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  1. Rmc10


    I had the best Italian salad with Italian vinaigrette house dressing and broasted wings dipped in buffalo sauce with iced tea for lunch, freshly baked zucchini walnut bread for a snack, grilled venison with maple brown sugar glaze for dinner with water, and a part of a calzone and a fresh local peach for a midnight snack. Lol. I started out healthier and ended up indulging myself by the end of the day. 😋
  2. Rmc10

    Fox News

    It's probably the guy that gives everyone the red rubies around here. He finally went and did it in real life.
  3. Rmc10

    Fox News

    Now people are going to think we are nutcases more than they already do because of him. Lol
  4. Leave Floridian alone. Some of you guys act like children at times.
  5. People dog Adam Montana online too just so you know. Do your own research and realize that everyone has an opinion about somebody else in the dinar world. No-one knows if and when the dinar will ever RV other than the CBI.
  6. I loved it then I read it was flat. Lol. I dunno if I would like flat fanta.
  7. It's just like it is here when drug taskforce teams seize cash and drugs from people who are selling it illegally. More chunky money brought in and collected.
  8. 36 trillion dinar is worth $30 billion US dollars right now.
  9. Oh ok I get it now. I was just confused by what you meant.
  10. If they make the 25,000 note equal to the 25 dinar note there is no value change for us...... then if both get valued at $3 US dollars that will only be triple my investment......
  11. .....and if the government holds trillions and they do what you are saying then they only hold billions and that won't pay off jack.
  12. So why am I holding these for 8 years if I'm only going to get equal to three times my money invested? I'd rather invest in crypto. In January if I would have taken my gains out I would have quadrupled my investment in a month's time. But I didn't so I may be dumb I dunno. Lol... I'm still hoping and holding out for a huge RV.
  13. Rmc10

    CBI News 06/28/2018

    You guys got champagne... all I could get at the truck stop tonight was Steel Reserve spiked punch... I don't have to drive until tomorrow evening so no worries.... but It's actually pretty good for truck stop booze. I'm celebrating early. Lol

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