible, we believe that the Libyan people to decide their own destiny as well as the Tunisian people to decide their own destiny as well as the Egyptian people, we are of course interested in Egypt in particular, because Egypt is a large Arab significant impact on the Arab and Muslim world is very dangerous, so concerns us that there is a parliamentary democratic system of Egypt and the Egyptian people have actually role in this system, and hope that the Egyptian people receive such a system.

GLTA and Go RV.

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