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  1. Wow! There are some really great people on this site!
  2. ...but anyhow I hope Kim Clement is right and I hope this is the year where we can all live our dreams to the fullest of our expectations no matter what we believe.
  3. My friend's parents are JWs. They have some different interpretations of Scripture than the Christian church has. My friend said he won't become a JW because the man who came to his door told him in order for him to join th Kingdom Hall he had to give up all riches but the guy was driving a Mercedes Benz and had a gold watch and an expensive suit on. I am a Christian and have talked to a lot of JWs. JWs believe they are Christians but to be a true Christian you have to believe in the Trinity which they don't. Just my opinion but that is what I believe according to scripture no offense. JWs started from a Christian bible study and broke off from the church do to differences in belief about Jesus. I believe in the bible but will only go by the King James, NIV, and a couple other versions of the word. I do not go to church every week. I believe in God because he has proven to me in life he is real. I had a JW friend of mine try to show me in scripture that Jesus was not a part of the Trinity and then my father in law told me the story of the blind man and the Pharisees and where Jesus said he was God but the pharisees did not believe him. I asked God that night if the JW friend of mine was right or if my father in law was right. I opened the bible unintentionally to the very verses my father in law was referencing right after that prayer so I believe that God was telling me the truth that night that Jesus is God's son and a part of the trinity. Jw's are good people but I feel bad that they think this world is hell, can't celebrate birthdays or holidays, and to me they never seem to smile much. I love parties and holidays so I would not fit in there.
  4. Noone truly knows what the removal of the 3 zeros truly means. There are many things that have happened to make many of us believe Iraq will revalue not redenominate their currency.
  5. Heck.. I NEED money. My husband needs surgery, we want to be able to live a good life just like everyone else does. There is nothing wrong with praying to have your wants and needs met.
  6. Everyone buys online now plus I hear stories of women being robbed at gunpoint at my local mall so it's scary to go there nowdays too.
  7. That's a great way to humiliate them. Post those photos all over. They think so lowly of us women but want to dress like us.... I'm not flattered...
  8. Oh my gosh! This may really be it!
  9. So I have a question. Someone was saying that since we own dinar we are actually invested in oil. Can someone explain this to me Yay or nay when it comes to that?
  10. Mega Mil 7/21 - 02 23 32 33 67 *09 PowerBall 7/22 - 30 45 48 53 57 *25
  11. True but I've always had a job, sometimes 2 at a time. I live in the RV (Recreational Vehicle) capital of the world. If you are willing to bust your butt you should always have a job around where I live but I'm getting burnt out.
  12. This RV needs to happen soon. I need to quit my job.
  13. Why did they eliminate the 50 dinar note if they are going to come out with lower denoms in the future?