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  1. And author too, amongst other things. You forgot to mention a Bill Maher contributor too. Can't get more diamitricly opposed than Fox and Maher, but glad to see you continue to pidgin hole those you disagree with to make yourself feel better.
  2. She's highly intelligent and not an idiot. She spews hate? She spews back what is thrown at her and is usually pretty funny while doing it. Again, disagreement does not equal hate.
  3. Identify with her, no. Think she's crazy, no. Understand liberals, no. Identify with and understand the Constitution and the principles that brought it to life, yes.
  4. It's not a double standard, it is a complete 180 from what BA said earlier. In the fist contact I mentioned above, one of BA's claims was that progressives created the great education system and conservatives destroyed it (presumably No Child Left Behind was the cause of the collapse of the great education system). I consider the fact that BA now does blame liberals as a step in the right direction and that there is hope she can be fixed in a Ron White sort of way.
  5. Since you followed this post with a Coulter article critical of Trump, I guess she's adds nothing unless you happen to agree with what she said And it speaks volumes as to why liberals are not understood by Constitutionalists.
  6. Actually, nobody but BA does knows. My beliefs are based on things I’ve observed and read in past posts, but when asked, there has been no answer.
  7. If you believe what you say here, I guess your readers are better than mine, that or you need to reread some of B/A’s past comments to me. When I first engaged B/A in conversation it was because all of the liberal talking points she used as the basis of fact for her opinions. Explain how B/A stating as fact that “everything good came from progressives and everything bad came from conservatives” is not the epitome of a group mindset and how that is not politically divisive. Perhaps you can explain how it is that B/A is a staunchly self proclaimed Republican, yet given credit for not being tied a party? Is it because her ideology more closely parallels yours thereby allowing you to proclaim that others are ideological and divisive? Maybe you can explain how proclaiming Obummer as one of the ten best Presidents is not based in ideology? You may call it ideology, but I call it core beliefs, and I will engage anyone in debate to not only defend my beliefs, but to also try to persuade the debatee to gravitate to my side, especially if they can’t logically defend their position. You may call that bickering, but if you look back at the string of communication B/A and I have had, I would say there are several areas in which we have found common ground. The bickering / debates we have had has not created a deeper divide, it has done just the opposite. Granted, we still probably disagree on more than we agree, but by actually engaging in substantive discussions we have been able to find common ground on some things. Your posts are normally pretty good at identifying and pointing out problems (even if consistently lacking in offering any solutions), but I think you missed the mark on this one. Blaming everyone else for being ideological while ignoring the same in B/A makes me question what you are talking about. What exactly it is you have learned about B/A through her posts that lets you say she is not ideological? After all, even you would have to admit that claiming the Founding Fathers were really political progressives takes a certain ideology, apparently given a pass by you. Oh, and I hope B/A is doing well too. How’s that for inclusiveness.