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  1. Obviously not all politicians are corrupt, did you miss the memo that the Obummer administration was a scandal free administration. Not a smidgen of corruption, straight from the (corrupt) One’s lips. I guess that is why Obummer ranks so high in your view, while most of us just think he was rank. What I do not comprehend is that you rail on the two/one party system of government we have and yet you ignore the fact that Trump is not part of either of these parties. He is the only “outsider” ever elected, and was elected because a majority of We The People agreed with you in that they were tired of all the two/one party political talking heads, and voted for change. As I said before, you seem to revel in every leak to the liberal fake news media from the two/one party imbeds that undermines the elected President. Do you not understand these leaks are the two/one party system fighting against the one person that wants to end the status quo?
  2. You have reveled in the daily illegal leaking that has been going on in order to undermine Trump. You bring us the latest leak and gleefully claim impeachment is around the corner. Now the Brits are upset with the latest leak, and again you blame Trump? This is not a “new level of incompetence”, it is a new level of treasonous activity by the political losers who are loyal only to the head of the resistance, and that would be your 10th best President in history.
  3. Gianforte wins: Montana House candidate facing assault charge wins special election http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2017/05/26/gianforte-wins-montana-house-candidate-facing-assault-charge-wins-special-election.html
  4. Poverty is a state of mind. I believe I have heard Dr Thomas Sowell say the same thing several times. Being from the slums of Harlem, I believe the good Dr know of what he speaks. Or as Tommy Castro sang, “I may be broke, but I’m not broken”. But if Ben Carson says something to the effect, the 100% never Trumpers come unglued.
  5. The good thing is, at least they don’t try to life flight you for a brain freeze.
  6. If you give no pass, then whose (whoms?) personal responsibility has gone out the window, as you stated? Perhaps you should follow your own advice regarding communication skills.
  7. Rather than excusing and justifying the illegal immigrants activity because of others domestic illegal activity, why not lump the dirtbag employers in with the dirtbag illegal immigrants and put them all in jail? Enforcing the law, what a novel idea. Not sure what you are talking about here. You speak of personal responsibility, but then give a pass to illegals and a fat kid. I did not realize we capitalists were bringing illegals here against their will or forcing fat kids to eat cake for that matter. By your logic we should not hold bank robbers responsible because after all, if the banks were not provoking the robbers with all that money, the criminals would not feel the need to rob them
  8. Pretty sure the description of the weapon is incorrect in that it did not mention that it was an assault fully automatic machine gun. Meet you at Jo Jo’s on Kauai, best shave ice in the world. I’ll buy.