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  1. Cabinet session headed by Abadi ninja now?. Hmm. Miss doubtfire in disguise? DT can you weigh in on the situation from CNN. Is it legit or is he a clown?
  2. Cabinet session headed by Abadi

    So He's Been Trying To Tell YOU The Date All This Time OmG Cmon Now DT You shouldve known!
  3. CBI News 11/21/2017

    just hire me
  4. Oops didn't see that date. Where have the 3 Amigo's gone.. it's been 15 days they said "now"....buncha
  5. Oh really abadi...what if maliki got a face lift and a tummy tuck instead and is now Malika...won't believe this puppet until I see proof. Plus I think maliki deserves a quicker death than prison.
  6. Lol ... for generations peoples and nations have been ravaged and raped while asking questions like that. Wait and you will see what a perfect world looks like soon ;] if you don't believe me on this then how will I tell you about the miracle days coming to a city near you.
  7. Abadi you tool for its season all things bloom...vengeance will come and there will be no where to hide says the Lord, all accountable for innocent blood will be held under the judgement of God. The caves and rocks won't save an evil man from his eternal place of brimstone and fire. The great day has come.
  8. O yah feelin confident for this month based on all the recent progres, carefully optimistic. It's plain to see the day to day excitement right now.
  9. just wanted to waive goodbye before everyone starts drinking. This was a great forum I hope someone saved it all on a floppy. ;] TaTa
  10. HEY! Atleast they passed something this time ... no wonder I bet only 5 dinars
  11. I bet 5 dinars they will pass something this time
  12. Hey ChuckFinley it's a pleasure to read your posts too you've stayed grounded so well I would think you hold positive and negative charged cords. Thank you for the discipline of patience you portrayed through your comments with feelings. But now that your feelin it too that means the old guys are sayin let's go
  13. Yes sir I just can't wrap my head around figuring out THE PLAN, BEFORE the Bagdad international fair or AFTER? Or during. But maximum, by Nov 5, imo that's my current window personally.

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