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  1. Hey ChuckFinley it's a pleasure to read your posts too you've stayed grounded so well I would think you hold positive and negative charged cords. Thank you for the discipline of patience you portrayed through your comments with feelings. But now that your feelin it too that means the old guys are sayin let's go
  2. Yes sir I just can't wrap my head around figuring out THE PLAN, BEFORE the Bagdad international fair or AFTER? Or during. But maximum, by Nov 5, imo that's my current window personally.
  3. so happy that this is the first salary disbursement since the announcement by Rafi bank early this week stating "first time ever" cards can now be used in and out of Iraq and it's launched and will be in the "coming days" put into action...for the first time the words " coming days " have been used accurately. Congrats iraqI are now semi-not illiterate in your give us hcl and take your currency back !
  4. And the " first dibs" for post rv goes tooo.......the Salmon group ...(cheers applause yay's) and 18 countries of our bff's. Ok see everyone on the 21st? Kk
  5. Thanks Thugs,,, if only someone could light them up with some tnt instead ,,,, post rv ... can you bring us the official rv article soon please
  6. CBI News 10/19/2017

    My favorite cbi announcement as of yet.. thank you !!
  7. This sounds to me like the red carpet roleout for a Last Speech by Abadi.
  8. Maybe he can get a sence of what it means to have a international currency when he spends some usd. Cmon allak just take the command and do it this time!
  9. Can I apply for one'a those shiny things online or is rafi bank dot com still under construction...hmmm time to clean off the cob webs again...
  10. Head of UN...salaries now being given through electronic payment at new rate....anti israel....hmmm 7 years ago I said iraq will be the head of the beast of the middle east. Well well well....too bad for the evil powers ...God is on our side and it's time for vengeance. Embrace Jesus asaid Lord and Savior and allow Him to be your best friend. Today is a very special day and ANYTHING could happen. Yes even angelic visitations...
  11. Luigi will actually be right if he calls it from now into Sunday "window" haha
  12. Those screens....are for what's coming on the 23rd...not just an rv...but a new mahdi in town. Aka..the one they've been waiting for... As far as US are concerned... HOLD ON post RV to something solid and not just your dinars. As the shaking gets worse. Just believe that God will rescue you no matter how bad the shaking is always continue to keep your faith in the Lord. My friends tell me Oct 1 is when the pole shift officially a few short days every mountain will be moved from its place just like it's written in the Book of Relevalation. Store up with rv proceeds on everything. Do not be the one to gain the world only to shortly lose everything thereafter. Therefore hear the trumpet ringing in your conscious and re strengthen your relationship with your First Love and know that everything will be awesome soon :') Our Rescuer is sending His army in a few days. Recognize them and don't be afraid of the man children because they are sent here by Jesus to take the kingdoms of the world and make them the kingdoms of God. Rejoice and hold on! God be with us All.
  13. Proposals To Benefit From Oil Revenues !

    The beef will be served on the 23rd

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