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  1. For NASCAR's annual trip to the Brickyard this afternoon.
  2. 1 fraudulent vote is too many, especially if it could be prevented with a simple voter ID requirement. So at what point does “virtually non-existent” become a problem? After all, it takes is 1 fraudulent vote to change an election.
  3. So the swamp won this battle, but the fight is not over. And as Patty said, repeal is the key, replace must come afterward. Obummercare should never have made it out of Congress, and should have been rules unconstitutional simply because of the way the law was written. But since it is still the law of the land it must be wiped from the books and only be remembered as the skidmark that it has always been. As written, the HHS Secretary has wide latitude to change the law based on……..nothing but what they want the law to be at that time. Historically this would not pass Constitutional muster. But since in this day and age it has, if I were Trump I would counterpunch the polyticks in the swamp with the following; “It is said that one must hit bottom before beginning the climb back up. Regarding the horrible law the Democrats in Congress passed and the Republicans now refuse to repeal, apparently Congress has not hit bottom yet. Understandably, since they were granted an exemption from the prior administration weaseling their way out of the law they created. So beginning immediately this administration will rescind all previous waivers and changes to the law by the previous administration. And the very first wavier to be rescinded will be the one exempting Congress and their staff from participating in the exchanges as written in the law. Instead of looking at every issue as to how it will affect the various political parties, and even worse yet how it will affect you individual re-election, do the job you were sent here to do and work for the American people.” As for the replacement, I am open minded but it will not have my support if the government is involved in any way. Why is health insurance not available like car, home, or life insurance? The only involvement of government should be to remove the restrictions on selling insurance, not declaring those who make 400% above the poverty level to now be in poverty and eligible to receive “free healthcare”. I am sick of polyticks buying votes with other people’s money.
  4. Glad to see Trumpcare or Ryancare, or whatever care you want to call it failed to pass, but unfortunately that means Obummercare is still the law of the land. The polyticks swamp creatures better repeal it, or say hello to Speaker Facelift again.
  5. Recently, I took some greef for lumping Social Security in with other government tax programs. Read the following this morning that pretty much confirms my arguments. Taking the money sent to the “trust fund” and instead investing it in your own personal account would remove the $$ being stolen by the polyticks thus reducing their power, and taking away one of the wedges they use to divide the Country. RV ME Social Security going bust: The inconvenient issue By Monica Showalter Buried down deep in the Friday afternoon news dump is the not inconsequential news that Social Security is about to go bust – a lot faster than anyone had predicted earlier. Investor's Business Daily sums up the coming fiasco pretty well: The Social Security report finds that the "trust fund" will run out of money in just 17 years. The news only gets worse from there. The program's unfunded liability over the next 75 years is now $12.5 trillion, which is up from $11.4 trillion last year and $4.7 trillion a decade ago. In other words, Social Security's long-term unfunded liability has increased by 166% in the span of 10 years. And on a cash flow basis, Social Security is now losing money every year. Last year it was $54 billion in the red. In a decade the annual shortfall will reach $215 billion – after adjusting for inflation. It's only by spending "interest" earned in the program's "trust fund" that Social Security can cover its current obligations. But remember, the trust fund is comprised entirely of Treasury debt. The federal government still has to borrow or raise taxes when the trust fund cashes in those bonds. There's no getting around it: no matter how much the left claims the system is sound, it isn't. It's going bust. Let's describe what going bust is going to look like. It's not going to be a nuclear explosion. It's not going to be pushing Grandma in her wheelchair off the cliff, as the left enjoys positing whenever someone tries to bring up some means of averting a fiasco. Social Security is so creepily structured that going bust is not going bust. As with casinos, the house always wins. The way "bust" happens is that recipients get an automatic 17% reduction of benefits overnight. Living on that as your retirement program after paying in for decades? Too bad. The hard reality is, the government owes you absolutely nothing. It can give you "what you paid in," at its customary zero-percent interest. Compared to what you would have earned in stocks or bonds, it can give you more, or most likely, it can give you less. And it's about an eighth to a quarter of your income you pay in, year after year, unable to save it for a real retirement account. Demographics are probably the main reason it's happening – people having fewer kids has its impact, no matter how you try to spin it. And now, with illegals claiming benefits, often more than they ever paid in, and the meth crisis ravaging Midwestern towns and throwing millions out of the productive labor force, the kitty that once held your money is being drained faster than anyone "anticipated." The trust fund is anything but a trust fund – at least, not for you. The whole issue was disgracefully ignored during the 2016 presidential election, as well as most elections before that one, with political consultants calling it "the third rail of American politics," as if the truth is too painful. There remains, as ever, one proven way out outside slashed benefits and politicians blaming the other party as that happens. It's called "the Chilean Model," as 2012 presidential candidate Herman Cain put it, in what was his valiant effort to get the voters to get serious about the issue. The Chilean Model, the system of private savings accounts for retirement, is practiced in 30 countries. It was developed on a nationwide scale by José Piñera, the former labor minister of Chile during the 1970s, when the country was a socialist rubble and the coffers were bare, and it has worked every time it's been tried. Piñera faced considerable obstacles, no small ones from Big Labor, as well as numerous disinformation campaigns and Grandma-off-the-cliff scenarios. He was able to overcome all of them and was stunned to find that the option he offered to Chile's workers was lapped up at far higher rates than even he anticipated. The whole story is worth reading in these pages here. If we don't do it, we go bust. And not in an explosive way – in that sly, insidious crumbling ruin way the system currently provides for those who keep sweeping the problem under the rug. http://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2017/07/social_security_going_bust_the_inconvenient_issue.html
  6. Even worse when the entire party supports a known lie and/or liar. Kind of like the Dems backing the lying Obummer and the even bigger liar Hildabeast. if the Dems followed your advice rather than back their liars to the bitter end, they might have been able to put a viable candidate up against Trump but instead stood by the lying Hildabeast and went down with the ship. Now the entire Dem party is 100% invested in the Russian stole the election lie. Stupid follows as stupid leads.
  7. I only pointed out the blatant contradiction NYK used by claiming to be for free speech and the stating "you can't say that". But NYK can't take my rights away. When it comes to taking away our rights, only the authority of government can do that. According to our Constitution, God gave us this right and only an unGodly government can take them away. Not some loudmouth fool on a website that can't even admit what he actually said. That being said, back on the road. 4 corners, ready or not here we come.