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  1. Soooo if Delta is saying the 250 note will be the lowest denom as of now it really might be a .10 cent RV.
  2. ^^^^^^^Edit: 250 dinar not 200 dinar note.... sorry....
  3. I just read that Delta said that the lower notes coming out will be the 500 and 200 but no lower notes than that yet. Not sure how he knows.
  4. The Recovery Of The Iraqi Dinar !

    Holy craaaaaappppp!!!! You are one of my favorite people right now!!!! I think you've been on to something lately. This ride is almost over people!
  5. Iraqi Circulated Banknotes

    Floridian sounds like he is up in the ranks with George Clooney now.
  6. God has different plans for all of us. Some will help people in our own countries, others will help people in other countries, and some will do both. ♡
  7. I'm going to visit Hawaii and Italy.
  8. So they pretty much just need to fix the one part then pass it into legislation from what it sounds like.
  9. Adam Montana 11 April 2018

    Is this how Trump got the term " $#@hole country" from? 😆
  10. .....and don't quote me on the oil council because I read it a few days ago and the main thing that stuck out to me was "2/3rds of the way done" and we are most likely waiting for the 1/3rd whatever that may be and it's 3 AM... 😁
  11. Someone on here said recently that they personally think the HCL is 2/3rds of the way completed. Just waiting for the oil council/ministry???? to be created... if so it's progress.... slooooowww progress but progress non the less.
  12. Randy Koonce Update

    I remember reading Swfg and Bondlady posts. Man I've been in this a long time as well. Lol
  13. Navira was saying the auctions are going to get lower and lower. I hope he is right.

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