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  1. I really hope it happens. The house I've been wanting is still for sale.
  2. CBI News 11/21/2017

    I wish... cause if you are then I am too.
  3. Gene Simmons Banned For Life From Fox News

    I got hit on by a Gene Simmons impersonator once. Lol
  4. I think this is just to make us think nothing is going to happen for a while. Trying to weed out some speculation.
  5. The Kurds have already agreed to 12%
  6. I'm also going with 1-1. Go RVVVVVVVVVVVV!!!!
  7. Adam Montana Weekly 16 November 2017

    I'm working on getting my money back from my VIP membership right now with some VIP investments and am really glad I got into VIP and OSI.
  8. Every day is one day closer. They've done more in the past couple of months than they did in a few years time.
  9. Earth Quake

    Yep, I agree
  10. Earth Quake

    I was wondering the same thing. Lol

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