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  1. If you said it I believe what you got to say. I hope your email group is right. ♡
  2. I know I have much more than your estimation (not saying how much) and many others have as well so your thinking is spot on imo!
  3. Rmc10


    I just got in. This is my first time doing penny stocks in my life. How high do you guys think this company could go long term?
  4. I live in Indiana but live near the ghetto. I have heard gunshots during the day like people do drive bys down the road from where I live. 15 mins away the living is so much better like living in a different world but the housing prices are sky high and banks aren't into giving loans out to people who are self employed. I just want to get enough money to move to a nicer area and into a bigger house with a little bit of land to enjoy the country.
  5. She's battled anorexia off and on through the years I think.
  6. Rmc10

    BTI 2018 Iraq country report

    Mods please delete my extra posts.
  7. Rmc10

    BTI 2018 Iraq country report

    Yay Julie gave me my password! Guys I hope they are going to come out at 1 to 1 then float up from there. I think if these reports are true and accurate that Iraqi government wanted to wait until they were sure they could support it at 1 to 1 before they did anything. Maybe this year or next will be the time finally!
  8. So why are they going international without revaluing?????
  9. Rmc10

    Some Delta for you

    What I meant was they are going to come out at 1 to 1 and float up from there... I know the Iraqis will get purchasing power. Jmo
  10. Rmc10

    Some Delta for you

    That's the same thing. We w
  11. Rmc10

    Some Delta for you

    Ya that waasn't very nice.
  12. Rmc10

    Some Delta for you

    If Adam texts us this week I'm screwed I think.
  13. Rmc10

    Some Delta for you

    You aren'the stupid. DT talks like that to people he likes. If he grouped you with Davis it'seems a compliment. We all love Davis here too. For real though. We've all had that question before. If I look dumb for misspelling things it's because I dropped my phone, broke it 5 mins ago and can't see half the screen. 😂♡

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