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  1. IS THIS IT ?????

    Florida see I always knew I liked you!!! Excitedly waiting for what Adam has to say.
  2. I have 7 years in now and even though I've been patient my patience is wearing thin because I could be using the money I invested for a few other things by now. :/ If I lose all that money it will suck but I'm in it to the end either way.
  3. Adam Montana Weekly 30 August 2017

    We were going to deliver our campers to Corpus Christi that week but our sewer line was damaged in our home so we had ins. but still had to pay the deductible to get it fixed but as it was getting fixed Harvey went from a tropical storm to a hurricane so fast. Once we got our sewer line fixed we drove down to Corpus but had to go around Harvey because it was still in Houston and it was underwater so we went through Dallas and San Antonio. Delivered one to San Antonio too plus 2 RVS and 6 cases of water to the EPA and Emergency crews in Corpus. Should have brought more but didn't know how much was needed. Donated money too. I hope everyone is doing better this week and like I said if it was me I'd buy an RV to stay in because they have everything a person needs while everything is getting fixed back up. Usually they are around $1,000 a foot. So a 20 foot RV is usually around $20,000 give or take a few. Then once your home is fixed up, keep it or sell it. Have a great day everyone!
  4. Adam Montana Weekly 30 August 2017

    Buy an RV and live in it for a whIle as your home is getting repaired IMO. I haul RVS for a living and a San Antonio Dealership just ordered 900 and places down there are just screaming and hollering for them now. My hubbies cousin lives in one with her family full time in Fort Worth and she loves it.
  5. I just want them to do it already.
  6. Going back to Botz belief about the Trinity or lack of evidence according to him in the bible, some Christians do not believe in the Trinity but they still believe Jesus is equal to God the Father. Apostolic Pentecostals believe the Holy Spirit is God's/Jesus's spirit and not an entity of it's own self. Other Pentecostals believe in the Trinity. Charismatics branches off of the Pentecostal church. They are what people think of when they think of the term "Holy Rollers". There are 3 branches of Christianity: Pentecostal Christians, Evangelical Christians, Catholic Christians/Orthodox Christians and each of these branches all bring something great to the table. Then like I said there are one of 2 camps when it comes to theology: Armenianism or Calvinism. These are some great things to study. I love learning about the different beliefs/traditions each one of these sects of Christianity has. I've been doing a lot of reading on that in my down time lately.
  7. I look at it this way. From reading the Bible it looks like everyone and everything can be corrupted except for God because he wasn't created. He is the only perfect being. Sin marred this earth and according to our beliefs Jesus was/is the only mediator between God and man and his perfection, life, death, and resurrection made certain people who believe and put trust in him be able to go into eternal paradise/bliss/heaven/ect... So this earth has been corrupted by sin and it will be destroyed because of that and all things will be made new again. The ones who choose Christ have been made new even though we are still prone to sinfulfill thoughts we can have power over them through the Holy Spirit and when we die we will be perfect like Christ only because of Christ/God so the bible is always big on renewal and even though he destroys this earth and anyone who sides with Satan (everyone will have a choice which side to choose as I believe in Armenianism not Calvinism), He will have a new earth for his saints to live that hasn't been marred by sin at all. It already seems to me this earth has been dying for some time anyways. Look at how many animals and creatures have gone extinct in the past millions of years. I feel we are living in the end times. Just my opinion though. About the holidays yes Christianity was mixed in with pagan beliefs as to try to make a bridge between secularism and Christianity. The main holiday that should be the biggest one for a Christian is Easter (Resurrection day) because we base our entire belief around Christ's resurrection but Christmas has become bigger here in the western world because of consumerism.
  8. I think it would be a never ending debate is all... Christians don't think that everyone who is good will go to heaven. We believe that people who follow Jesus's teachings and accept him as Lord and Savior of our lives will go to heaven. We believe that is the only way to heaven... but when you start studying scripture you realize that heaven isn't the final place for Christ followers and that we will ALL be living on the NEW earth with Jesus. This earth we are living on now will eventually be destroyed. Heaven is just what everyone thinks of for some reason. I guess the bible says our spirits will be in heaven (after we die) until the rapture or until after Jesus reigns on this earth for 1000 years and then the people on earth rebel and satan's followers are all destroyed and Satan is thrown in the abyss. It's been a while since I've read Revelations so please do your own research.... but ya. We don't believe just 144,000 people will get to be with God in the end. We believe that All Christ followers will. I can look up references to back up that belief but that will take a while.
  9. Many Christians don't consider JW beliefs Christian beliefs. That's what we are taught from children. We are also taught that Mormons are not following Christian teachings since they have additional books that they adhere to written by Joseph Smith than just the bible. The bible is to be our only authority. Can't knock it because JWS and Mormons are taught they believe the correct way as well from childhood. I study scriptures on my own, study at church, but I only will read the bible translations that are verified to be the most accurate translations by the Christian church because I am a Christian and adhere to Christian teachings if that explains anything. JW beliefs and Christian beliefs are not the same because we believe Jesus is equal to God the Father and the Holy Spirit. I did not neg anyone just so you know though.
  10. Botz I'm not trying to change your mind because we are both probably at the age where our minds are already made up on many a thing but thank you for stating what you believe because it was very informative and gave me a good perspective on what (even though you are not JW anymore) JWS believe. I was always curious about it. I still believe Jesus is part of the Trinity but like I've said before we are still all entitled to our own beliefs. ♡ Shedegal we were thinking on the same lines. I just really was curious about the different belief since I know quite a few JWS myself. I've talked to a few of them about a few things but I usually don't talk to anyone who knocks on my door. Not personal enough for me to feel comfortable talking about such things.
  11. (I was tired last night because it was around midnight by the way ) So I did some studying this morning because I am interested in this convo.. this is what I found and it's okay to copy and laste if you fully agree with the statement. It was actually John who wrote that noone has seen God byt many people have seen God in various forms just not in His full glory except John in Revelations. I will tell you that there are smarter people than me that are schooled in knowing God's word better. I'm just average when it comes to that but what I said still has some merit even though I wrote the wrong book (for some reason I thought someone say that verse was written in Numbers) because up until Jesus was born noone had yet seen God. Even Adam and Eve never SAW God even though they enjoyed his prescence. They heard him speak but that was it. This is someone else's writings below but it's a good explanation. "To see Christ is to see the Father, but is this to see the Father “fully”? I think not. In His incarnation, our Lord’s full glory was “veiled,” with sneak previews like the transfiguration. But when John saw our Lord glorified in Revelation 1, he fell before Him as a dead man (by the way, was this not in a vision? Rev. 1:9-17). It is this John who has said that he “saw the Lord” “with his own eyes” (along with the others) in 1 John 1:1-2. And yet in the same book, he writes, It seems to me that there are at least two elements involved in man’s not being able to see God. The first is that God is spirit, and can’t be seen apart from divine enablement (this was true even of the angels (2 Kings 6:17). Thus, what men saw of God must have been a kind of partial manifestation of God. When our Lord came to the earth, men did see God manifested in human flesh, but still not in the full radiance of His glory, as John seems to indicate in 1 John 3:2."

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