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  1. I want to visit Italy. I heard there are no terrorist attacks there because they take that kind of thing seriously compared to France and Great Britain.
  2. I'm just saying that Sherriff Clark just got the Dept. Of Homeland security position and Kim Clement prophesied about him and Trump.. and he prophesied abut the dinar. I swear I've been seeing Lexus SUV's every time I turn around lately and as soon as I prayed to God to let me see a Lexus if the dinar was going to revalue I saw one not even a second later pass me on the road. My jaw dropped and I laughed. Lol.
  3. I hope it's true. My mom has really bad arthritis and she just told me today that she wishes she could win a million dollars so she could retire and help her children. My mom has a heart of gold. I would love to bless her. ♡
  4. I knew it had the possibility to revalue and I researched the good and the bad before I bought in. I am young enough I can wait 30 to 40 more years if I need to so I have no worries. I bought my first dinar in my 20's.
  5. I know Ray Ren or whatever his name is, is a pumper but he's saying the same thing.
  6. It can take a country 20+ years for their currency to do anything sometimes. So for you to come on here and say it's a bust is a little off base. I was just at my Edward Jones meeting the other day and they say emerging markets is where the money is to be made and Iraq is an emerging market. Yes Bitcoin is doing well and that is also an emerging market. You can't compare the two other than saying that it is possible to make a high rate of return on an investment even when other people may suggest otherwise.
  7. I'm right there with ya!
  8. Maybe they want speculators to turn in our dinar.
  9. I agree with Botzwana. When I exchange my dinar for US currency after it RVs it will be exchanged into digital currency. $250,000 in one account, $250,000 in another, ect. until I figure out which investments I want to be a part of then it will be digitally transfered to those places. Have a great night.
  10. I'm ready for our investment to bloom for sure!
  11. I'm surprised they weren't wearing pink ***** hats.....
  12. That's pretty much what I had last night. Haha
  13. Isn't Saudi Arabia's currency worth 25 cents? It seems that even if you are correct there would still be some sort of revaluation in the currency.