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  1. Maybe January till March 2018 . Abadi should stay as prime minister to this along agreement give a loan to iraq . So much international borrowing there money to build iraq .
  2. THE LOTTERY INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITY 2017 PERISAI SDN BHD ( Oil & Gas Market ) - 0047 - Malaysia I have noticed that perisai sdn bhd will be rise again and the company try recovering . This is big your chance to invest because from $0.38 fell to $0.009(now) . Why I said ? Opec have much good news today Iraq is one make oil and gas opec will rise agains Company under malaysia gov still hold share Lastly good reputation for this company Buy Now !! Making a Money . If you born not to a rich . It's Ok . If you are not dreams to be a rich you are pity . Fast action is key to success. Sharing Only . Trade Smart - Resources: Perisai shares rise on contract termination news Read more at Why didn't Tabung Haji sell off Perisai shares earlier, Rafizi asks Read more at EOL demands Perisai’s 51% SJR Marine stake for US$1 Perisai Petroleum settles US$43mil dispute with JV partner Read more at$43mil-dispute-with-jv-partner/#oYzPxpbz04RI9teY.99 “The group is pursuing all avenues available to recover the receivables,” it said Source : Read more at Support News --------------- Oil and gas shares back on investors’ radar Read more at OPEC members are reportedly forming a consensus around extending their production cutting deal with other crude exporters by nine months When asked whether it would be necessary for OPEC to prolong the agreement beyond March next year, Total Chief Executive Patrick Pouyanne told CNBC, "Of course they need it" BP CEO Bob Dudley echoed the arguments put forward by his Total counterpart and said it looked "probable" OPEC would extend its agreement next year 3 Potential OPEC Deal Killers Big Oil Urges OPEC: Keep Floor Under Oil Prices Price : RM1.64 / $0.38 ( Higher ) Price : RM0.04 / $0.009 ( Low )
  3. abadi said kurdistan problem will be settle on november . the problém oil and land all . The electronic card will fully use end of year . Give abadi , barzani and cbi do they job . We want the best rates in higher to come not just 1 dollar . If political and economy iraq have stable the rates will higher went they start tracde on global market .imo
  4. Adam Montana Weekly 11 October 2017

    adam please put button donate . If you have trouble to maintain this website because large capacity . I will donate with bitcoin or direct paypal
  5. Adam Montana Weekly 11 October 2017

    i will join your vip group next time ..i have too much work right now . good job adam stay give notice in email . GO RV 2018
  6. no ... we love muhammad and love peace . isis not a muslim .. hes killed muslim too ... radical people
  7. barzani please don't let our sunni sect looks bad in world eyes go rv go rv go rv 15.10 Autumn 🍂 lucky month
  8. If This Rumor Is True...Good News.

    sorry.. english are not my native speaker . I learn many language and many things so sometimes i got confused. But i dont care .. Lol . I just talk what i wants. If you understand ok .. if you not understand forget it . Stop stalking me .
  9. If This Rumor Is True...Good News.

    I have feeling that abadi will announce something at 28hb . dont screw me because this area rumors news .. i can put my prediction Lol
  10. Who wants invest in malaysia stock especially in oil and gas . I give the listing below ✔ SKPETRO ✔ SCOMI ✔ SCOMIES ✔ WASEONG ✔ UZMA ✔ SERBADK ✔ PENERGY ✔ PERDANA ✔ KNM ✔ HANDAL ✔ DIALOG ✔ DAYA ✔ ARMADA ✔ BARAKAH ✔ DAYANG ✔ CARIMIN ✔ T7GLOBAL ✔ SENERGY ✔ THHEAVY ✔ ALAM ✔ ICON ✔ UMWOG ✔ REACH ✔ PETDAG ✔ PERISAI ✔ SUMATEC ✔ HIBISCS Good Luck Everyone!
  11. Adam Montana Weekly 20 Sept 2017

    Thanks Adam . Equity oil and gas rise up . i cant wait to waiting next week cash out and buy more iqd

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